DP2 and Raw Developer continued.. [added shots]

RD + DP2 = love
ISO800 shot – original sized jpeg

RD + DP2 = love
ISO400 shot – original sized jpeg

Raw Developer has always giving me a very natural look (as with these) to things and I have no idea of how much processing is done by Adobe – perhaps Brian Griffith at Iridient Digital can give an answer to that one. Anyways, I like the result. :) But I want “real” support with RD doing ALL the computing like with my beloved SD14 raw’s.

DP2 developed using RD
Original sized jpeg

DP2 developed using RD
Original sized jpeg

DP2 developed using RD
Original sized jpeg (a bit bluish?)

DP2 developed using RD
Original sized jpeg

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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9 Responses to DP2 and Raw Developer continued.. [added shots]

  1. Bob van Ooik says:

    Oh, thanks for reminding on RD again. It works so great with the D700 files :)

  2. cerement says:

    I think the popularity of Lightroom is not so much that people like ACR’s results per se, but that it condenses the raw workflow (developing and photo management) into one program … most of us are lazy like that :p

  3. Bob, I had this photo session for Volvo and some indoor with bad light so I decided to go with a friends d300 (and the very nice 14-24) and well – acr really did a really bad job compared to rd. Perhaps today I might get better performnce from acr but RD handles nikon raws very very nicely.

  4. Bob van Ooik says:

    Carl, couldn’t you tell me earlier! Just been going through a few shots and I am amazed. DR is so awesome and the sharpness is incredible. Even the high iso (>3200) looks gorgeous. And everything is fast and responsive. Now only wished I could insert watermarks easily on export and I would be totally happy :)

  5. flickr.com/famous_pirate says:

    Sigma DP1, DP2 cool! Hello from Latvia

  6. beeant says:

    How can you took such nice pictures with DP 2?
    I just bought DP 2 because of the reviews from this blog, and until now, I couldnt even take 1 nice picture.

    This is my first photography experience…
    Is DP 2 only built for Pros?

    I just took some pictures in my room with low light… can you give me some samples of your photos by DP 2 in low light?

    Also, is there any function in DP2 to take pictures automatically like normal digital camera? so I dont have to set the aperture exposure ISO etc which I dont completely understand…
    this is interesting, but currently I kinda regret spending $700 for this camera.

    Do you think ricoh GR II or CX200 is better than dp2? because I am thinking that I shouldve bought that camera instead of DP2…

    Thank You,

  7. Hi Beeant!!

    What you need is time, it’s like a girl friend you need to treat the dp2 with love and understanding – and light! The dp2 can take nice low light shots too, perhaps better than most others but that’s only when you understand the concept of photography.

    Now, you’re not alone! Lots of people have bought the Dp1/2 thinking something magic will happen. But it’s not as simple as just sqeeze the trigger.

    I will now work on a start up post with a “beginners” lecture of the dp2. From simple usage to how to understand spp and save correct for web etc.. Give this camera some time and it will give back so much more!! More than any other camera.

    PS. You don’t drive better if you get a Ferrari.. :)

  8. beeant says:

    Hello Carl!

    Thank you, your words calm me down…
    Now I will take it slowly learning photography with my DP2.

    it is not a cheap camera of course I will treat it with love, haha..
    but to treat it with understanding, its kinda difficult for me because I can take better pictures with cheaper camera… :(

    I will be looking forward for your Beginners lecture of DP2.

    Before I bought DP 2, I always think that a good photo is depending on the camera, the lens and any other tools, but now I understand, its really really depending on the photographer…


    PS: ya I also think that I will drive worse with Ferrari than driving with much cheaper car…

  9. Raw Developer is really very good, although I don’t find it notably better than Lightroom in dealing with X3Fs.

    Here’s a page I made comparing Lightroom and Raw Developer (in demo mode). I threw a tough DP1 raw file at it — one that was backlit, not really in focus, and shot at ISO 400 in mixed lighting:


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