Introducing DP1x and DP2s!


As many of you know, I’m a full blood lover of Sigmas smaller cameras – the DP1 (24mm) and DP2 (42mm) – Cameras known for their extremely nice optics and fantastic sensor.

Now, the DP1s was introduced not long ago and for me it was a disappointment as it didn’t get the TRUE II that we love from the DP2 – and it also lacked those cool color modes that many of us discovered as fun and useful. And the last part, with heavy use of both DP1 and DP2 you soon realize that different buttons doing different things on two similar looking cameras is very frustrating. And the DP1s didn’t change any of this. Dp1s did get a better coating and therefore getting better coloristics.

Now, The DP1x comes with answers! Both the TRUE II processor as well as a new AF algorithm, providing high speed auto focusing. In addition, the user interface has been unified with the DP2 series by changing the Set Up Menu and adopting the QS (Quick Set) button. Finally both cameras can be handled without making life hard! In addition to the addition there is a new power save mode that enabled a greater number of pictures be taken on a single charge.

Back of both DP2s and DP1x:

The DP2s has all the goodies from the DP1x added and both cameras can do ISO50 all the way up to ISO3200 in RAW mode and finally Sigma has introduced a new very welcome slider in Sigma Photo Pro 4, a noise reduction slider! This will greatly enhance photo processing in the future for all of Sigmas cameras. At least we hope they will enable the slider for all and not only TRUE II equipped models.

Still there is no monochrome WB mode! Why you say, there is a black and white mode? Yes, up to ISO800 and only when using JPEG. Now, true black and white artists uses RAW only – and seeing the world in black and white when you want black and white result is MUCH better then the current noisier color view when shooting in bad lit situations. So, PLEASE Sigma – add monochrome white balance mode! It’s so simple and yet sophisticated and will truly help a lot of photographers to further enjoy your amazing cameras!

Please Please Please!


About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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8 Responses to Introducing DP1x and DP2s!

  1. Dwight says:

    Any idea of the how long it will be until they are available?

  2. Giammarco says:

    Sigma’s website already has brochures for SD15, DP1x, DP2s available for downloads. To me it means: they’re on the way to markets…

  3. Zabba says:

    Har precis köpt en Sigma DP2s. Blev lite besviken över att den inte alls var bättre än den lite äldre DP2:an. Autofokusen är pyttelite snabbare men i svåra ljusförhållanden är den lika trög. Hursomhelst så är det bildkvalitén som räknas. Och nu har jag två. Med det sagt så ska den ena (DP2) bort…

  4. Zabba says:

    ifall någon är sugen så finns den på Tradera (slutdatum 2010-06-06)

  5. leo says:

    I still more then love both the Dp1 and DP2. I have a question about the Dp2. The Dp2 gives me some green color cast in the corners, is that exemplary? And how to remove color cast on a small area in the photo? Still I am amazed with both camera’s.

  6. Jürgen Krüger says:

    Hi leo,
    I fear yes. I had the same green color cast in the corners of my DP2 and gave it to the Sigma service in Germany. They sent me the DP2 after a couple of weeks unchanged back an told me the effect matches with their specifications :-((. If you use Lightroom 3b2 then you can reduce the effect by using vigneting correction. Also some RAW converters show different results on these effect, I’ve got good results with RAW Photo Processor (see my remarks to Thomas). But any way – I will not miss my DP2 !

    Jürgen Krüger

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