DP2 ISO50 revisited

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DP2 at ISO50

ISO50 can do wonders! If you can live with a blown sky and concentrate on the subject then ISO50 will make you a very happy shooter. These shots are all done hand held yesterday afternoon using ISO50. (except last one)

DP2 at ISO50

DP2 at ISO50

DP2 at ISO50

DP2 at ISO50

I must say it was difficult to find correct WB, I’m not sure I did always – some seams a bit warm etc but well, hope you like them anyways. The original version is like WOOOAAA I’m sooo impressed with the smoothness of ISO50 – it really adds another dimension.

To make sure I got the exposure right (which can be tricky in nature) I took three different exposures for each picture. (Auto bracketing +1). It’s fast and easy to do and gives you the choice of selecting later (I’m NOT making an HDR, that’s very tricky do with hand held shots such as these. I’m simply giving myself more options). Today when memory cards are cheap it’s a good idea to use.  Also note that these shots hasn’t been altered in photoshop, some could perhaps use a little bit off added sharpness but I think el naturale is nice too.

Here’s a ISO200 shot too with the often not used mode, Vivid color mode.

DP2 at ISO200

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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14 Responses to DP2 ISO50 revisited

  1. alex says:

    Nice pictures. Is there any ways I could play around with a raw file?

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  3. Steven says:

    I find that on occasions that some of my SD14 pics suffer from the same blown out skies at ISO 50. It’s a shame that Sigma hadn’t found a work around with the new engine.

    Do you know of any word on when Sigma Photo Pro 3.3 might be released? I thought that since Japan had got their DP2’s this weekend it might have been made available online by now.

  4. Carl @ work says:

    Alex and others.. I’ll try to post RAW’s here soon, especially some of these. The new SPP should be available soon and when that happens I’ll let you play with a bunch of my RAW’s.

    Steven, ISO50 has lower resistance to highlight as it’s pushed (backways) ISO100. So if it’s sunny bright day, stay with ISO100 – if it’s a bit cloudy use ISo50 and enjoy the deep coloristic and thickness. You need to learn to master ISo50 the same way as higher ISO’s. :)

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  6. Landor says:

    Hi Carl,

    Firstly thank-you for all the early testing on the DP2.

    Just curious on some of the latest ISO 50 images, some of them (Plants/foliage), look slightly out of focus (kind of a double image (unless its lens aberration?), or is it possibly camera shake. Or I was wondering if you are merging three exposures is there slight movement/miss alignment when the three images are being merged? A lot of the images are really sharp others are not, just trying to see what’s causing it.

    If the SD15 is as good or better than the DP2 then Sigma have really taken a big step forward. The control of noise looks to be way head of anything they’ve delivered so far. It would have been good to have anti-shake technology, but we can’t have everything, can we?

    Best regards


  7. Steven says:

    Thanks for the tip Carl. I should have seen what was going on when I took pictures of my girlfriend in bright sun when I was experimenting with the wide angle but it looked good afterwards on the lcd. So as I result I thought I had made a mess of the processing but I’ll bare it in mind in future.

  8. Martina says:

    … and this is just another of many very inspiring posts in your blog. I must admit it would have never occured to me to try shooting explicitely with iso50 (I hope someday I have the time to try many more of your informative ideas … for me it is not about dp1 or dp2 but about getting creative input and that works very well for me with your blog, ;-)).

  9. Landor, I’m only taking three shots in order to get a wider selection. Try and you’ll see. Also note that I did all these hand held and when using ISO50 your shutter speed is being pretty slow (one is even 1/15s) and some of them are taken in a very strange position which makes it hard to hold still. Plus, wide open isn’t the sharpest possible setting on any camera. :)

    What you see might also just be caffeine in action.

    EDIT: One more thing, what you think is a double line might also just be the characteristics of bokeh! (objects moving out into bokeh that is). Do you understand?

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  11. Landor says:

    Hi Carl,

    Yes I understand and appreciate the critical parameters re wide open, slow shutter, hand held etc. Which makes then even better!

    Is the screen an improvement? I’d like to see Sigma move to 460,000 or 480,000 screen res, a few other companies are now putting this in as standard on their compacts.


  12. Phil says:

    really nice shots!! frustrated me even more now, since im trying to choose between Sigma DP2 and Leica D-lux 4! Do you have any opinion in this comparison? I can understand that the image quality of the DP2 is superior, but in real life conditions, which one is more handy ( i mean except from the zoom factor. Im talking about speed and ease of use)?

  13. Hi Phil!

    I have no experience really with the D-lux 4, but I did try the Panasonic LX3 which I was very impressed with. Not with the IQ per se, but with easy of use and overall feeling in hand. Also I tried to make short movie with it and from what I saw on the display it looked very good even under bad light conditions (very wide angle!). No “deepness” due to tiny sensor but well above what I’ve seem so far from other tiny sensor cameras.

    There are lots of nice alternatives I’m sure – but I think DP2 lovers will fall in love with one parameter that none else can match – three layer IQ.

  14. Landor, screen is the same (at least I think so) and my wish list included both tilt able and OLED highres version so.. oh well, can’t get everything, can we?

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