DP2 movie clips for download

DP2 movie clip examples DP2 movie clip examples

I have two smaller movie clips for your enjoyment. They’re in the original form and all you have to do is click above image for it’s .mov file. You need Quicktime to play.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. phototristan says:

    The fact that it cannot do HD movies is really bad. They should have had HD in this model!

  2. cerement says:

    o.O … Introduces phototristan to these wonderful devices called “video cameras” that *gasp* record videos!

  3. Martin Koch says:

    cerement: so you know an affordable video camera with such a large sensor? Let alone a Foveon sensor? You don’t and this is why all this excitement about DSLR video exists. No current consumer camcorder can produce these pictures. Just take a look at the ugly colors of the Casio EX-F1 Carl posted earlier.

  4. cerement says:

    No, I don’t. But when adding HD video can easily add upwards of $500 to the price and takes developer time away from improving the camera itself (and Sigma is not a monster company like Canon or Nikon to be able to spare the developers), I’m not feeling too sympathetic :/

    There’s also the old rule about multi-function devices, they will be good at many things, but never great at one thing. I don’t want a camera that shoots good images and good video, I want a camera that shoots great images and the DP2 is that camera.

    The demand for consumer level HD video has also not been around for that long and currently it’s a market dominated by the high end equipment like the Red One. With the demand increasing, it won’t be long until the video camera companies will start turning out prosumer level video cameras, companies that already specialize in the field and can spare the developer time and expertise.

  5. Martin Koch says:

    I want a large sensor camera that shoots great images and great video. I want that in one single device and all that’s neccessary is a fast camera that shoots 24 (great) still frames per second. Such cameras will come I’m sure. For consumers.

    You’re right such multi-function devices will not give you everything but image quality wise it should be possible to have both, great images and great moving images.

    In the case of the Foveon sensor you can relief though. From what I’ve seen from the specs the max. possible is VGA sized video. So no HD in any Sigma for years to come :-)

  6. Let’s hope that now when sigma owns foveon things change. I for one want sigma to make a better Red. :)

  7. Ted Johnson says:


    I’m not optimistic about the Foveon/Sigma combination. Sigma had only about $5 million in working capital at the end of 2008, and $5 million doesn’t buy a whole lot of high technology. I believe that’s why the DP2 doesn’t have a better LCD, autofocus, etc. It also explains the long gestation period of their cameras and why firmware updates are relied upon to bring along improvements to the camera. Things get improved or fixed as the cash flow allows.

  8. John Day says:

    Actually.., I really love these little video-clips…
    The smooth bokeh gives them a very appealing quality.

    It hammers home the fact that the DP-2 indeed uses a large dimension image sensor compared to other pocket cameras.

  9. Carl, technologically the Red has already been bested by the Panavision Genesis with its full size, full color 12.4 MP image sensor. This is a full RGB non-Bayer sensor akin to the Foveon, only much higher resolution.


  10. Mark,

    What you call full size is only cine size. What Red has today is same size but those next sensors are twice the size and beyond. Also, Red records RAW footage, the Genesis does 4:4:4 but still processed in camera not Raw, more like jpeg and only 10bit while Red does 12bit. Also genesis does 50fps while the Red produces up to 120fps. Then we have resolution. :) 4k today, 5k and beyond this fall. (Epic sensor).

    But I never tried either one. I’d be happy to own any of them too. :D

  11. Right, but it’s just that the Genesis is full color whereas the Red, last I checked, is mosaic pattern bayer. That’s why the Genesis is so cool to me and why I consider it to be more advanced. The Red is sort of brute forcing megapixels like a Canon. Not that the results aren’t great, of course — it’s just not as cool.

    I didn’t realize the Genesis couldn’t output raw, though. That’s really surprising to me.

  12. Mark Alan Thomas says:

    There’s funny arguments on the web debating the advantages (or not) between the Genesis’s 10-bit log output versus the Red’s 12-bit linear output. Most of them do seem to conclude that those extra two bits are basically wasted as they are with most raw files, and that the Genesis is not really compromising by not outputting raw. I can say that I haven’t seen any movies shot with the Red, so I can’t attest to its image quality, but Apocalypto and Superman Returns, both shot with the Genesis, look amazing. It’s funny to watch Apocalypto with the commentary on because they talk about the Genesis a lot and rave about it. Like little kids with a toy.

