One shot, two possabilities. + raw

two developers one shot
Sigma Photo pro Original

two developers one shot
Silkypix Original

EDIT: Now LINKS ARE FIXED FOR REAL! Man that was tricky. :D Now you can switch between shots easily.
Raw file for download here!

It’s quite a big difference if you click between. Especially at skin tones / skin contrast and the blue thingi. In Silkypix you have so many options – and it’s easy to loose yourself in all possibilities. The blue has been desaturated using the special color wheel and lightened and all green tones has been moved towards a greyish saturation as well as little magenta.  Also noise reduction has been reduced quite a lot as blue has a tendency to bleed. Why I have no idea, something with the noise reduction in Silkypix. Raw Developer has a better solution I think.

To be fair, SPP (Sigma Photo Pro) is made with more or less one click. Nothing really changed. I use florescent WB with a warmer touch using color wheel. Other than that it’s “out of the box”.

Picture taken with Sigma 18-50ex macro.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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10 Responses to One shot, two possabilities. + raw

  1. Clive says:

    Seems like you lost a lot of highlight-near detail, with Silkypix.

    Have a look at the forehead…

    My impression from things you show so far is that Silkypix might be useful for snapshot/quick commercial things, but not so impressed with the ‘depth’ of results, in several senses. Maybe ;)


  2. Obscura says:

    Man, the SPP version reminds me why I’ve stayed with Sigma. :-)

    • haha.. :D That’s great. So SPP has a given place in developing even with a competent player as Silkypix seams to be. I have some shots (not too few) where I feel SPP does a better job – more like choosing film in a camera then anything else.

  3. Clive – actually exposure has been compensated in the Silkypix version and later darkened with a curve. Perhaps I was playing too much. :D But is “detail” lost?

    Now I had a closer look and I don’t see any lost detail. Perhaps your screen is not calibrated for gamma 2.2? That would make these shots too bright if it was set to gamma 1.8 (standard on older Mac OS X including Tiger/Leopard) .. BUT what I notice myself when switching between the two is that the Sigma Photo Pro version looks much more 3D – the foveon way. The Silkypix version has a more sharpened everywhere look. Perhaps my fault.

  4. flyingrooster says:


    Well, I also don’t really see lost highlight detail on the forehead on the Silkypix version. But I see slightly lost highlight detail on the LINDEBERG-logo. Nothing severe at all, but it’s there (or gone, whatever…).
    While the more sharpened look of the Silkypix version positively enhances some facial details, like hairs and eyes, it looks oversharpened on the blue thingi. Just my opinion. But this kind of fabric is hard to judge.

    Carl, would you mind sharing the RAW with us? This seems like an interesting subject I would also like to play around a little. And since I’m not really a portrait shooter, pictures like these are very rare on my side ;)

    By the way, the links when clicking on the pictures (not the original ones) lead to the same image (I think the SPP version).


  5. The linking is behaving strange with this post. It’s not working as it should.. Tried to fix it and fixed those links at the same time. Still not perfect but better. Also, RAW is available for download!

    Please develop and see what you and everyone else can do. :)

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  7. Clive says:

    Well, you’re right.

    It’s not less detail in the Silkypix forehead; in fact it is crispy-look as you say.

    I had looked only at the small size prints on the blog; tonight I looked at the originals on Flickr.

    The illusion at small size, and whatever jpegging does to them in reduction, is that there is not depth or detail on the silkypix face.

    That’s an interesting thing to think about, isn’t it? Just as we compensate fonts for small sizes, there is something to what we do for images there too. And maybe something we need to pay attention to, which has more to do with contrast and microcontrast of areas than actual sharpness of originals.

    I think this is back to the territory of ‘3d effect’ and its tricky definition, yet definite factor we see as ‘presence’.

    What do you think???

    ;) Clive

  8. alexandru says:

    Hello, I’m a mac.. and I have a hard time using Silkypix on my virtual Windows XP mode. It’s less sado-maso than using SPP for OSX but still…

    Have you tried LR 3 beta? Do you see any improvement?

  9. PrebenR says:

    I usually use the white part in the eye to set the white balance. Also in this case this works to get some more natural skin tones. SPP 5.1.

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