Sigma 50-500 OS – First look!

Sigma 50-500 OS - First shots!
1/160s, f6,3, ISO200, 413mm

Today a nice little packade arrived with something latest and greatest. The Sigma 50-500 with optical stabilizer! YES! I really never had any long zoom to talk about – nothing longer than 300mm and that really wasn’t enough when I did those cranes a week ago or when doing any animals on a distans. So, here’s a first preview.. (ask questions if you have any).

The first thing that strikes me is how clear the view is. Lots of Sigma lenses has a warm touch which for most users is fine, and sometimes even wanted (Sigma users tend to dislike that as we have enough of green/yellow as it is). And I think the clearness of the view is due to that new glass that they developed together with Hama or something. Was it?  (it’s too late now and I should be in bed, just wanna finish this alright?!)

So and but, All of the images below has been developed using SPP4. Two images has been “cleaned” using Dfine (a first timer) although only on background and very little. Almost all images has been sharpened some in photoshop – very slight. Only to get a little extra for flickr view here. Someone complained!!! (can you imagine!)

All images are not perfectly sharp – sometimes me, sometimes OS – but it worked pretty much as expected all the time. It was a terrible feeling to turn OS off – sooo hard suddenly!  All images has been taken handheld. All images except one has been taken wide open.

So, some images from today. (yes I know, a bit many of the same type of bird.. shhhh)

Sigma 50-500 OS - First shots!
1/250, f6,3, ISO100, 500mm (not top notch sharp but beautiful anyways)

Sigma 50-500 OS - First shots!
It was hard to catch them sometimes. This one is 1/30s.. :D  Still in focus. hehe

Sigma 50-500 OS - First shots!

First birdshot. :)

Sigma 50-500 OS - First shots!
Reminds me of the beautiful colorations made by the Dp1 – although I just saw this once, I think it’s beautiful. And it was there for only a millisecond or so. (didn’t count) f5, 1/30s, iso100

Sigma 50-500 OS - First shots!
1/60s, f5.6, ISO50, 203mm

Sigma 50-500 OS - First shots!
And the wife I assume. Behind fence and all. buhu. But look at that bokeh! It’s to DIE for!
1/60s, f6.3, ISO50, 332mm

Sigma 50-500 OS - First shots!Sigma 50-500 OS - First shots!
The two above has same exposure and I think she walked a bit.. hmm.. sharp feet! :D Also, she has been both cropped and straightened some. So din’t be too picky on her.
f6,3, 1/400, ISO100, 500mm

Sigma 50-500 OS - First shots!
1/400s, f6,3, ISO100, 450mm

And the last one is of my friend Conny, it was too sunny really and this is not really a shot to show but, hey – it shows some of the magic this lens is capabel of!

Sigma 50-500 OS - First shots!
1/80s, f6,3, ISO100, 56mm I was surprised to see how close I could get! This lens will actually be useful in weddings too I think.. hmm.. maybe. I might scare them.

Link to all full size.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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38 Responses to Sigma 50-500 OS – First look!

  1. Jeff says:

    Nice shots Carl, especially impressive for hand held! That’s an amazing zoom range, does it take several spins to go from 50 to 500 or is it more ergonomically intuitive?

    Now when are you going to see the samples of the 17-50 2.8 OS or the SD15? :P

  2. Scotsman says:

    After seeing the results from the first version of this lens I was in lens envy and vowed that someday I would get my hands on one myself assuming that Sigma didn’t discontinue it, as happened with the 24-60. Thankfully Sigma looked to improve it with the addition of the OS, which looking at the size of the original and how heavy it looked to hand hold that was a good idea. My only issue with it is that the original version had a huge filter thread as it was, and I believe this version has an even larger one. Can’t have everything though, right?

    Is it any wonder you get so many visitors when you have all the lenses and cameras that most of us Sigma users can only dream of.

  3. lens results look very impressive and I like your photos very much.
    I think the new glass was invented by Sigma and Hoya.
    I would love to see a review of 17-50 2.8 OS from you :-D

    nice work Carl.

  4. First of all, I feel like a baby with this lens and to shoot it wide open at all times might not really do it justice – Today I shot my sister and her dog and perhaps later tonight or tomorrow I will post some of those – I tried a few different settings this time using S-mode with 1/80s shutter speed forcing aperture to go higher if possible. I found 1/80s doable – which in it self is quite impressive – if we’re talking the far end of this lens. But I tried many things, will see if I got better results or not. :)

    Me with the lens from todays dog thingi. my sister Emmy took this shot with her iphone. :) [img][/img]

  5. fe says:

    Great photo, keep up posting please.

  6. I’m finally home and can start looking at my latest catch.
    Another one of me from today. Gives you a good understanding of the size of the lens.

    And the link to my sisters homepage, she put a link to mine on hers so I need to retaliate! :D To her blog, obs. Swedish!

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  8. badpic kev says:

    thanks for the first look and shots. while i have the old version. here is a hand held pic from it.

  9. badpic kev, How did you manage to take that shot? And should it really be that direction? :D Btw, it’s not a bad pic!

  10. R Togog says:

    Nice pictures and thank you for sharing these capture taken w/ new Bigma.

