Chinese water color art by Linn

Half transparent rice paper wasn’t as easy as I thought to photograph. I know you can glue it onto some harder surface but Linn didn’t want that.. Here’s how I did:

(above taken by Linn with DP2)

water color test shot

I thought I was smart – and the setup looked advanced enough but in the computer I realized that this type of paper and light coming from the side isn’t working. That was yesterday, so yesterday! Today I tried another way.

photo photo
(Above taken with iPhone)

By using my own computer as a light table and light from a big window I got a shadow free result. If you want to try you can make a white image and use it in the screen saver.

Still, it’s hard to get the “white” feeling that rice paper has – the second picture was easier as it didn’t have as “fine” light details as the first one. If you have any good idea about how to do a better job, please tell me. And Yes, I tried many different exposures and it’s pretty easy to go over the edge so to speak. I can give you the raw if you want to have a go. :)

water color test 2

(in Sigma Photo Pro)

Chinese water color painting by Linn linn chinese painting nr2

Perhaps the last one is even too white and I’m not sure it’s even in perfect focus. hehe. I photoshoped the wrong version. grr

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9 Responses to Chinese water color art by Linn

  1. Kian says:

    well, fairly kinda Chinese, I love that

  2. Retro says:

    Very nice Sumi-E!

    Here a “digital” essay of Sumi-E from me…

  3. Retro, I love your shot! :D

  4. Myga says:

    Well I never photographed a piece of paper like this, but is it any different than photographing like when you do for “packshot” photography? Mac screen is a nice solution, but it’s a slight “overkill” isn’t it? It’s like Rembrant would paint his fence ;)

    I would shot it through a bed sheet if You do not have a white drop-down in Your home. Since I saw You have a Ranger Quadra (lucky You..:) ) it should be a big problem.

    Btw. I like the whiter one on my screen (calibrated by Spyder 3 – but still far from You mac :)


  5. I lost a lot of contrast by adding light behind. Perhaps as much as I lost shadows. :) hmm.. The quadra might be useful just want the light to be soft which is a bit hard I think. hmm..

  6. Myga says:

    Quadra is a bit powerful but running through a bed sheet and from a “half-power” socket should be quite controllable. When I do that kind of shots (they look a bit pale a usually when shot directly to the light). But the trick that I learned from the Kelby training work’s just fine. Slide some more “blacks” in LR to that photo – it works for me – maybe it will also work with that tricky paper :)

  7. Retro says:

    Here is another “photographic Sumi-E”:


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