Sigma DP2 Raw pack II

DP2 Raw pack 2

Download DP2 RAW pack II
Download RAW Developer software from Sigma

Sigma shots needs your attention! They’re not ready to go just like that – but more something like in the old days when you had to care for the image to be rewarded. You can spend seconds or hours inside Sigma Photo Pro to get “that” – Sigma shots rarely start out perfect when opened, you might wanna change WB and perhaps color mode to get the most out – or add some contrast or even saturation if that’s your thing. The thing is that Foveon images become magic in a whole different way compared to bayern alternatives – especially when taken in RAW.

This pack also includes some tricky shots for educational purposes!
(or just because I didn’t set correct settings before taking the picture)

Here’s one from the pack, taken at ISO100 at f2.8

DP2 | Tram gothenburg

And a 100% crop from the above shot. Pretty impressive detail and thickness don’t you think from a “point and shot” sized camera?. Image is perhaps a bit dark and maybe WB could be better, hmmm – Open the pack up and deal with it! :) – I don’t mind you posting your version of these, but please tell where you found them.

100% crop for

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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20 Responses to Sigma DP2 Raw pack II

  1. It actually looks really beautiful being kind of dark and with the slightly pinkish white balance. This is why I love the Foveon — it’s magical.

  2. dmojavensis says:

    Beautiful colours and image quality on the tram shot!

  3. Steven says:

    I love the fact that you can do so much with Sigma images and get rewarded for it, and yet at the same time it is kind of frustrating that you can spend so long with each individual shot. Sometimes I think it helps if you are some sort of masochist if you are a Sigma user. :)

  4. abonstu says:

    do you really need to post process everything to get great shots with this camera?

    im BLOWN AWAY by the quality of the DP2 sample shots on your site (incredible difference between yours and the dpreview sample shots) but i hate the idea of having to hand craft each image i take before it looks any good.

    if the dpreview shots are ‘typical’ of unassisted imagery from this camera then its kind of a deal breaker.

  5. Ted Johnson says:

    Funny. I find all RAW outputs need post processing to blow me away. I am not sure the Foveon is any better or worse than a Bayer sensor in that regard. But I do know that it would be impossible to find another compact that produced the quality of the DP2 shots, processed or not.

  6. Erik says:

    abonstu, simply snapping away in harsh day light, blindly trusting the matrix meter, will seldom result in attractive pictures. And if you want optimal image quality, RAW is the way to go. That goes for any dslr too. That said, the major difference between these pics and the ones on dpreview is the light. Makes all the difference.

  7. Erik, first, very very cool email address! Respect!

    Second about dpreview’s dp2 gallery, I’m pretty convinced that it’s more than just light. Shutter speeds are mostly ok but still you have no consistent quality of sharpness / focus. The rest such as colors might be more a dull day thing little time spent in spp.

    And that’s pretty much why I made this raw pack as an direct reply to Andy’s gallery. He’s not bad, but camera he used is. (at least that’s what I think and hope). you do find both a bike and leaf shot even thou leaf was done at f4,5 and wind destroyed a bit .. :)

  8. Abonstu, after a couple of hundred of raw dealings your speed in spp will probably go from minutes to seconds. You soon know what to set the camera on (wb / color mode / bracketing) in order to get a fast and nice work flow with beautiful images as a result.

    Dpreview’s Andy don’t shoot Sigmas for a living and I’m sure with more experience he’ll soon get much improved results.. I have high hopes for the real review.

    Also remember what you’re saying compared to what photography looked like 30 years ago. Pretty amazing how we think about time! :)

  9. Jeff says:

    Though this somewhat negates my X3F_Utilities updates, Google’s new Picasa beta 3 app for Mac OS X supports X3F (not DP2’s version though).

  10. Jeff, thanks a lot for the info!

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  12. jan says:

    Very strange, JUST AFTER uploading all the blue colors sRGB picture looks very greenish.

  13. jan says:

    Very frustrated. My NEC Spectraview 2690 monitor is with X-Rite hardware color calibrated and I use the for sRGB suitable webbrowsers Apple Safari and Firefox.
    I have never problems with different colors between, for example, Photoshop, print and internet.

    Please, remove the link, in the comment above, Carl. This is terrible & not the result of the Sigma DP2.

  14. Paul says:

    Thansk Carl. These look great.
    One comment: Portrait Colour Mode… the option less tried. :-)
    (I think the ability to de-yellow faces is fantastic!)

  15. jan says:

    I know how it comes. The colorshift it is caused by reproduction in the size ‘large’. If you choose for the size ‘original’ then it looks like as I meant. Usually are all my pictures at pbase 800 pixels on the long side, but this photo from Carl is 900 pixels. Excuse me for this confusion.

  16. rapu says:

    vielen Dank für die Testbilder der DP2. Tolle Bilder mit denen ich gut die Qualität der Kamera, die Möglichkeiten mit Blende 2.8 und der Tiefenschärfe beurteilen kann. Durch das Angebot der RAW Dateien kann ich auch die Sigma Software ausprobieren und bin echt begeistert.

    Vielen vielen Dank Carl

    Grüße aus Deutschland,

    Thanks for RAW File

  17. alex r says:

    Many thanks for the raws. I tryed out the Sigma Software and i love it. I works like the rawshooter very smoothly and quick on my computer. You can really enjoy developing the picutres. Now i hope to get on my self. I just wait till the price gets more stabile or get one in london next week.

    Have fun! An i have to visit Sweeden with my old Saab!

  18. Jeremy G-Smith says:

    I just started my journey in manual cameras with the recent purchase of a DP2, Carl, your pics are an inspiration for me to pursue this great camera to its fullest. I am wondering is there a Dp2 community website/forum?
    And any idea when Picasa will support the X3F sigma files?

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