Sigma DP2 recent shots..

mixed new DP2 shots
Hi again, a smaller pause in posting but not so much in shooting. Here follows some of my every day play with the DP2 and as you might see I often use it wide open playing with the out of focus area to create focus and space.

Workflow for these has been Sigma Photo Pro develop RAW file with slight adjustments – no sharpening added, color mode is either standard or landscape. Saved as Adobe RGB and later converted to sRGB before saving in Photoshop. No further adjustments made in Photoshop except text and curves on the black and white shot. And I must add that when saving to JPEG a pretty big part of the glory is gone. Even if I shoose 100% jpeg quality it’s never the same – colors and contrast is just not “there” the same way.

Full 100% size available here.

mixed new DP2 shotsmixed new DP2 shots mixed new DP2 shotsmixed new DP2 shots mixed new DP2 shots mixed new DP2 shots mixed new DP2 shotsmixed new DP2 shots

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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16 Responses to Sigma DP2 recent shots..

  1. Vishal says:


    Is there any way you could send me a few unprocessed RAW files, I just want to see what they look like out of the camera. Thanks!

  2. Landor says:

    Hi Carl,

    Great images, the 3D look, the sharpness/clarity is really good.

    One strange thing, some of the skin tones look too red on my monitor.

    In Photoshop CS4, the magenta channel is very high and yet when you adjust the magenta, the skin tone does not alter, but it does if you alter the red. just wondering if Photoshop is not mapping the colour values correctly?



  3. Carl waking up says:

    Hi Daryl!

    I think you’re right about the magenta! I need to reprocess them.. Processing pictures too late isn’t always a good idea. :) i was trying hard to get rid of strong yellow late sunlight cast.

  4. Paul says:

    Hi Carl. Thanks for the great posts. I am moving towards buying the DP2.
    Can I please clerify that my understanding is correct. If you Save as Adobe RGB 16-bit Tiff in Photo Pro and then convert to sRGB in Photoshop before saving as Jpeg, you preserve the contrast and colours. But if you save directly as a Jpeg in Photo Pro, colors and contrast are lost. Is this right?

  5. Landor says:

    Hi Carl,

    Another question, re pure white blown highlights, is this a failing of the DP2 re its metering system. Or are there other options re matrix setting that can retain more detail and give a more balanced exposure? Or is this a combination of ISO 50 and Photo-Pro needing a little tweak regarding highlights.

    I was wondering about your comment on conversion in that you are seeing a big loss re the original essence of the capture. Is this to do with other applications not mapping/displaying colours correctly.

    Seems to say that jpegs are not all equal, could also be the Foveon native file format (Colour space) does not really map correctly to RGB / sRGB? Does TIFF look better in Photoshop or do TIFF and JPEG fiels look the same?

    Possible that changes need to made to image processing apps.

    Here’s an interesting comment from RAW Developer.

    “I will likely look into support for the DP2 (and likely the DP1 again as well) format briefly, but my expectation is that this new model will share much in common with the DP1 and therefore will not be easily supported. If Adobe adds support for the DP2 to their DNG Converter I will definitely make sure the DNG files work as well as possible for the DP2.

    It’s frustrating that Sigma changed their X3F format so significantly with these cameras as I hoped some of the processing advances I had made for the unique Foveon sensor in the Sigma SD model cameras could be applied to the DP1 and DP2 as well.”

    So what ever Sigma/Foveon did to the file format, its different from e.g., the SD14 and if the talented guys at Iridient Digital cannot write a DP1/DP2 converter due to the changes made to the Foveon file format then there maybe an underlying issue that’s effectively handicapping the quality and accuracy of the final image being seen/developed.


  6. Paul!

    I do this way because I need my text (the little Sigma DP2, thing) and often because I wanna make sure that levels are OK (I don’t want dull images). I’m pretty sure you can save directly as sRGB Jpeg and get very good results, maybe same or better. I’ll do a test and get back here with the info.

  7. Hi Daryl, I’m pretty sure this conversion from TIFF to JPEG is something you can see in all pictures that starts with a greater gammut. Jpeg cut stuff to save space I believe and that’s something no one will notice unless you have the original in front of you and can compare side by side. I convert image to sRGB before saving for web.

    I have HIGH hopes for Brian over at RAW developer as I love his converter. His way of dealing with SD14 raw files are plain brilliant – even if he lacks some important moves that foveon / Sigma applies. But I don’t like to make a DNG conversion first as that gives a “pre conversion” that looks very much the same as SPP’s and makes monochrome XDR conversions impossible.

    Maybe a future SPP upgrade will make DP2 images look even better. I wouldn’t be surprised as they have at least one bug bugging us. (especially regarding DP1 highlights using the latest SPP3.3). But honestly speaking DP2 image looks VERY good to date.

    I hope Sigma would open up the format completely. :)

  8. Tariq says:

    I’m noticing that the cyan fringing on out of focus highlights can be pretty severe with the DP2 lens, something I have not seen yet with the DP1 lens. A few of your shots- indoor tulip still-life for example – demonstrate the effect quite well.

  9. Paul says:

    Thanks Carl. I think I understand now. You were saying that when you save to Jpeg in camera, rather than shooting RAW, the “colors and contrast is just not “there” the same way.”

  10. Hi Paul, ah, shooting RAW and JPEG with camera is two different things! RAW is always the best way to go (except for a few cases) – What I was talking about was when developing RAW images with SPP and save directly to JPEG or go straight to TIFF for further developing / editing using Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture.

  11. Hi Tariq,

    Yep, true. It’s adding some color to the picture. ;) It’s the NEW thing!

  12. demian says:

    Carl, do you advice a separate viewfinder? I read somewhere that you often do manual focus. How do you manual focus with the viewfinder?

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  14. Markus says:

    Hei Carl,
    Do you shoot Adobe RGB in camera and then convert to sRGB 16bit in
    SPP and then import as Tiff to PS?
    What color Working Space do you use for Photoshop?
    … And then,
    what are your color management policies?
    Do you convert to the working space profile or do you preserve the
    embedded profile?
    or do you assign a sRGB profile.
    The more I read about SP cameras the less I understand…people talk about converting and nobody really says what their
    camera color space setting is, what their SPP Save settings are and how they manage their color space in PS.. so we are always comparing apples with pears?
    Isn’t it strange for one thing that when you assign Adobe RGB in camera, SPP and PS it looks more or less like the sRGB files
    that were assigned Adobe 1998 ICC in PS rather then conversion?

    I think I never wrote such a lengthy response to anything..

    but I think there is some need for clarification and work to be done
    on the part of Sigma to get their act together in respects
    to their SPP software and file handling/ integration with
    other postprocessing applications as LR or PS or…


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  16. Mario says:

    Do you use Adobe RGB because someone told you it has wider gammut, or do you actually see any difference in the prints? Come on Carl, maybe it’d be a good idea to educate yourself before you start teaching others?

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