    This one was in my first list after they added OS, but I still debating to compare it against “Bigmos” Sigma 150-500. Some users said it is not really show fl 500, Isn’t it?

    Can you post more pictures wide open @ max fl 500?, Especially at low light situation. And compare the result w/ flash on and off?

    I like to know how far its degradation w/ those setting.


  11. Rory says:

    Hey, got a question… Does this have that laud noise ( Or any noise from the lens) from the OS working like the sigma 150-500? is the HSM Fast? Is the zoom ring stiff like the other long zooms from Sigma?


  12. R Togog, Sorry I missed your comment before. I will do my best and show some shots wide open. Low light you say, why? To see if OS is working? :) Will see what I can do. I’ve done 1/20s but that was around 2-300mm.

    And I think that the old 50-500 was more like 50-465 when someone did a “real” test and to be honest, I have no idea how to do that. Perhaps you can tell me? :)

    What I noticed so far is that from 50-400 it’s very good. From 400 to 500 it’s sharper in center but gets a but fuzzy at the edges. Now, OS will move center from place to place so it’s not always bad. Sometimes it happens to end up in the middle of the lens, showing better results.

  13. Rory, OS is silent! (Just hold it to my ear, holding the trigger half way to activate OS) Occasionally you get a damped tick sound when lens is re-triggering or whatever it’s doing, but it’s no buzz sound that I’ve noticed. (and I just tried to hear one).

    I’ve used the Canon 70-200 F4 IS and that one is LOUD compared to this one – impossible to make movie with for example.

    Also I noticed that I don’t feel that there is any drain of camera battery life. hmm.. sounds impossible..

  14. pedro says:


    one question about the bigmaOS: Is it really 500 mm at its long end or somehow less. I have one 18 – 200 which is at 200 mm (except for infinity) more or less like 135 mm.


  15. Hi Pedro, I thought I answered this today on my iPhone but now I can’t see my answer. hmm. :) I sure hope it’s closer to 500 than to say 435. The only thing I know for sure is that it goes much further than my 120-300 which I think is pretty accurate. How do I test this? Google is my friend, I know..

  16. pedro says:

    Thanks for your answer, Carl.

    Unfortunately this range values are a bit misleading. We’re not always shooting the far horizon, do we? ;)

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  18. Ira Beckoff says:

    New into bird pix.
    Thanks for the review. Do you know if the lens will work on a Nikon D 70? I see the Nikon mount is now available but I can’t find body specifics on line- so far.

  19. Boyd Robertson says:

    After reading your excellent evaluation of the Sigma 50-500mm OS lens I have now purchased one. Your comments were spot on. I went out birding on the weekend(Small Birds) and was amazed at the results. Ihad its predecessor the Sigma 50-500 unstabilized. Its chalk and cheese between the two. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

  20. Boyd Robertson says:


    After reading your excellent evaluation of the Sigma 50-500mm OS lens I have now purchased one. Your comments were spot on. I went out birding on the weekend(Small Birds) and was amazed at the results. Ihad its predecessor the Sigma 50-500 unstabilized. Its chalk and cheese between the two. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

  21. Dilshan Mahdi Hussainmiya says:

    Your review really inspired me to go ahead and get this amazing lens! Thank you so much for making me make the right choice. Here are some pictures I have taken with this “Birdzooka”……

  22. [img][/img]

  23. Hi Dilshan,

    please try again to add your photos! I’m very keen to see them! :)
    Just add [img] before your link (starting with http://..) and end with [/img] ..

  24. Boyd Robertson says:


    I took this Wedge-tailed Eagle in central Victoria using the OS Bigma. I am still very pleased with the reults

    Also a Blue Fairy Wren

  25. Anonymous says:

    Dilshan Mahdi Hussainmiya: please see my pictures here:!/photo.php?pid=5650515&id=755980986&fbid=429186435986  

  26. Boyd Robertson says:

    Have left another couple of Scarlet Robins which have come out quite well. The OS is a winner. Boyd

  27. Anonymous says:

    Another sharp bird shot. A White Plumed Honeyeater taken in Central Victoria, Australia.

  28. terry says:

    the photo of a police helicopter was taken hand held f/19 and 3500 sec iso 560 and its sharp im a pro and just got this lens and im very happy
    with the sharpness across at all focal lengths
    the os works great a great all round lens on a nikon d3 great pics

  29. Neeraj says:

    The previous version of 50-500 sigma is already very nice, and OS makes it more better. posting an image from non OS.

  30. Great stuff Neeraj! Sorry for my spam filters bad behavior.

  31. Omega says:

    taken with my 150-500 Sigma

  32. Omega says:

    Another picture with my 150-500 Sigma

  33. Omega says:

    And another. I am very pleased with this lens.

  34. Omega:
    And another. I am very pleased with this lens.

    Thanks Omega, looks like it’s a really nice performer! Great shots!

  35. Apex says:

    I will be using the name Apex instead of Omega to post any of my photos from now on. If you can make the change to my previous pictures that would be great.
    These pictures were taken at a secret spot in my neck of the woods.

  36. Apex says:

    Here we go :)

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