Sigma Photo Pro 4 released!

Sigma announced yesterday the release of the new  Sigma Photo Pro 4! In addition there is a new firmware to the Sigma DP2s version 1.04 which has focused on AF speed and accuracy.

Please download some of my RAW-packs in case you don’t own your own Sigma camera and try SPP4’s new engine – especially on higher ISO images where there has been much work done. I will come back with my thoughts when back in business..

Note that even if it looks like you need one SPP4 for each Sigma camera, that’s not the case. Just download the one above and it will work for all Sigma RAW.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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15 Responses to Sigma Photo Pro 4 released!

  1. Seb says:

    Seems to be much more faster then spp 5.2
    Good news !

  2. Carl says:

    Hi Seb, You meant 3.2 I assume or you have something I want. :D

  3. Retro says:

    Using the Sigma SD9 and Sigma SD10 I installed and tested it.
    It seems a little big quicker.
    Due to low ISO it is a remarkable step foreward.
    Due to other functions it is nearly the same as the predecessor SPP.

  4. Seb says:

    Yes sorry, 3.5.2 :)
    I hoped a “crop” tool for resizing pictures, perhaps in the next version…

  5. Bob van Ooik says:

    Finally batch changing WB is back :)

  6. flyingrooster says:


    Back for a first test of SPP 4.0.
    Except for the new noise reduction tab, nothing else seems to have changed from previous versions concerning RAW processing. Pictures look exactly the same down to pixel level as in SPP 3.5. But I also have the feeling that processing speed has increased – nice.

    So, let’s have a short look at the new noise reduction options.
    Two noise reduction “sliders” are available, one for chroma and one for luminance noise, both adjustable in 5 steps and only available for pictures of ISO 400 and above. I’m not a big fan of being told when I’m allowed to use this or that option, but anyway, since pics below ISO 400 usually don’t need noise reduction of any kind, I will suppress my rebel mind… ;)

    In the following I compare the noise reduction options from SPP 4.0 with results from Neat Image (not only my favourite denoising software). The picture is ISO 1600 and borrowed from pedro, who provided this in the Silkypix-discussion done earlier.
    The first picture is purely from SPP 4.0, the second from Neat Image after being exported from SPP 4.0 without any noise reduction applied. Of course all other parameters are exactly the same in both versions.

    SPP 4.0

    Neat Image 5.9

    Chroma noise:
    Good news first, chroma noise reduction in SPP 4.0 is excellent. It very effectively gets rid of those big coloured blotches (look at the middle of the pics where the light and dark areas flank each other) with minimal detail loss. Neat Image does significantly worse in this respect, as it has real trouble getting rid of chroma noise from Sigma cameras (like most other software). As a consequence, all those coloured blotches are still there, whereas they are gone with SPP 4.0.

    Luminance noise:
    SPP 4.0 doesn’t match the power of Neat Image’s luminance noise reduction. Just have a look at the examples. SPP 4.0 delivers bigger blotches of luminance noise compared to the finer grain in Neat Image. Also the loss of detail is definitely more pronounced in SPP 4.0 than in Neat Image (look at the white pattern on the left). Additionaly SPP 4.0 adds some sort of chess board like artefacts on pixel level at the two highest settings (you have to look closely).

    To sum it up, chroma noise reduction is simply great, but there are better luminance noise reduction options in other software.
    Anyway, since chroma noise at higher sensitivities is the main weakness of Foveon sensors and most software has severe trouble getting rid of these big coloured noisy blotches, SPP 4.0 is a very welcome improvement.
    Even at higher sensitivities I never saw luminance noise as a real drawback, so I could easily live without stressing that option in SPP 4.0 too much and just enjoy the awesome new chroma noise slider.


  7. marcus says:

    Anyone in the mood and able to tell me wether it really makes sense to wait for the dp2s then?

  8. Martin Carlsson says:

    Sounds great! Is it faster on Macs now?

    How are you doing with the 5D? :)

    • It’s a little bit faster and the 5D is doing fine. Trying to make friend with the TS lens. It’s a bit tricky at first. :D I really think Sigma should make a wide TS lens for crop cameras such as the Sigma, It’s so much fun!

  9. Retro says:

    Initially I wanted to test the qualities of the new SPP 4.0.
    But I could not resist to take serious photos…

  10. pedro penola says:

    Yes, it is faster, yes, noise reduction works better.

    But: colors from sd14 and dp2 are pale and lifeless and the darker greens really exeggerated.

    And: spp4 still cuts off the aperture values when exporting your work and can’t recognize over-exposure-values.

    Mmh, not so much convinced.


    pedro penola

  11. Bob van Ooik says:

    yes let sigma please make TS lens! would be cool for video dslr :)

  12. pedro penola says:

    Shame on me ;(

    I was too fast as always.

  13. Pedro, why too fast? Not coming to the same conclusion is perfectly ok. :) And that with “over exposure values” could you tell me what you meant?

  14. pedro penola says:

    Off course, Carl.

    When I export photos from spp there is something wrong with EXIFs. One is: cut off aperture values which is due to comma seperation. spp is not able to handle this correct. I was hoping that v 4 would be able to.

    The other: when I overexpose in A-mode for example +1/3 I cannot find this afterwards in the EXIFs. At least not in PS. This is not a big problem but it would help to analyse some shots.

    Third: I can’t even see the shutter-speed. Somehow it is lost.

    Or is there any solution I haven’t found yet?

    And regarding my speed: speed is bane and boon. Especially if you talk too much and too early (something I have learnt when working for newspapers ;))

    But really thanks for sympathizing. I promise to better.


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