EL Quadra Session | SD14 and DP2

Alright so here comes two shots from yesterday. Not only is it two shots – They’re taken with different camerasĀ  – SD14 and DP2. Now, not only are they taken with different cameras they’re developed using different softwares too – jaij! ACR for the SD14 image (came out better) and SPP for the DP2 image (came out more thick).. I used my Elinchrom quadra for this and well, it was so easy to use and setup – weather was really tricky but for these staying in the shadows helped. :)

EL Quadra rocks!EL Quadra rocks!

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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20 Responses to EL Quadra Session | SD14 and DP2

  1. Bob van Ooik says:

    lovely carl, seems to work great!

  2. Ted Johnson says:

    Great shots Carl. The kids in the DP2 photo pop out so much they appear to be pasted on to a background image!

  3. Steven says:

    I definitely prefer the sky in the top image. But the kids look great in both. Interesting to see the differences in the images between the cameras and software.


  4. Clive says:

    Great pictures, Carl. You have a great talent, not only in photography I think – but with kids…!

    You know, I would think that if you are ever needing it, you can make a full living and some besides just drawing out such family photos, where there is real life.

    The qualities of the images are great of course. I really like what you are able to do with this new flash.


  5. Landor says:

    Wow Carl,

    The DP2 shot is really, really good, (in my opinion) the clarity is right up there with DSLR’s. The Foveon loves light, so the extra fill light makes a big difference. How are you balancing the flash and the ambient light, is it trial and error or are you using a light meter.

    I saw the Quadra at Focus this year, the Flash Center were showing them for the first time. Very impressed, think I’ll get these to go along with my studio strobes.

    Thanks for showing us how they work with the SD14 and the DP2.

  6. Landor, I don’t own a light meter yet so it’s all trial and error but a more secure version. I always aim for the sky and make it show 0 or perhaps up to +0.7 (always M mode) then I take a shot of the kid using the flash (above right or left a few meters away using white umbrella) – if it’s dark then I just tap a few times on the skyport in the hotshoe so I get more flash and vice verse. This part I LOVE and do ask if you dont understand how this works.

    It’s simple, perhaps faster with light meter but with a ever changing sky (weather very, very unstable) nothing comes easy.

    Oh, I also used ISO50 for all. :) Flash did last for all my shots too, about 2-300 with flash. It was a bit tired in the end though, longer charging times.

  7. Fred says:

    C’est tout simplement superbe, je craque pour le DP2!!!!!!

  8. cerement says:

    Both images look great. For general lighting, prefer the SD14 shot where the flash acted more like fill, kids still seem part of the scene. The lighting on the kids in the DP2 shot is just so different from the rest of the scene that they really do look like they’ve been pasted in.

  9. Cerement, Me myself and I agree – but in total shadow it’s tricky – any great advice? :)

  10. Clive, I do make more or less a living from photography and most of it is pictures similar to these – just that it’s been more tricky until now. Sometimes I had to lend from others.. or just work with reflectors (which I like.. ) – I’m happy to have you around, you have been gone for a while, No?

  11. Danny Tucker says:

    Hi there – just to add my note to the stack. Great shots & I love the fill flash. Mine are ordered here in Australia, are secured and on their way Monday…looking forward to having a play!

  12. Pedro says:

    both outstanding photo Carl
    just to know… on the first image are the highlight on the girl’s forehead and boys hand due to flash or the sun going through the tree leafs ?


  13. cerement says:

    No great advice, just an old cliche: “Practice makes perfect.” :p

    From all the photos you’ve posted, you clearly know how to use the existing light, it’s just a matter of practicing ’til you get the right balance where the strobe complements rather than overpowers the scene.

    And yet another link, a blog dedicated to lighting techniques:

  14. Clive says:

    Yes, reflectors – I remember your sisters playing with some. And, well, that’s another quite subtle method for light, isn’t it, where you have some to work with. Art does take any artifice you can use, I think ;).

    Carl, I am around, but quiet just because busy. I got caught in the financial collapse, trying to self-finance a development to help with such things, what we might do differently, since i have some experience. So it has been a bit of living close enough to some of your friends, and not so many privileges including time for a while.

    But in the end I am privileged, as always…! The world is very interestingly entwined with our ideas, as we make of them, I think.

    Best to both, and I was thinking again of that temperament in Linn yesterday. A good smile.


  15. Stan says:

    Hi Carl, great shots. I’m still wondering, for kids shooting, timing is the biggest issue (as my understanding), how do you focus? AF or MF?

  16. soapbox says:

    Clean and Beautiful!

  17. Hi Stan, I better answer then.. If the kid is running around then I’d just put it on MF, dial in 1-2m – have f4 -f8 of light permits and try to run after with the length between me and subject that I thumbed in. Often you would get enough depth of field to forgive focus imperfections. The more you try this the better you understand what distance you need and perhaps even change distance on the fly. :) You only check LCD on a glance to see if subject is well balanced.

    If kid is perfectly still, then MF and magnify. If kid moves slowly then use AF. The new update makes AF more useful I think so, perhaps it can take even a energetic kid too.. Haven’t tried yet.

  18. Jesus says:

    Hi, I,m thinking of getting this new system for exterior sessions. I would appreciated if you inform me if those flashes can be used with all elinchrome accesories such as beaty dish or soft box…etc and what power reach the battery. I,d really appreciate your opinion. Thanks

  19. Hi Jesus, The stand is nothing important.. An old cheap thing.. :) Also to connect other elinchrom accesories you need an adapter that also places the weight better. The tiny head can’t take too much of that..

    The last question I don’t really get.. What power reach the battery? Not sure if 400Ws or 150 shots are any numbers you’re after..

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