China part two | More image and text added.

Hi again, now I developed some more from last days. I took some today that I hopefully can post tomorrow of the lake here. Very dramatic weather these days. Oh, and we’re on 2000m elevation (height?) and mountains around are just below 3000m. Very cool environment. :) And these are developed using none calibrated screens. I checked on some other computers and it looked ok. Mixed DP1 and DP2 shots, click each for bigger and with info regarding DP and ISO. Exif should be there too.

From China Batch 2From China Batch 2

Something you drink always, tea! Like in Britain only it comes in more visible form. Often they have some herbs inside that they call medicine and doctor told them to drink. When eating you always get green tea to the food, lots of people carry a tea thingi with them at all times such as these below.

From China Batch 2doneSDIM8741 doneSDIM8719doneSDIM8691

I was teasing Linn telling her that modern China used VC machines to cut all those fancy patterns and images they have everywhere in windows and chairs and stuff. How wrong I was. Lots of those are man made. I walked on a street with a huge amount of smaller companies with people making really really beautiful stuff such as these below. Light was worse than I though so ISO should have been higher for better sharpness. My fault.

doneSDIM8775 From China Batch 2

Pictures below are from Dali ancient city. Very cool place.

From China Batch 2From China Batch 2
From China Batch 2
Above shot isn’t ISO400 as image says. It’s 100. Too fast work. Linn is waiting for the computer. ;) She wanna develop her shots now. aaaaaaa

From China Batch 2From China Batch 2

Food, what can I say? Chinese cooking is just from another planet and something to die for. A restaurant often looks something like this and you point your finger on whatever vegetable, meat or mushroom or whatever is visible and they’ll tell you one or two ways to cook it – you select one and oala you have your dish. So if you point a tomato they will most likely make a tomato egg mix that is very nice.

I went with friends to some different restaurant these days and I took some shots to show you what it looks like with many dishes on a table. And I’ll ask Linn to fill in some short info on what’s being served but in short it’s donkey, pork, water living vegetable, beans etc etc – even grasshopper (but not on any of these shots) and the candle is not there to be nice – but to keep flies away.

doneSDIM8785 From China Batch 2 From China Batch 2 From China Batch 2

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14 Responses to China part two | More image and text added.

  1. wow carl that food looks awesome….

  2. Ted Johnson says:

    Chris took the words right out of my mouth!

  3. Pedro says:

    Oh god… thanks Carl… now I’m hungry ^^
    As always marvelous photos and marvelous place there

    Cheers to you

  4. Carl that second drink…is that ginseng, pomegranate, and beans?

  5. Stefan Tell says:

    Interesting pictures, and very good too. You should have a kick-back for every DP1 or DP2 they sell from Sigma, I still haven’t decided if it is going to be LX3 or DP2, but after seeing this, DP2 looks like a winner. Thanks

  6. ThePanda says:

    Hmmm I would have to try it…I’m not to big on ginseng and ginger…when I was 7 in Korea my mom started getting these little bottles that were ginseng extract(juice) told me I would be really healthy if I drank it…I probably should’ve but it would’ve been at the expense of my tastbuds…

    The food and locale look awesome though. How does donkey taste? Anything like Chicken…?

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  8. 小李 says:


  9. Benji Dalton says:

    Good stuff!
    My partner is from China and I went there for 7 weeks in late 2007. can’t wait to go back there this Dec. :) The food is great. It’s so fresh and delicious. Enjoying your China photos a lot.

  10. Fantastic images! Really beautiful! It was also great to see pictures by the same photographer from the same “tour” jumping between DP1 and DP2. I ended up guessing wich ones were shot by DP1 and wich ones were by DP2, since both cameras have their own characteristics. I love what you are doing with DP2! Want it real bad actually ;)

    • Carl Rytterfalk says:

      Then you should go to my flickr china set and look for that tunnel shot. There is one taken with both cameras and the blue is very different. Color modes makes a difference too. And thanks! :)

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