    But yeah — give me either one. Or better yet, both.

  13. Mark, It’s interesting you mention Apocalypto because my very first reaction to that movie was that I thought it looked sooo digital! I had no idea about it being film with digital when I saw it in the theater. Remember when he’s running in the forest? Highlights are cut very early and it looks a bit like taken with a extreme DV cam or something. But Superman Returns looks a lot better so I guess it’s down to how they do the shooting. (filters etc)

    I tried to find more info on the Genesis way of working – like three CCD/CMOS or layered? (don’t think it’s layers as Foveon is the only one from what I know). Found this later: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genesis_(Panavision)

    10bit / 12bit – I guess it’s mostly numbers but with more bits there often comes a wider dynamic range as the range has more bits and you can therefore push more. But if difference was 10bit vs 16bit – I guess it would be worth much more. :)
    (Scarlet is the one I’m after)

    The Scarlet with the 2/3″ Cinema is the one I want – can do 3K at 1-120fps and 150fps and 150fps for a shorter time. 3K, that’s a lot of data! It’s also done in RAW – can do time lapse etc. Also you can attach any lens from Canon / Nikon or their own. I will get some fast primes for this one. Price? $2.500. 2/3″ is tiny bit smaller than 16mm film (they used 16mm when shooting Lord of the rings). This at weddings will rock! (beside my SD/DP’s).

    Movies made with todays RED is Angels and Demons, Knowing, Crossing the line, Jumper, Che, Night at the museum 2, My bloody valentine 3D etc..

  14. In the Apocalypto commentary, they talk a lot about how they had to use multiple types of cameras because the Genesis was heavy and couldn’t shoot high speed. The movie was shot mostly with the Genesis, but for slow motion (high speed) they shot 35mm film, and for fast action through the jungle they actually used small handheld Super 16mm film cameras. It’s really pretty incredible that they were able to get the footage to match as well as they did.

    They also rave about the Genesis’s latitude, specifically pointing out how light coming through the trees in the dark jungle wasn’t blowing out and losing detail, so I don’t know how to explain the blown highlights. Maybe that’s a limitation of Super 16?

    On Blu Ray the footage looks very lush and organic with deep blacks and gorgeous color — really reminds me of the Foveon in good light.

    Well, I hope the Red eventually goes full color, because it’s one badass unit.

    • Mark, I had no idea – I wouldn’t have guessed they used film for the only scene I thought was taken with digital. I feel dumb. :D Also, the full color thing is interesting. I will actually now watch some “genesis” movies and get back to this.

  15. Well, I have no idea if the scene you saw was one of the Super 16 shots or not. You’re definitely not dumb! There are some action shots in the movie which used the Genesis too, because a few times in the commentary they squealed with delight about what they described as “the Genesis streak” — the exaggerated motion blur they achieved by opening the shutter angle all the way to 360° or something. I’m forgetting the specifics. I imagine the Red can achieve similar effects. All of these cameras are pretty sweet when you get right down to it.

    And I don’t really quite get how the Genesis does it’s full color thing either. If you download the Genesis user guide PDF it sort of explains it, and like you surmised, it doesn’t seem to be a multi-layer sensor, but nor does it seem to have three separate sensors, so I don’t know how it works really. Maybe they’re deliberately vague to keep it some kind of trade secret. It is definitely full color, though, so that’s cool.

  16. Martin Koch says:


    I’m afraid that the Scarlet 2/3″ Cinema will not have Canon or Nikon mounts. At least I didn’t see this. You’d also have a huge multiplier with the relatively small 2/3″ sensor. So unfortunately it looks like the S35 costing $7000 for just the body will be the “cheapest” way to mount DSLR lenses.

  17. cerement says:

    Luminious Landscape just weighed in with their opinions on “combo-cams” versus camcorders …
    Video DSLRs vs Camcorders

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