Schillerska revisited – Day in Black and white!


I must admit, I’m still in love with how SD14 handles monochrome white balance. It’s so rich! I had three classes to photograph today and I selected a few pictures to show. Everything is shot using SD14 + 18-50 2.8 or 12-24 except the very last shot shown. ISO is set between 100 and 800. Elinchom Quadra used in some way(s) in every shot. Some shots has been perspective corrected (bw group shots) – every development is made in Sigma Photo pro. Some shots has two other shots combined inside (No, Linn has no twin sister).

Why so many black and white? The heavy yellow light made it hard to get what I wanted + that I needed to go higher with ISO as I wanted a natural light and not “flashy” as I got yesterday (see group shot from yesterday and compare with todays). Yesterdays problem was that it was way to dark outside to have any use into the scene. Today was very dark too so I put them in the window.. hehe.


In above shot I used the 12-24, and it’s not very sharp wide open so I had to use a smaller aperture – I experimented with different ones but didn’t want to go above 1s exposure. So I ended up using ISO800. But as you know, using the monochrome mode that’s never a problem. I wanted F11, but was only able to get 6.3. Worked well.

Above: I sort of wanted a serious overall look so I asked them to look .. ehh.. cool? They tried.  This particular class was pretty small so I didn’t need to go as wide as the one before so I used 18-50 – picture is wider in reality but perspective corrected to get straight lines. Do you notice any other changes made? – and 18-50 is faster and sharper than the 12-24 so I was able to do this one at ISO100 and. Jaij!

We also had lots of fun in a small studio, a bit too small for groups like above. :) Shot using the Quadra as main light from right and above. Worked out pretty good.

Below, just some extras…

SDIM8260.jpgSDIM8265.jpg SDIM8147.jpg

This last one was shot using the DP2 and light was two 1200(w?) tungsten lights. Pretty cool but didn’t allow for magic shutter speeds – but very easy to work with, did realize how fun it was to model with it. So easy. :)

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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13 Responses to Schillerska revisited – Day in Black and white!

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  2. Ted Johnson says:

    The photos are wonderful. Clearly you had fun.

    I’m just bummed out Linn *doesn’t* have a twin.

  3. Mick says:

    Your kind of taking photographs always leaves me speeechless.
    I myself didn`t manage to tweak my DP2 to produce this kind of pictures yet. Or may the one behind the camera be the “limiting factor”? Nevertheless, great work!

    Regards from Germany

  4. very nice work Carl, I wish to Lin and you Happy Holidays…

    I hope Sigma will make a bigger sensor with more Mp for us ;-)


  5. Hans says:

    well well, this is the very reason i’ll keep waiting for the sd15 – your monochromes & also my own with my dp2. question: do you set your camera’s (sd14 & dp2) to monochrome, or do you convert to monochrome later on in spp or lightroom? i do the latter & am quite satisfied with it (made a develop-preset customized for foveon-shots), but if there is room for improvement, i’d gladly take your advise!

  6. Hi Hans, You’re doing it the absolutely best way! (imho). With the DP2, using black and white mode is only possible in JPEG mode so you’re loosing everything nice about three layer. :) do everything RAW and later switch to monochrome WB and enjoy. You can however desaturate but you’re not fully using the information and will get a more blotchy result. Monochrome WB does something magic, film like.

    If a certain monochrome look is wanted, say a red filtered look – then I’d use a red filter when taking the picture and later use monochrome mode anyways. Much like in the days of film.

    It’s also possible to use this monochrome-WB in Lightroom, but then you first need to switch to monochrome WB in SPP and save in raw, then switch over to Lightroom and oala, all colors are gone and sweet monochrome is up. Not sure with LR3 beta.

  7. Hans says:

    hi carl, thanks for your quick reply. i am including a few pictures i imported directly into lightroom 2.5 as dng’s, and then converted to black and white via grayscale. all the time using the foveon-preset i created going by a video of yours in which you suggest a number of settings that were ont their turn suggested to you by someone else (vibrance, separate color-values, contrast and so on). i think these pictures have the film-like quality as well, don’t you?
    [img] vbosch & ronde-3.jpg[/img]
    [img] saakje & chaia-5.jpg[/img]

  8. Hans Muus says:

    hi carl,
    thanks for your quick reply. i upload my dp2-raw files directly as dng’s in lightroom 2-something, and then convert them to grayscale, using a preset i made following your suggestions in a video in which you developed a colour picture of one or two geese. it involves special settings for vibrance, several colour sliders, contrast and so on. i think these pictures have the same film-like quality as files converted in spp. what do you think?

  9. Hi Hans, Today Lightroom has “full” support for DP2 raw files and there is no need to convert anymore. Results will probably be about the same as the conversion itself is made by Adobe too. The DNG however can be nicely used in Raw Developer as it has no native DP2 raw support (only SD14)..

    Have you tried SPP Monochrome mode and compared? I noticed that Silkypix has really nice BW support if RAW files are treated the right way. You can almost get what SPP gives. But with more control, which is very important for some pictures.

  10. Hans Muus says:

    hi carl,
    apparently my uploads didn’t get through. here is a second try. they all followed the route: dp2-raw / imported as dng in lightroom / developed with my foveon-preset as described in my email earlier today / converted in lr to black and white (grayscale).

    [edit from Carl; Pictures was stopped as spam and is now correctly viewed above in the their original spot]

  11. Hi Hans, thanks for showing your BW’s, they look very nice too me! Both with subjects and over all tonality. Great work!

  12. Jeremiah says:

    So… Schillerska… that’s my old school.
    Been sitting in the same windows, contemplating over life, death, love and poetry as a teenager :)

    Was there for three years in the 80’s

  13. Jeremiah, :) Kul! Det är ett så grymt härligt ställe att ta kort på!

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