Alone in the rain, moving pictures.

It was raining and great shutter speeds turned into seconds. Well, what to do?  These are shots taken with the DP1. I have lots of this type of pictures as I love them. It’s a cool way of isolating a subject. Not always successful but always worth a try. If you have taken shots like this please add in commenting field, I’d love to see yours!
Kunming buss Feeling alone, electric morped Electric scooter Transportation

Bonus, really fast moving buss! :)

Fast kunming buss

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. These are really fun, Carl. I’ll just have to try it out on my DP1! There are things you assume your camera can’t do, and I must say this was one of those things.

  2. Evaldas says:

    Are these photos taken when moving a camera? And what was a shutter speed?

  3. These are really cool Carl. How do you did you do it?

  4. About these pictures, in this case I just had the P mode, so more or less automatic. And shutter speed should be around half a second or perhaps a second. As you can see everything is pretty much moving.

    Tpis on how to do it: Start the motion by following the object when it’s further away and as it gets closer to your prefocused area you press the trigger and hold, and continue to follow at the same speed as the object. Of course you have selected continues photo mode so two or three pictures will be taken. In above case I didn’t have continues mode but that’s due to the very slow shutter. It was really dark and rainy.

  5. Cool I’m gonna try with your settings Carl. Here is the only one I can think of that is any good.

  6. Gnat says:

    I am just learning this technique. Here’s one that’s close but not quite as clear as yours.
    [img] Ride 1.jpg[/img]

  7. ThePanda says:

    Oh I didn’t see the upload box I was wondering about that… (-_^)
    [img] Bike.jpg[/img]

  8. Gillar också såna där abstrakta bilder. Och igår när det regnade som in i h…. så fick jag en chans att göra en sån där bild på springande person med lång slutartid. Blev ganska okej tycker jag. Ligger ute på min blogg..


  9. Myga says:

    HI Carl!
    I have tried this. It is very tricky as You know, best “manual” I read, was saying that You should have best results if the exposition end’s when the target is exactly in front of you.

    Also mentioned to move the camera in the same speed that your target is moving. Unfortunately the results are often unsatisfying, so I didn’t made too much of this type of photography and even less is published –

    Best regards

  10. Myga says:

    Wow I have just viewed your blog on iPhone and it looks very nice! :D Is that some kind of plugin ?

  11. carl at internetcafe says:

    Thanks guys for showing some very cool shots! (here and by email) Now, I’m leaving China and I really didn’t connect much this time with internet so I’ll post more shots when back in sweden.

    Now I’ll be in Bejing at 17:00 today and leave the day after at 14:20. So if you’re in beijing please give me a call. Still same number 0046 734 001717

  12. Antonio says:

    Good to see that there are people using the Sigma devils !

    There are a lot of people who doesn’t knows anything about those cameras and still talks badly about them.

    I have a DP2 and and EOS-5D and I simply love the DP2 !

    Keep your good work and congratulations ! (soon in English)

  13. Jörgen! By adding an [img]http://.. [/img] you can add your own sites picture. at least I think this is possible. Trying with your wonderful shot of the running girl. Great capture!

  14. This was shot during the timetrail of the eneco-tour, last week in Amersfoort, Holland. Conditions were poor, rain and low light. The riders were moving fast!! 45 km/h So it wasn’t hard to get the background moving…

    Shot with: Canon Eos 30D, Iso 1000, Av 11.0, Shutterspeed 1/80



  15. Again, now with the photo,




  16. michael says:

    Sorry about the misplaced posts… I’m trying to upload an image here to little success… will try again. Notice how only the smile is focused. All else is blurred. Taken with an SD14.
    [img] on a swing 10.jpg[/img]

  17. Jason Ernst says:

    I had a couple that popped to mind…


  18. Jason Ernst says:

    Well that first one didn’t work trying to source in a flickr image, trying again.
    1st shot is a the Chicago El. 2nd is a bus in NYC



  19. luke.chou says:

    Kunming?It’s my hometown. I want to buy DP1.
    i had use this method to take photo.
    It’s great blog.

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