One week Winter.. 2009/10

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Happy New Year 2010!! Well, I’m late, I know. But I just came back from celebrating the new year up at my big sisters place in Brålanda. It’s so far away from everything and Internet hasn’t reached them just yet.. (not). I’m not too often up at her place, it’s a 100km drive (that’s the only good excuse I have not to go there more often and I know she reads this)..

Ah, and you might wonder why I have no splendid pictures of cool firecrackers – Well, it all comes down to luck and really, really bad timing. In Brålanda (a small town of what seams to me to be around 10 people) people have firecrackers but they all live randomly around my tripods position and none of them had ANY understanding of photography or photographers. They could have said: – I’ll let another rocket up right now, and I’ll wait for your signal Carl. But no, they just let them up a little here and there and always in the wrong direction from where I stood with my 20-30s exposure.

Oh well, there is always another one coming!

Now, all these shots has been taken with my Sigma SD14 – some of them using the 120-300 and others using a new lens that I will get back to in a while. (all wider shots). 90% has been developed using SPP with minor adjustments using LR3 before flickry upload. The rest (two shots) has been developed using Silkypix.

Flickr gallery with all shots in full size.


(All above shots except the bird has been shot using the other lens..)

Now, the new year started with lots and lots of snow. We had to stay one extra day because of it. Below you’ll find “extra day with snow and my sisters family”, pictures.
Above shot taken in high speed inside car – zooming out with speed (ever tried that??) trying to get a stable shot.

SDIM9045.jpg SDIM9047.jpg
This guy was driving on a road and he really had no clue where the road was and ended up in the ditch. We stopped and helped. We’re sooo good. :D (Linn helped too) – and YES I do know that car is in focus and not the guys eyes! :P

Not sure how to make a correct white balance when it’s taken when it’s really dark and really cold. This shot is hand held at ISO400 and 1/10s and is mysteriously sharp. hmmm… :)

SDIM9118.jpg SDIM9144-2.jpg SDIM9144.jpg
(Last one is a 100% crop of the picture before that – Snow gives the shot a almost painted effect that I like). :)

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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9 Responses to One week Winter.. 2009/10

  1. Gillar starkt bild 1,2 och 6, Riktigt härliga bilder! :)

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  3. blue says:

    This is very impressing.
    Very dynamic but also moody.
    It shows the “winter-joy” of the boy perfectly.


  4. dagge says:

    Härliga bilder.

    Hur gör du för att få snön så vit? Hittade ingen EXIF info.

  5. Sergej says:

    Lol here in Dallas, TX we had about 1 CM of snow over Christmas and people were freaking out (in a good way) because of the ‘white Christmas’…

  6. Hans Muus says:

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful Swedish winter. I like the almost erotic shadow-blue dunes (with the railwayline on the horizon) best. And apparently you are enjoying your new 17-70mm 2.8-4 optically stabilized zoom … In that regard, does Sigma send you run-of-the-mill lenses, that is, do your lenses ever have ailments like front or back focusing, off centre sharpness etc., or do you get lenses that are more severely tested? I don’t want to be overly distrustful, but I like to know how to value your judgements (which I appreciate a lot and have a strong influence on my wishlist and buying behaviour). Last question: how do you protect your camera and lenses from the snow?

    Kind regards,
    Hans Muus

  7. spalbird says:

    After looking at this pictures I feel to be there – and begin freezing ;)

  8. Hans, well, I have nothing to say at this point. :) Send me an email if you wish to know more.

    Spalbird, Great! :D

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