Why I want FF! :)

Shot taken with the 24-70 2.8L on the 5D Mark 2.. This type of ‘cut out’ feeling is hard to achieve without a big sensor. All images processed using ACR CS5. Please Sigma, make something big in the future. :) Full size.

A walk with 5D Mark 2

And some more from the same day..

A walk with 5D Mark 2A walk with 5D Mark 2

And a last one of me, taken by Linn.

A walk with 5D Mark 2

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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13 Responses to Why I want FF! :)

  1. Bob van Ooik says:

    Oh man if only that could be true, a FF foveon… It would be so incredible.

  2. luning says:

    FF Foveon !? When ?

  3. ryanjordan says:

    Carl, why is it that this “cut-out” effect might be unique to a FF sensor, and what would it take to achieve the technical equivalent on the current sized Foveon sensor, if that is even possible? I don’t understand what makes the FF sensor unique in its ability to achieve this effect but I do agree with your observation.

  4. @ryanjordan By unique I think he means easier… Having a bigger area to capture an image makes the depth of field more shallow at the same apertures shot with something like an APS-C size camera.

    You can do this with something like the 30mm 1.4 or 50mm 1.4 but it is more accessible to more lenses, like the 2.8, when using a full frame. So the 24-70 2.8 he is using has a shallow depth of field then if you were to put it on an APS-C size…

    BTW, nice photos Carl!

  5. Bob van Ooik says:

    Yep Chris, that’s right! Last weekend I shot a dance competition. Thanks to FF and a fast lens (sigma 70-200 2.8) I was able to separate the dancers from the background, cut them out in Carl’s words. Have a look here: http://vstudio-international.com/blog/photography/world-class-ballroom-at-hessen-tanzt-2010/ All in 2.8 or 3.2 :)

  6. Ted Johnson says:

    A FF Foveon would be great! As would a higher resolution APS-C sensor! As would a DP2 with one of these sensors and an F2 lens. Etc, etc.

    Bob, nice dance photos. I have always struggled with dance photos because every camera I’ve used has a large depth of field and everyone is in focus. It ends up looking like a crowd now matter how it is shot. But clearly the large sensor and fast, wide open lens help isolate the dancers from the background beautifully.

  7. A bigger sensor would be nice, a new X3 would be a great boost also. Lens makers could very easily produce wider aperture lenses for crop sensors such as a F1.8-2.6 zoom. I had one on my Olympus 5050z and it was awesome.
    I shot Portland Symphonic Girlchoir with a new borrowed 70-200VR2 on my D90 for reach. Wow what a pretty lens. Later I got my mind expanded with the other guys 14-24 on his D700. A perspective I never imagined before. Will have to share results later. Way to many shot to process, iPhoto is still importing.

  8. Marc says:

    So when is that SD15 coming out do you have any Info? It always takes ages with them Sigma Fellas … Sony presented a prototype of the NEX System a couple of monts ago and the finished product is available now whereas Sigma presented the finished SD15 over one and a half years ago and it’s still not shipping … they’re even worse than Apple … argh …!

  9. Jeff says:


    Sigma USA sent an email out saying that it would be available “from June” in the US; I don’t know about elsewhere.

  10. Carl Rytterfalk: I’m hoping soon. It’s sad that it takes this long. Worse than Apple? :) But they never tell anyone about anything, we the people do the talking!:)  

    Testing new quote function.. :D Jaij, looks like it’s working.

  11. spalbird says:

    I wonder whether the shops in Tokyo will have the SD15 first. Already 2-3 months ago Map Camera took off SD14 from display, because they expected the new model soon. Generally, interest in Sigma DSLR is not so much, but people are quite aware of DPx cameras here…

  12. Matthias says:


    At least the last picture in this series looks a bit front-focused when viewed full-size…

    Next time you play with the 5D2 try the AF Microadjust function. I had to adjust all my Sigma lenses…


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