The making of fluid females series

Recently we had some friends over – all the way from Germany. Bob, Olga and Anastasia came for Linn’s birthday (Days later Olga had her birthday as well). Bob and Olga are two well known artists in the Sigma oriented photographic community and our roads crossed many years ago deep in the dpreview forums and later we also met when exposing our photographs at the Photokina fair.

I often discuss work with them, they’re two brilliant artists with a rare eye combined with great technical skills.

Now, during their visit in our home they showed me some photos they’ve taken for Schwarzkopf German Hairdressing Awards – photos were taken back in February but they weren’t allowed to show them in public due to the rules of the competition. But I could have a peak.

Fluid females. Photos taken with the Sigma SD14.

I remember that my first feeling was, oh, such nice light – perfectly lit and great focus on hair. Cool expressions from models, dead cool! Soon I had too look again, something was wrong, (right) and I saw that one of them must’v had some body paint or something. Looking even closer I saw some drops hanging in mid air from one of the girls cheek and I soon realized that it was liquid. I don’t know if Olga perhaps told me before I fully understood but oh how cool I thought it was. Is! If a jaw can drop, this was it!

Now I begged them to tell me how, and we talked for hours about how these shots saw the light of day and I was totally inspired! I’ve been waiting for them to be able to publish them somehow and not only that, here’s an article with a “how to” guide so you can – at least try – your own liquid person!

A huge thank you to Olga Vasilkova and Bob Van Ooik for sharing their work and this article on how they created magic!

“how to” liquid Females article.
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  1. Bob van Ooik says:

    Thank you Carl! That’s a very nice article :)

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