Brushes vs Sketchbook continued..

I never really wanted to make a second post about this, but I was perhaps a bit fast to post the first one so here comes a second.. :) My thinking is that lots of photographers such as myself often has this artistic gene that somehow has to be let out – with the iphone you can do that using various different software. Also, I’ve been searching for a good tool for long time and couldn’t find any tests between these two. Brushes are more known to the public because of the “new yorker” and iPad release show – and sketchbook more known to people already using sketchbook for Mac or PC I guess. I can’t wait to try either of these two on the iPad. :D Or another dream, why not add a pressure sensitive pen sending some pressure blue tooth signal to the iPad – what a drawing tool!

Now, I wanted to make a little test – I was at the dentist this morning and in the waiting room I painted this colorful tree image – first using sketchbook and later using brushes. I used three painting tools – the pen, the brush and a spray. Pen for outlines, brush for background and spray for the foggy effect. And the way that oil brush thing works is very different from app to app. Also I noticed that it’s nearly impossible to make dots in Brushes, you have to make the dot as a tiny line in order to make it work. In Sketchbook it’s very easy. I tried to show that by adding some stars and some, not sure, mosquito looking things on the right side of the foremost tree.

brushes vs sketchbookSketchbook:
Gives more realism, better brushes and more sensitive to small touches. You feel and it looks like you’re actually doing something on paper.  Preferable a iPhone 3Gs should be used as it gives you more layers and bigger canvas. (I only have the old 3G model). It’s sometimes tricky to zoom in, as either the menu opens or you by mistake draw a line. Easy to fix but still irritating. This is never a problem in Brushes.

brushes vs sketchbookBrushes:
It feels faster, but after testing both beside each other I don’t think it is. Gives me the feeling of doing everything with a marker pen (although with more options). If you work longer with a painting you get a much better result (duh!) and you can create stunning visuals. Too bad resolution on working canvas is so low, you zoom in and everything becomes pixelated fast. The good, you can resize on the mac later with the “re-paint” function and make movies such as above. Very very cool.

Part 1 of this article..

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5 Responses to Brushes vs Sketchbook continued..

  1. fotomik says:

    The video is set to “Private”, so doesn’t work… Looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Ah, problem solved. Should work now. :) As you might see, it’s really fast work. I had about five minutes in the waiting room. Love waiting rooms.

  3. suzi54241 says:

    I tend to agree with your testing I have used both apps since each existed. Each has their strong points and places for improvement. AND fortunately both have great developers which will support the apps. At this point I prefer SketchBook Mobile, it has a much better, realistic feel and I love the tweakable possibilities. I also love the workflow which many others hate. I think it’s FASTer than brushes too. With Brushes everything seems too soft to me. BUT I’m so glad they both exist. They will continue to keep the programers competition going! And I’m happy that both will exist on the new iPAD, what fun that little device will be. Thanks for doing the test.

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