Dali with DP1 and DP2 continued…

Jaij! I made it again! Another post. woohooo.. Alright, this time I included some of those cool skies from a couple of days ago, they’re in the end of this post. Also another note to all these shots. Some of them has two different developments put together from the same raw. One for sky and another for the rest. Also, one or two has two different exposures and what I did was dead simple, I just made a fuzzy cut out from one shot to the other to get some more DR. Sky behind pigs and the dirty work black and white with a truck and a man. Open them up full and you’ll see what I mean. I don’t have a tripod with me so everything you see is hand held. Developed using SPP 3.3 for everything.

The above and below lady is 92 years old and we visited her because she didn’t have many days left of this life and they wanted some pictures of her. I so much love to look at old peoples faces, listed to their voices and just imagine what life was back then.

Dali and friends.. 3 Dali and friends.. 3
Using my sunglasses with some green fading cheap thing to bring sky for you to see.. very powerful – Lucky for us it stayed mountain side.

Below: This is acually shot at F14 using DP2. I cropped out some, the oof is very nice don’t you think? And woaa how sharp these lenses can be. DP1 is probably slightly sharper but Dp2 has slightly better bokeh. :)
Dali and friends.. 3 Dali and friends.. 3
Above: A really fast two shot sky magic thingi. Don’t look too close at the right side if the picture as it’s not a perfect match. I was shaking a little or something. Sat on a double seat bike at the moment (those bikes are so much fun!).

Below the below shot and the below shot: Cool with all these old style trucks!  Not so cool with environment in mind. Also x3 fill light is used for many of these shots.
Dali and friends.. 3Dali and friends.. 3 Dali and friends.. 3 doneSDIM1327 doneSDIM1306Dali and friends.. 3
Above: Spiders!!! These are BIG things, totally dangerous for flies and stuff. :)  And they come in massive amounts, I don’t like spiders too close to me..

Below: Sky is double exposed. Copied with fluffy border to fit nicely. I moved too much between shots so it’s a bit dirty. But works.
Dali and friends.. 3 doneSDIM8833 Dali and friends.. 3
Above and below: Would you mind being here?
Dali and friends.. 3
Some of those shots from a couple of days ago. We went up for 276 stairs and enjoyed the view. If you open up some of the portrait shots you’ll find lots of dragon flies. There was literally thousands of them, especially higher up. They said it was because of rain coming. Pretty big too..
Dali and friends.. 3Dali and friends.. 3 500SDIM8988light500SDIM8934sky
Above: Dragonflies!! See this shot even bigger, or you can’t really see any of those flying thingis..
Above: Lastly, a special breed of dog from Tibet, once made to protect tibetans from Tigers and other predators. This one is about a year old and will become much bigger. It’s nothing you really wanna play around with even if it looks like a family dog.

All shots can be viewed bigger. Not full size but with very low compression and higher resolution.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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7 Responses to Dali with DP1 and DP2 continued…

  1. holy crap flying spiders!!!

    I’ll bring an umbrella if I ever go to China!! I would be scared out my mind…

    those shots are awesome Carl. I like the sunglasses sky shot alot.

    • Thanks Chris! Linn HATES spiders.. it’s enough with a small one in some deep corner for her not to enter a room. Almost. Imagine what she was like biking beneth these! Also, Dali area is known for it’s uniqe spiders, some jumping spiders that exsists no where else. Good to know huh?

  2. Britta says:

    I´m not really scared about the spiders, I guess they where in their nets…but those dragon flies!!!!!! Do they bite hard? How big are they? ouahhhhhhhhh!

    • haha, Braitalaina! (this is a post by my elder sister).. I’m pretty sure you would be afraid of these spiders considering their might and size! Some of them are HUGE! I’m pretty sure some of the bigger is hand size.. Dragonflies are pretty big, like the biggest at home (sweden that is) .. Cute animals. Not sure they eat those, I had grasshopper the other day but I don’t like that very much..

  3. Derek. says:

    Lovely shots beautiful IQ.
    Not sure if i should wait to see if there is a DP3 due or treat myself to a DP2 now, can’t resist that big sensor. Currently have a Ricoh GX200 nice camera, bought for the ability to personalise the settings.

    Just hate zoom.


  4. Well, if you hate zoom then you know what to do. hehe.. :D

  5. Berryway says:

    Love these shots, awesome.

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