A year or so with SD14 and DP1

Getting bored of myself, decided to take a look at what I forgot to post. Some has been posted but some was forgotten. So here we go. :D A year with the SD14 and DP1. And to make this post super honest I only used Sigma Photo Pro, no Photoshop at all. So this is what you could do without magic wands and plugins.. :P

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About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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16 Responses to A year or so with SD14 and DP1

  1. Flavio Leone says:

    I have a SD14 for about 8 months.
    I like so much this camera
    The only bad thing is the slowness!! DAMN

  2. John_Amunet says:

    Out of all of these shots I love your rolling fields the best.. Great Dof and good choice of angle on the wheat instead of the sky on the second one… You’re a remarkable photographer and still such an inspiration…

  3. Really inspirational work, Carl. While I hope you keep up the Foveon fight, a little birdie tells me that a “five” and a “dee” to the “II” might be in your bag of tricks… :) But such things are unconfirmed. :) Keep shooting if anything!

  4. Frankg says:

    Wonderful samples of your work.
    I bought my SD14 last year, later a DP1.
    Your site was from day one I owe my Sigma a great source of inspiration to me.
    Your art gave me the last kick not give up the fight with the foveon.
    It’s really worth the struggle:-)
    I hope you’ll have the time to keep this site alive.

  5. thechebb says:

    It’s funny that Scott should mention the fivedeemarktwo as I’ve been thinking about getting one….but in no way giving up my Sigma gear…

  6. Marfalkov says:

    What a refreshing collection! I hope you are testing the SD15. :)

  7. Scott Greiff says:

    Et tu, Chebb-e! ;-) Well, the DP1 is the only Sigma gear I kept around. I went E-3 last year. But I’ve been so amazed with the images coming out of my DP1, that I’ve been considering reinvesting in Sigma if the SD15 turns out to be even better than the DP1.

  8. Långskånk says:

    Trevligt att se dina bilder igen Kalle! Det är helt fascinerande hur mångfacetterat du arbetar!
    Jag hade tänkt att säga vilken av bilderna jag tyckte om mest (bara för att vara allmänt svenskt trevlig) men jag har kommit fram till att de är för bra på olika sätt för att jämföras med varandra :)

    Ha det bäst!

  9. Gavin says:


    Well I’ve done it, finally brought the Sigma DP1 picard set (great bundle deal). I’m just a big sensor kinda guy and couldn’t compromise on the wee G10 or LX3. Ultimately a Leica M8 or Epson R-D1 would be nice, but I’ll need my arms and legs if I sell them (especially when I take pictures!)

    BTW The images above are color delicious.

  10. thechebb says:

    I couldn’t pass up on the DP1 deal from Amazon for $399 (USD)… looking at your outstanding images inspired me…plus I want to help the economy in my own special way :)

    All the best!

  11. Tesa says:

    Många sköna sommarbilder får mig att längta efter den snabbare.

  12. Ignacio Feliciano says:

    Hi Carl: I have a nikon and whe I zoom the picture I’m able to see details and sharpness in the image. I got my sigma sd14 about 3 moths ago. By this time I have not been able to get any sharp pictures. When I zoom the picture I’m not able to see any details or sharpnes. I have tried, tripod, mirror lock up and remote shutter release but I still can not get a good picture. I tought it was the lens. I returned the lens for a new one and it’s still not giving me the results I want. How can u help me with this. I will apreciate all the help u can give me. U have exelent images with exelent details and thats what I would like to get. I’s very frustraiting for me. I need help with this Please. Can u help me or can anybody help me with this problem. Thanks.

  13. Isiah says:

    YooHoo. Carl? How is your health? I have missed your updates… :)

  14. Isiah, I’m great! Just a bit busy! ;)

    Ignacio, are you sure you don’t have a focusing problem? There are many ways to test this – if you need help, you write me a note.

  15. Ignacio Feliciano says:

    Carl, thanks for your response. I only have been serious in photography like about a year now. I might have this problem, I don’t know. If u can tell me the ways to test this, I will apreciated. Just thinking about this it’s driving me crazy. Thanks very much for your help. Will wait for your response.

  16. Lee Morris says:

    Hi Carl, First let me say that I think your website, images and articles are superb, One of the finest I have found for a long time…
    I really like your passion and wiliness to share your knowledge both in your articles and videos.. I have today purchased a SD14 with an 18-50 2.8 lens and look forward to continued reading of your wicked website.. Many thanks and take care.. Lee

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