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I normally don’t link to reviews like this, but in times like these when it’s sooo warm outside that I can’t really post anything useful I better post something and this is pretty nice reading and for those of you that don’t know about Sigmas three layer sensor concept it might be educational reading too. They like these cameras very much and write:

“The Sigma DP1 and DP2 produce the most outstanding low ISO (100 to 400) images of any compact camera I have ever used. Their image quality is truly on the same scale as entry-level SLRs. You get sharp, accurate colors, wonderful tonality, and the ability to isolate your subject with shallow depth of field—all in a package that resembles a rangefinder and slips into a jacket pocket when turned off.”

As I said, it’s good reading. :) Oh and btw – If you think ISO800 and above is too noisy (which often is the case in bad lit situations) then turning to monochrome white balance using RAW gives you so much more. Black and white IS cool!

Link to the Macworld article.

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