With which camera? SD14, DP1 and DP2..

All are developed using SPP. No post production made except vignetting on three shots (you see it clearly). Can you match the number to the correct camera? They’re so many so if you pick two shots from each camera that’s enough. The SD14 used a 18-50mm EX lens + polarizer.. Winning what? Great honor! :D

Assisting me this evening was Bengt Werner.

Can you guess what camera?

Can you guess what camera?

Can you guess what camera?

Can you guess what camera?

Can you guess what camera?

Can you guess what camera?

Can you guess what camera?

Can you guess what camera?

Can you guess what camera?

Can you guess what camera?

Can you guess what camera?

Can you guess what camera?

btw, there is no equal amount between cameras. All full size at flickr.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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24 Responses to With which camera? SD14, DP1 and DP2..

  1. Ted Johnson says:

    All of them, in varying amounts. :p

  2. Scott Greiff says:

    Hmm…. They all look great. The only ones I would venture to guess are:
    DP2: 12, 3
    DP1: 11, 1
    SD14: the rest
    Really no idea, tho! :D

  3. Jaladhi says:

    1, 2, 5, 9, 10 – SD14
    3, 6 – DP1
    4, 7, 8, 11, 12 – DP2

  4. flyingrooster says:

    That’s pretty tough…

    SD14: 1-3 Because they look more like having a polarizer on. But maybe that effect is mainly due to the vignetting…

    DP2: 11-12 Because they look less like having a polarizer on and not slightly distorted as i would expect for the wide angle DP1 in such closeup shots.

    DP1: No idea.

    Anyway, these are nothing but wild guesses. Everything could easily be completely wrong. In that case i take it all my assumptions back and claim the opposite ;)

  5. Jaladhi says:

    I changed my mind:-)

    1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 12- SD14

    4, 8 – DP1

    5, 7, 11 – DP2

  6. Secco says:

    …hey, look at pictures 2 and 11: The SD 14 is in the picture! :-)

  7. Carl at home says:

    Secco, good observation but only if we didn’t have TWO SD14. Which we did. My assistent for the evening Bengt Werner had his, also the polarizer belongs to him.

  8. guest says:

    the ones without bokeh (such as 2 and 9) are all dp1

  9. Alright, some answers.

    said ones without bokeh such as 2 and 9 are DP1. WRONG! :)

    Jaladhi, your second Guess (you tried them all!) included TWO correct answers. wow. ;) You picked one correct SD14 shot and another DP2 shot.

    FlyingRooster! First, you picked 1-3 to be SD14. They’re are three shots and three different cameras. :) Your last picks for DP2 is CORRECT! And I LOVE your end statement.

    Scott you picked one correct answer, and that’s number 12 (dp2). Oh well, you said SD14 the rest. ;) there are a few correct ones but a bit too random for my taste.


  10. Mathias says:

    This is a fun logic-puzzle. I went through all the clues, and without using the look of each picture came up with this:


    With that in mind, I’m guessing:

    1 DP1
    2 DP2
    3 SD14
    4 DP2
    5 SD14
    6 DP1
    7 SD14
    8 SD14
    9 DP2
    10 DP1
    11 DP2
    12 DP2

    As a former Gothenburger now living in USA, it’s also fun to spot the city locations!

  11. Jaladhi says:

    Wow! I got 2 out of 12. I feel pretty good. I was actually going to guess that most of these are taken with the super secret SD15 that you have been having fun with lately :-)

    – Jaladhi

  12. Mathias! I was hoping for someone like you to take the bait, and you did a pretty good job! Here’s the results from your observation:

    1 DP1 Wrong
    2 DP2 Wrong
    3 SD14 Wrong
    4 DP2 Correct!
    5 SD14 Correct!
    6 DP1 Correct!
    7 SD14 Wrong
    8 SD14 Wrong
    9 DP2 Correct!
    10 DP1 Wrong
    11 DP2 Correct!
    12 DP2 Correct!

    Wow. :) 50% correct answers or 6 out of 12. Now it might be easier to solve the rest!

    Jaladhi, hehe. Well. You never know. Perhaps I even have a DP3 with exchangeable lens and the long awaited SD24 with square sensor and leather exterior. :D

  13. Mathias says:

    Aha! I thought I had done better. With the first three, getting one wrong messes up the other two.
    It’s tricky with the SD14 in the mix, since it can pretty much do all the focal lengths. I did the math wrong, and had assumed that it could go wider than the DP1.
    Here is the correct list (I think?):

    1 DP2
    2 SD14
    3 DP1
    4 DP2
    5 SD14
    6 DP1
    7 DP1
    8 DP2
    9 DP2
    10 DP2
    11 DP2
    12 DP2

    More DP2 than I expected. This is helpful, since I’m waffling about which DP to get.
    I’m coming to Gothenburg next week – I’ll look out for you and your Sigmas!

  14. Mathias!! You’re 100% Correct!!
    And you’re coming to Göteborg, perhaps we could meet? Give me a call!

    1 DP2 Correct!
    2 SD14 Correct!
    3 DP1 Correct!
    4 DP2 Correct!
    5 SD14 Correct!
    6 DP1 Correct!
    7 DP1 Correct!
    8 DP2 Correct!
    9 DP2 Correct!
    10 DP2 Correct!
    11 DP2 Correct!
    12 DP2 Correct!

  15. Bengt Werner says:

    Carl, Here’s my photo from the same occasion! What do you think? I’m using the polarizer too and my own 18-50ex.

  16. Scott Greiff says:

    I think it’s just really cool to get such good shots out of a mix of DSLR & compacts. I wonder what the SD15 will produce?

  17. Mathias says:

    Yes, score! Of course, it was only after several hints.

    Carl, I’ll be seeing all my family and friends, so who knows if I’ll have any extra time, but if I do I’ll either email or give you a call (to the phone number on the home page?). I’ll drag my American wife with me too.

  18. dimitri_c says:


    SIGMA DP2 Firmware Ver.1.03
     • Decreases the intermittent camera freeze under certain conditions. (cela m’est arrivé souvent)
     • The accuracy of the Auto White Balance has been improved.

    – Dimitri

  19. Mike Earussi says:

    Interesting answers. I had no idea so I just picked out the ones (before reading amyone else’s answers) that seemed to have the most 3D quality. They were: 4,7,10, and 12. I was somewhat surprised (and encouraged) by the fact that three out of the four were from the DP2. This tells me that Sigma has contiuned to improve the SDxx cameras and that the SD15 will, hopefully, be noticably better in IQ than the SD14.

  20. Ubaldo says:

    Thanks to your review, I have buyied sigma dp-1! Great!

    Sorry for my english

  21. Peter says:


    maybe this is a good place for a question, although it occurred to me when I enjoyed your photos from China.

    I wonder by what criteria you decide which camera to take, especially regarding the dp1 vs. dp2. Technically the dp2 should be better in all respects, being the newer model.

    Is the difference in focal length big enough to make a difference?
    Or are there other qualities in the dp1 that make it worth while taking the two cameras with you (maybe for different styles of shooting, location or the like)?


    Btw there are some images on your site that I really admire!

  22. Ubaldo, Great! :D Good luck!

  23. Hi Peter!

    Well, it’s a tricky one. THE question which really relates to all my current gear. The wider DP1 works better in small environment, in situations where I’m keen on documenting person plus surrounding. The DP2 IS better suited for portraits if you want a bit closer cut and if you want background to disappear into a beautiful bokeh (at least more than the DP1 is able to). Most of the time I end up bringing both cameras. mmm

    And yes, the difference in both focal length and speed does matter. You do get two pretty different pictures.

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