A very cold morning, a thousand angles.

SPP, Another lens. (slightly tilted?)

How many photos can one take of a bridge, I asked myself. It was freezing, some time after 8:00 and the strong snowy wind never took a breather. Lucky me I had lots of clothes and a warm car to return to in case I had a near death experience. Oh, and Martin was there too, another photographer using the little DP1, the PEN and a Canon 5D M2. My bag was filled with three lenses and a trusty SD14. Oh, four lenses.. The fourth being the one I’ve used most of the time. A very nice zoom lens that I will get back to later.

Above shot only to demonstrate what things looked like for us. Shot taken with the new lens using ISO800 to get a fast(er) shutter speed. (1/60s)

We had decided to go out this morning a couple of days earlier we saw on the weather report that it would be very cold. Maybe down to below -20C we had hoped to get frosty trees in morning sunlight but instead we got cloudy, windy and around -12C (10,4 F). And the beautiful frost was nowhere to be found except in it’s more boring form. Oh, yes. We got real star shaped snow flakes on the lens, over and over and over again! :D

And that bridge, Tjörnbron as it’s called here.
SDIM9858_spp.jpgSDIM9872_spp.jpg SDIM9882bw.jpg SDIM9895_spp.jpg SDIM9927_spp.jpg

I played around a bit with WB to see what could be made, but it never really looked warm and cozy did it?

SDIM9939.jpg SDIM9952_spp.jpg

Above is 12-24. Color from picture to picture has a slight different tone change and I think it’s because clouds where sometimes not as thick and sky had this yellow / magenta tint – and sometimes it was just very very gray. We hoped to get a clear sky, and it felt like there was a possibility a couple of times but it ever happened. Instead we got these shots that could have been soo much more fun – but well. :) Still OK I think.

Here’s some other shots.

View full size. Taken with the other lens..

SDIM0005.jpg SDIM0023_sppbw.jpg
Above: just some shots taken with the new lens. Also higher ISO is used on the BW version. ISO800+

Below: Shutter speed demonstration. :) What does ISO100 look like compared to ISO1000+? Shutter speed color: 1/25s, the black and white version: 1/800s. Oh, and below you also see a 100% crop of each example.

SDIM0013_spp-2.jpg SDIM0013_spp.jpg SDIM0015_spp-2.jpg SDIM0015_spp.jpg

And now, give it up for the mighty Sigma 12-24mm!!! (and the Cokin ND4 filter, and well, the holder is included as well!!) :) Why use a ND filter a day like this you might as.. Well, answer is two things: For fun and to get less “in air” snow. These shots has around 2s of shutter speed and therefore snow isn’t visible the same way.

SDIM0159_spp.jpg SDIM0173_spp.jpg SDIM0200_spp.jpg

Over and out. Hope you enjoyed my boring day shots. :D Not easy to be creative a day like this but we had fun. At least with the driving part. Hand brake corners!!!

All above shots can be viewed full size in this flickr set. Should be viewed full size if you wanna see snow in it’s full glory.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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5 Responses to A very cold morning, a thousand angles.

  1. Bob van Ooik says:

    Looks damn cold! This way I’ll never be able to convince O to move to Sweden ;)

  2. haha, but Olga, isn’t she a bit more used to way colder weather? Russia for me sounds like, ehum, Siberia? :D

  3. BiggyDog says:

    HI Carl,

    brrr I’m getting cold just by looking your pictures !
    What do you use to protect your SD14 and lenses with this weather conditions ?

  4. malin says:

    Är det Tjörnbron?:D

  5. r4 sdhc says:

    Those are very beautiful snow photographs.I like snow very much..Some of those snow falling shots are just great and those photographs show itself that there is so much cold.I do appreciate you for these pictures.

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