Sigma 120-300 shot Linn @ 2.8!!

Liu Dong yun
Sigma SD14, 120-300 @ 2.8  1/500  ISO50 (hand held)

The 120-300 is a classy lens, here I’m trying hard (especially the second shot) to shoot it against the 50-500 and I might add it was a bit tricky as the wind was blowing and I could feel how much movement I was making. Now, these shots are both ISO50 and both wide open at 2,8! Quite a bit faster than the 50-500 can do. Also, colors came out quite different compared to the 50-500 shot. Now, I used two different SD14s and they have a little bit different coloristic, and I’m not sure how much is down to the lens, camera or work in SPP.

But take a peak at the portrait version – (below) and enjoy that bokeh which I think is amazing! The shot itself isn’t that sharp but it’s hand held and 1/125s on  a long zoom, so I forgive myself.  Lots of talk about bokeh lately, but also light has finally come to Sweden and – that makes me happy! :) – Bengt assisted me with the reflector. (golden from the right)

linn mini
Sigma SD14, 120-300 @ 2.8  1/125  ISO50 (hand held)

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