Sigma DP2 speed using timer. [updated]

oneminute with the DP2

[EDIT, auto focus off and LCD with preview on] Result using a Extreme III SDHC 4GB card and hammering the trigger for about a minute aiming at my phones timer and you get the above result. Not sure if this a correct scientific way to approach this but I’m pretty sure you understand how this works.. 23 frames including the one over the edge but that’s fair coz I could feel that I didn’t get them as fast as humanly possible. Or maybe I did.

This is using RAW.

Considering the huge amount of information from three layers with 4.6MP x3, then this is quite impressive! – And this has NOTHING to do with shutter lag. Shutter lag is when you press the trigger to the moment the picture is being taken. And that time using manual focus is more or less instant. Very very short “real” shutter lag. The above info has to do with the SECOND shot taken after the first. So NO shutter lag, but that was true with the DP1 as well. 

Also don’t forget you can still take three continues RAW within one second! Very useful!

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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14 Responses to Sigma DP2 speed using timer. [updated]

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  2. Berryway says:

    Good, three seconds for recharge (23 shots in minute) – I can’t say it is too fast, but hech – for sigma raw it is much better.

    Tell me, Carl, are you getting SD15 for tests soooooon? I can’t wait and rethink – to order DP2 or to wait SD15 (in case it is MUCH better than SD14).

    Thank you for your photos, they show exactly, what sigma can achieve.

  3. Hi Berryway

    The SD15 will probably be a really nice upgrade – hopefully they have listened to suggestions from its current user base as well as “wannabes” :) – according to numbers of visitors to my own site the interest in DP2 and SD14 is huge out there.

  4. demian says:

    Hello Carl,

    Thanks for all the work that you do and the questions which you answered with kindness & patience. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I’m curiously which raw-convertor you use for the X3F-raw conversion?


  5. Anonymous says:

    try it with autofocus on. let’s be realistic here.

  6. Anonymous. :) I almost never use AF, so for me and people like me AF is a none issue. But, I’ll see what I can do. For you my friend.

  7. Demian, thanks! :D I use the only converter out there that currently fully supports the new X3F DP2 raw format and that’s Sigma Photo Pro 3.3 Mac (there is a 3.5 for PC’s too but I only use Mac)

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  9. Steven says:

    For a Sigma that is amazingly fast. If they can do the same with the SD15 I might actually be tempted to upgrade after all. Up until now I was thinking I might wait until the next model up but the speed and the buffer size has been a frustrating experience for me on many an occasion until now.

    I’m with you on the MF, I rarely find myself using AF. Partially because I might be a control freak but also because MF is more fun, at least in my head.

  10. jad says:

    hey Carl… Great site… and so looking forward to getting my hands on the DP2… just wondering did you do the continuous shooting test for jpegs as well?… is this faster?… does the camera stop shooting after a certain point?…

    And where did you get the camera from?… :)

    • I tried to do JPEG continues and speed is about the same as with RAW. At least shooting tiny sized JPEGs. The camera does stop at a certain point, when card’s full. :) Camera was sent to me from Sigma. I guess they like my photography. :P

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