Croatia next! Tomorrow.

If any of you live near Zadar, Croatia then perhaps you’d like to join me for a beer one night? I will be down there shooting a wedding and will be gone for about a week. Wedding will be shot using SD15, DP1 and DP2. :) (and a backup SD14 as well)

Leave a message here or something.. Not sure what kind of mobility I’ll have when it comes to mobile phones and such.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. Markus Paul says:

    If you have time, you really should visit the Krka National Park.

  2. Dean says:

    Well,that is surprise.I’m not near Zadar but near Zagreb,so if you travel back home with car or from Zagreb airport I would like to met you for little coffetalk.I’m regular “drop by” on Sigma site and yours too mostly because we got similar opinions about “Foveon” place in photo industry and admiration for DP1.
    Anyway, there is some beautiful places near Zadar ,except islands I’m shure that boat trip on “Krka” National Park would be great happiness for you,also “Velebit-Paklenica”.I was born there ,near “Krka” and now I see that someone already tell you about it.Well, if you visit the area take the whole day boat trip if you can ,I think you will like it……………..GoodLuck…Dean

    • Hi Dean! We went here by car so airport will not be on our route but thanks for all the advice on places to go – so many beautiful places and that sunset!! Maaaan! Really great stuff! :D

  3. Borislav says:

    Welcome to Croatia! :-)
    I would be glad to have a chat, if I will be around I will give you a nudge.

    • Hi Borislav! What a wonderful country you live in! Beautiful and great people too! :) it’s quite busy so far so perhaps my meeting plan will – work less well. But if time does turn up ill let you know! Thanks!

  4. Hello Carl! Are you already trying the SD15? And so? Do you have notice to many differences in relation to the SD14?

    • Yes! The glorious return of the ISO button (very good thing) much lower noise – similar to dp2. Never get stopped by full buffer (at least not in reality). Better battery life. Improved user thingis overall and the LCD is really great! Huge, colorful and detailed! That’s a small something for you. :)

  5. Pavao Budrović-CoBra says:

    Hi Carl! I’m from Dubrovnik so let me know if you come to Dubrovnik. I just bought a DP2 and I have a lot of questions, hehe. :)

  6. Michael Nielsen says:

    Dear Carl

    I just missed seing Zadar one month ago ;-(
    I was really hoping to experience the Sea organ (Worlds Largest organ) in the harbour. Did you know that Alfred Hitchcock should have said that the most beautifil sunset in the world could be seen from this exact location! And therefore my wish: Please Carl, could you take a Sigma shot of the sunset from Zadar. Might be your opportunity to the worlds most beautiful sunset photograph!


  7. Borislav says:

    Carl Rytterfalk: Hi Borislav! What a wonderful country you live in! Beautiful and great people too! :) it’s quite busy so far so perhaps my meeting plan will – work less well. But if time does turn up ill let you know!Thanks!

    I hope you had a good time. :-)

    Croatia is indeed beautiful, a fact often forgotten by local people who don’t travel through it from time to time. Only by going to places you can learn to appreciate it.

    If you will have an opportunity to come here once again, I would suggest you hire a car, buy a map, and go completely off the main roads. Even during tourist season you will see empty roads, wast fields, and beautiful and calm scenery. Mistakenly, almost everyone who come here to holidays thinks the wonder of Croatia is at it’s coasts. – It is the hard to get places that will take your breadth, as they are untarnished by human.

    I’ve been to Sweden, enjoyed it very much. I deeply admire social level you have achieved as a nation.

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