Chinese artist XuYun, late session..

My friend and artist, XuYun has been artist in residents at the Nordic Watercolour Museum on Tjörn. She’s just leaving and I rushed out to her little island to take some last minutes pictures of her. Here’s some of them. All taken with SD14 and lenses used 10-20, 30mm, 70mm and 50-500 OS. Can you see what lens took what photo? edit: Some images has a warm light coming in from the side, my doing. Some of these shots has been lit by light from reflecting windows.

XuYun - Chinese artist #3XuYun - Chinese artist #2 (Double size output)

above: Double size output

XuYun - Chinese artist - village overview

One more thing, I wasn’t thinking about publishing these at first so I saved them as jpeg from Sigma Photo Pro – but then I thought that it would be much easier for her to find her photos if were published. I never before published photos that has been edited from jpeg and then re-saved as jpeg again. mmm.. I wonder how much has been lost?

XuYun - Chinese artist - #6
XuYun - Chinese artist - boat detail 1 XuYun - Chinese artist #1 XuYun - Chinese artist - Ehum, shoes

above: Double size output.
XuYun - Chinese artist - Boat detail #2 XuYun - Chinese artist - #5 XuYun - Chinese artist #4

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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7 Responses to Chinese artist XuYun, late session..

  1. Jake says:


  2. pedro says:

    Always a bird’s view. Have you stiff knees, Carl?

  3. Martina says:

    Not much according to this: raw vs jpeg – and: I like the yellow boots, ;-) – the colour is strong in these photos, makes a good extra point.

  4. Pedro, She’s Chinese. She’s about 1.55 and I’m well above 1.80 so I’m bending but perhaps I should have bent some more? :D I don’t wanna have shots up in peoples noses either.

    Martina, There’s a huge difference between JPEG and RAW when you shoot three layered photography as the Sigma does. Mostly it’s not about single detail, (which could be about the same) but dynamic range and the possibility to alter things such as White Balance in post.

    But thanks for the link, interesting reading none the less.

    I also loved her boots. haha..

  5. Robin says:

    Some pictures have already gotten the answer on flickr (50-500, 30/1.4). The others … Well, I’d be surprised if both boat details weren’t shots at 70 mm with the prime!? I also suppose “Chinese artist – #5″ to be taken with wider angle … =)

  6. DP man says:

    Nice boots, but the yellow is truly stunnnnnning. I still see a lot of blue in the pictures but I think this is part of your blue period…ha..ha :) Ya I think the photo where she is cut away from the feet, framing problem but it’s peaceful.

  7. Ruslan says:

    Hi, Rytter.
    Sorry for a really stupid newby question, but how is that ‘Double size output’ is done? (in camera processing, shoot in raw and post in SPP4 etc ? …)
    We (aquascapers) striving for Color, Detail and Dinamic range (most difficult to achieve in aquarium photography) which mr.Takashi Amano (ADA + have with all his film ‘backs’ and tons of equipment.
    I can not see any alternative to Sigma cameras without NASA/Amano budget… Color, Dinamic range, and Detail of Sigma SD14/DP2 is overwhelming, but we need a little bit more pixels to get high-end 300lpi prints as in Aqua Journal (
    May be You can advise on lenses also…
    Luckily I know about ColourRight Wight Balance Disk (

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