The mighty three processes a dog. Ingredients a 50-500 and some OS

Headlines! ahh..

I wanted to give you a little treat. Three shots each developed using one out of three great Sigma RAW developers. I took about a hundred shots of Ester, the dog and my little sister and most of them came home in very good condition. Focusing is fast and snaps into place, most of the time on the correct spot. But I’m looking forward to see how well the 50-500 works together with the SD15. Can I catch a running dog?

50-500 OS - Developer: Silkypix
First out. Silkypix! Shot was once more wide open (f6,3) and at 450mm. ISO 100. I turned off (more or less) noise reduction in silkypix to gain some natural noise but it did paint a little as you can see if you open up the full version. SPP version is softer but also very nice looking without smear.  Open original size.

50-500 OS - Developer: Sigma Photo Pro 4
Sigma Photo Pro 4 does a very good job, and gives a slightly more warm tone – which fits this image very nicely. Also, details overall looks much better here then with Silkypix. But Silkypix often gives very “pleasing” colors and you have such nice control. mm. f7.1 This one is at a full 500mm. This one in original size. (I did not focus at the dog)

Raw Developer

And lastly Raw Developer. Raw developer has such nice controls over RGB curves, lightness, overexposure, sharpness, black and white and noise. BUT it’s trickier to get perfect white balance then most other developers. I was actually helped by having Silkypix open at the same time, showing the same image. You need to know your thing but once you do Raw Developer squeezes out slightly more detail than any other developer and can give very film-like images. This one has noise reduction completely turned off. 373mm. Full size.

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  1. Bob van Ooik says:

    Mmmm, headlines… The mighty three processes a dog. Ingredients a 50-500 and some OS.
    Mighty be a bit long though :P

  2. :D That would be perhaps a little bit too long? Just because it’s thursday, I’ll give it a shot! :D

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