The Yamaki interview..

Kazuto Yamaki, Coo Sigma Corp. Photo Carl Rytterfalk, Photokina 2004

Interview made by

From an interview made yesterday with Sigma COO Kazuto Yamaki, Yamaki said “Sigma plans to make a mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera with one of its Foveon sensors, the company’s Chief Operating Officer has told”

Now, that’s cool and something that many of us has been wishing for since the release of the DP1 – and perhaps even more so when competition became harder. Jealousy. ;)  Now, he then continue the interview by talking about the new FLD glass that they have developed in cooperation with Hoya. This is all good folks, Sigma is really trying hard to satisfy it’s current SA user base. :) Now, I need one of those Tilt and Shifts too! And a really fast wide angle alternative, preferably a high end prime. A 12mm 1.4? Yes.

In the end another classic statement was made and this is perhaps why I’m staying with Sigma, I Quote  ‘They are working very hard to try to make the best ever Foveon sensor for high end cameras.’

MmMmmm, that’s such sweet words to my ears. Hopefully some fruit is out in a not too distant future! Future IS bright :D  And, Thanks Ted Johnson for the heads up! And for your Leica X1 vs DP2 comparison. If you wish to share it, please do so as a comment. :)

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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7 Responses to The Yamaki interview..

  1. Love and Hate says:

    Yesterday it was a stick, now it is a carrot… MMM, old ways. I guess, all we have is wait.

    P.S. I am much more curious about new micro-sigma cameras than anything else, since I used DP2 and left feeling that nothing can beat its quality with size except Mamiya 7.

    But hey. Let’s be honest: Sigma tries while many have left us. Good luck, Sigme…

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  3. Ted Johnson says:

    Hi Carl.

    This is great news. I hope their response and development pathway becomes clear in a few months rather than years.

    As to the DP2 vs. X1 comparison, this is the link:

    More X1 shots are here for those interested:

    I had the camera for a week, and because of my day job I had very limited shooting time. And most of that time was taken shooting for a client. Unfortunately, I can’t post those photos.


  4. Retro says:

    The idea makes sense. Who needs a mechanical mirror in the time of electronics.
    What I hope is that the thread is “classical Sigma”, so that I can use my old lenses.

  5. Ted Johnson says:

    I think the mirrorless camera will not use the existing Sigma bayonet. It will likely use a smaller opening, but classical lenses would be useable through an adapter.


  6. Jay Johnson says:

    Looks like Sony has a new patent on a Foveon type direct image sensor.

    Seems almost identical to a Foveon?

  7. Jay, It looks very much like the Foveon patent.

    Sony: (2009)

    Foveon: (1999)

    And Nikon: (2007)

    I had a look at the Sony patent (PDF) and it looked pretty messy – not as simple as the above image looks. :) Oh well, time will tell. A three layered future is a much better one – whomever makes it.

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