Let there be light!

Decided that I wanted some practice using my Sigma 530DG Super and my Elinchrom Quadra. Today was a bright sunny day and I was hiding together with my students in the shadows trying to get optimum conditions for photography. I used both Sigma DP1 and DP2 and as soon as you see strong colors around the flash, that’s the DP1 used and It’s me forcing it by placing the light inside the frame (I enjoy those colors tremendously) . All shots processed using Sigma SPP4 and Lightroom 3 Beta 2. (from TIFF)

Before After

These above where the very first shots, I noticed that I had to turn on something in order to make it work. :) And as you might notice it has a very strong “flashy” feeling and by increasing shutter speed and lower the quadras power I got a more natural looking light. See below. Also notice that there is no “color” problems as long as light is outside frame.

Niklas playing nature show guy Niklas - body shot Niklas taken with the DP2 Niklas - half body shot

Zooming by running! Above shot shows how you can get some cool colored light even from the DP2.

ON / OFF, With and without light below. Sigma DP2 used. It was pretty tricky to get a good ambient light in order for the background blue sky to show, but after a few exposures I found a good balance. ISO100 used.

Sara without flash Sara with flash Sara with flash, setup

And about the same place a few meters to the side, but this time using the Sigma DP1. And it’s also slightly cropped.

Sara bland vitsippor

Silly tests below. ISO200. Dp2 and DP1.

Sara sitting.. Me in tree

And finally, one shot of Johannes who was holding the light most of the time. Shot taken using Dp1 and ISO200.


All shots available as full size, click here if you want to have a closer look.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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9 Responses to Let there be light!

  1. Dan says:

    Just wondering if it’s safe to take pictures of bright lighting such that of a flash. Some folks take pictures with the sun in the frame, I think that might have an adverse effect on the sensor (burn-in/pixel damage). Any thoughts?

  2. Richard Birket says:

    These are great. I’d love to have the time to mess about with flash like this. You have a real strong style.

    As far as your technique goes, do you run off a few test shots to get the background ambient light about right, without flash (so blue of sky shows), and then just add flash until the subject looks pleaseing?


    1) compose shot
    2) get subject to pose approximatly
    3) run a few test shots without flash to get background ambient right
    4) add flash strength bit by bit until subject looks pleasing
    5) get subject to pose proper
    6) use above mix of aperture/speed/flash strength and fire away.


  3. Dan, Sun is different as it’s hot (on all the time) and has radiation (gamma etc), and sun beams could more or less “burn” the sensor in some strange situations but I never had any issues. (but a friend of mine destroyed a sensor by shooting the sun).

    A flash light is bright but only for a very very short time (1/1000s or less) so it’s.. different. I never had any issues. :)

  4. Rickard,

    You’re so right. I’ve written about my “flash” technique years ago but your explanation is about how I do it. I use M mode at all times with using a flash.

    I could of course use a light meeter and first set the exposure and then expose for your incoming strobe light but I’m not used to that way and I’m afraid that I’ll loose creativity with too much data.. :)

    and thanks for your comment!

  5. Dan says:

    Thanks Carl for the clarification. Keep up the good work – it’s inspiring all of us Foveon users.

  6. Hej Carl. Du är verkligen duktig. Jag får också lust att fotografera när jag ser dina bilder. Men jag kanske ska hålla mig till mitt medium…

    Hälsningar från konstnären som målade av din syster Emmy.

  7. Richard Birket says:

    Thanks for clarification. It has to be said that your models are very good. It helps to have attractive people to photograph, and also that they have an interest in photography so they are happy to sit and wait.

  8. Gus says:

    Muy bien Carl tus tecnicas con el flash son muy buenas, quiciera saber si es bueno utilizar ETTL off flash de la camara para tomar fotos de buenas o la distancia de la camara y el flash van hacer un problema, amigo.


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