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The following photos are all available as full size.


I’m back with more shots from Yunnan, Dali – I really enjoy my stay so far and my DP’s hasn’t run out of juice once yet. I have one spare battery for each and I charge every night. I film quite a lot too, will show later when it’s time. One thing is extremely annoying and that’s when I switch between the two use interface is slightly different so I often press the wrong buttons which has killed some good moments, perhaps there should be some option to make the DP2 mimic the DP1.. :)

As some of you know I had problems with my CS3 installation so I installed Lightroom 2.4 instead, so this time I have a wide mix between LR developed shots and SPP 3.3 developed shots (saved as TIFF from SPP and imported into LR for my little watermark and some post adjustments such as vigneting. Often none). Can you see what is what?

Self portrait!

SDIM9130 SDIM9132

SDIM9138 SDIM9141 SDIM9158 SDIM9161 SDIM9164 SDIM9178
Who is that?

SDIM9186 SDIM9192
This women is making one of Dali’s own famouse fried cheese with chocolate candy thingis..

SDIM9193 SDIM9194 SDIM9201 SDIM9201-2
These police officers helped us find a photo exhibition that’s we were invited to. And check out the bonus in the background.

SDIM9209 SDIM9212 SDIM9213 SDIM9214 SDIM9225

The old man above wanted to sell some scroll (as you see on the ground three pictures up) and I asked him if I could take a picture of him, so I did and after that I went back to Linn, he ran after asking if he could have the photo sent to him. So he wrote down his address and the text says something like “please send me the pictures”.. He was very cute and of course I will send him. It’s not a marvelous shot but I’m sure he will be satisfied.


Below: So, finally we arrived to the opening ceremony of this much bigger thing than we expected, hundreds of photographers and thousands of visitors came to see a massive show of dancing minorities – Some very important persons were there and the association of photography in China was there with their president etc etc. It was very cool.

And the center of the show was the three pagodas. Over a thousands years old buddhist monasteries. This is said to be the third most important place on earth to buddhists. And yes, there was lots and lots of police everywhere. I felt very safe.

I was often photographed together with other photographers. Fun!. :)

SDIM9253SDIM1533 SDIM1548 SDIM9254 SDIM9260dark SDIM9265 SDIM9268 SDIM9274 SDIM9287

Lastly, what’s the difference between these two shots?

SDIM9293 SDIM9293-2

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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25 Responses to People in China | 40+ images..

  1. Owen says:

    Great Photos – Some really good colours / candids.

  2. mykhal says:

    to the quiz at the end..
    the difference between the two photos is in perspective – the first one is more distorted, so first I thought, that it is the crop of a photo taken with DP1 and second is from DP2. but they seem to be captured at exactly the same moment.. so the second one might be the first one edited with something like GIMP’s perspective tool.

    or what’s the third possibility? :)

  3. sev says:

    Like Mykhal, for the quizz I’d said that the first one is taken with DP1 and the 2nd one with DP2?
    I’ve just bought a DP2 and I’m still in the how-to-use-it-well phase ;))
    I love your picture and the way the light is always subtil…
    And every time I look at them, I always wonder: what if I bought a DP1 too, to be able to make wide pictures…

  4. wilco says:

    Carl, your pictures are wonderful again and so are the filmlike sigma colors. Even the most ordinairy scenes are hypnotic to look at because of the striking clarity and deep colors. Fovean is such a well kept secret. And, you being such a great photographer doesn’t hurt as well :)
    Please, can you do me a favor and tell me about your postcorrections when using SPP? Although I love the magic of my own DP2, I am not a wizzard yet. Happy trails.

    • Wilco, You would be surpriced to know how little post production is done, especially with this set. Almost all DP1 shots are left as is, a tiny move with the WB and sometimes a notch up and down here and there but nothing you would notice if your screen isn’t great. (the one I use now is really not great so it’s difficult to make any big moves, don’t wanna mess things up).

      One thing though that is different this time is the use of some LR2 functions such as paint exposure comp and gradual exposure control (or saturation, contrast etc) and on some shots you can pretty clearly see that I used that to enhance sky or bring a person to light. But colors are still left as is.

  5. Björn Johansson says:

    On the riddle – You have used the filter “Distort” -> “Lens Correction” in Photoshop (or in lightroom, if it’s available there)

    Right? :)

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  7. Anton says:

    Glad to see you are having a great time…keep the pics coming!

  8. thechebb says:

    Excellent gallery – looking forward to more!

  9. Lee Morris says:

    Fantastic images, a wonderful insight into their culture, through your photography Carl… Superb stuff, keep them flowing..
    Take care

  10. beeant says:

    beautiful pictures

    the colors are so nice and nicely saturated, how could you do that? please give me some hint…

    • Not sure what I do. I do slide up saturation sometimes a notch. But didn’t do that with any (below 10) of my China shots. hmm.. I do change white balance and play with the color wheel to get as good separation of colors as possible – often moved just slightly from the center. If you have to move much more then you probably set the wrong white balance to start with.

      But today I will show you something very cool! RD converted DP1 shots. Colors are amazing!

  11. beeant says:

    the colors of all your photos are amazing!

    sorry to talk so much and this is kind of silly question but, did you slide up saturation via the DP2 interface or Sigma Photo Pro?
    I know how to set white balance, but I dont know if it is possible to adjust saturation in the DP2 interface

    Thank You,

    • In Sigma Photo Pro, Lightroom and Raw Developer you can slide up saturation to extremes if you want. But it’s your choice to do so. Well, now, I often move it a bit up a notch or two, not always but way more often than the sharpening slider. Also, if you increase contrast you get a more saturated feeling.

  12. Riddle answer is as has been said two times above by Björn and Mykhal! I used Lens correction on Photoshop and straightened the perspective to give a false impression of eye sight. sort of. :)

  13. lol says:

    you get great image quality with most of your published dp1 and dp2 pictures.. Makes me wanna get one of those cameras.
    Other pictures from the same cameras on whatever image gallery, just dont live up those standards, and looks like they come from any cheap point and shoot camera..

    .. maybe you have a magic trigger finger ;)

  14. Myga says:

    Look’s great, as always :)

  15. Dai Ho Lee says:

    Hi I am kind of p&s user who has DP1. your pic make me proud of having DP1. I have a question. According to your comments, ” RD converted DP1 shots. Colors are amazing!”
    What is RD? Thank you for your consideration.

  16. Robin says:

    Sorry for answering and not being Carl … ;)

    RD means the _R_AW _D_eveloper by Iridient Digital. But it’s only available for Mac OS – as far as I know.

  17. Robin, Thanks! :D And Dai Ho Lee – I’m happy you like what I do and what you see. :)

    Now a bit tech:
    If you use a Mac computer with OS X then you can use Raw Developer If you have Sigma SD14 camera then you can open Sigma X3F raw files directly in Raw Developer but if you use a DP1 or DP2 then you have to convert your X3F files first using Adobe DNG converter, Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom. Problem is that with DP1 and DP2 files, Adobe has already made most of the calculations and some of the RAw Developer magic is gone.

    Still it’s a nice software with great control.

  18. Ding says:

    those who helped you find the photo exhibition are not police officers…

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