Healed from AIDS | Hans Gardelach

Hans Gardelasch - second shot.

Hans Gardelach story, translated and partly edited by me and google.

[slightly updated] My dad was a alcoholic, mom divorced and we moved in with another man. Some guy from the neighborhood tricked me down into a basement and raped me when I was four years old. I was almost beaten to death at the age of 12 and a couple of years later raped again by another man.

Life had gone wrong for me. It was very noisy at home, and I became an easy victim of flower power-wave and its drug culture in the late 60’s.

I took pills and alcohol. Some time later became heavier drugs and homelessness my everyday. Moreover, I soon ended up in sexual perverts circuits; porn industry, porn clubs, gay and transgender sexual small. I was in prison the first time in 1970, followed by the juvenile school, hospital, nursing and more prisons. After release from the last prison sentence in 1977, I realized that my life must change. I tried to get the record straight through hard work and marriage. But it burst again soon and I fell back into my old habits. 1985, I was saved, but still fell back into the gross abuse two years later. I had met Jesus, but thought that he would turn around and follow me.

In 1989 I became HIV-infected by the woman that I then lived with. I took the death sentence almost as a relief. I thought; “O how nice, now would society have to take care of me.”

No matter how much I drank or how much dope I pumped into my veins, I experienced no satisfaction. Already in 1993, the HIV infection progressed to AIDS, and this because of my hard abuse. Three years later, in 1996, the disease had taken life out of me – all hope was out. Immune system weakened rapidly. The doctors told me: “We can not help you if you continue like this.” I had in August 1996 only two months left to live. Carls note: The medical record from this time said the following translated again..

“18 / 7 -96 showed HIV-RNA PCR extremely high virus levels in the blood, 6.6 million copies / ml. Help cells has fallen compared with November -95, now only 160 x 10 per liter. “

After receiving this information I went and sat on a bench outside the S:t Clara church in central Stockholm. I drank a large bottle of strong wine and thought about what it would feel like to die and when it would happen. Then suddenly I heard a voice within me that said: “Where did Jesus go?” I felt strongly that I just have to get back to Jesus. I went into the church and spoke with a deaconess. I told her that I would die soon, but I first wanted to ask Jesus for forgiveness before I died.

A bit later I had come to a Christian treatment center, mostly to receive a dignified death. I began to eat anti-retro viral medicines, called out to God and asked to be cured, but was constantly deteriorating. I was getting weaker and weaker with everyday that passed. My body smelled strongly, I had three loose teeth in my mouth and I was looking very thin. I really was a walking dead – but at least I was among people who loved me.

One day I received a clear appeal from God: “Make up with your conscience. Now is the time that you put your self-pity aside and deal with everything, that you have done against others, but above all, as you have done to yourself as my image. I also found this verse in the Bible, John letter, Chapter 1, verse 9, which says: “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just, so that He will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” – I took this verse serious.

I started cleaning up the conscience to confess all my sins, even though it was very painful. I was sweating all over my body but I had made my decision to get all debris out! In a couple of hours, I presented and confessed to a pastoral the drug and sexual addiction, which had been my life. After two hours the man said – Well done Hasse, now come back in a week and we’ll continue. 

In a few months time, I wrote down everything that floated up in the memory of sins from the old life. After reading and confessing I threaded all notes.

He forgives and cleanses
Something within me broken and I can honestly say that I have not had a single demand for drugs since that date. The odd thing happened to the immune system started to grow and heal out. A couple of months later I my doctors checked me and my AIDS had gone down to “untraceable”  Today I am healthy and have a strong immune system. Carls note: Medical records again, saying the following: 

“Patient with AIDS diagnosis since -93 on drugabusing basis. Lives now in treatment in Västervik. On Epivir, Crixivan, and has gone down from 6.6 million copies to 0 in a few months.”

I have at the time of writing have not had a single HIV-virus in any of all of the tests for now over thirteen years. I’m checked about four times a year to be on the safe side.

As a bonus, another healing in 2006. I had hepatitis A, B and two types of C (the worst and the kindest type). Some of which I had since the late 60’s. So in early 2006, after my doctors did a liver biopsy they found out that instead of dealing with interferon (cancer treatment) – to save me from dying in liver cancer or more likely in cirrhosis – my liver was completely healed.

Carl again:
Well guys. Not sure what you think about all this, I’m very happy to have been able to meet with this guy. I don’t know if anyone with AIDS have been cured before but looking at him, and his wonderful, loving eyes and listen to his story – it’s special.

Update: He also gave me this picture that a doctor gave him about what he was like back in 96. It’s like parking an old car in the forest for 30 years. Rust will eat it’s way thru everything and the only thing left will be a spidernet of old metal. No medicine will work, because there is nothing for it to catch onto. The same thing with Hasses body when having two month left to live. Beyond repair.

Oh, and yes, I’ve seen medical records from before and after – that’s something I just HAD to see with my own eyes. My second name must for sure be Thomas. ;)  I can’t put them online though because they can be missused.

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22 Responses to Healed from AIDS | Hans Gardelach

  1. John_Amunet says:

    I must say that I appreciate you Carl for telling this story. God sure works wonders even these days and such stories of hope and forgiveness deserve to be told, both in story and picture. God bless and take care.

  2. Thanks for Sharing Carl.

    My college roommate told me a story about his family and his mom going in the hospital due to illness. She doesn’t speak any english so he told the story to me, not her. Anyway, from hospital tests it was found her illness and weakness was due to the fact she had cancer throughout her body. She was given weeks to live (her body and organs were infested with cancer). Her entire family both here in the U.S. and in Poland took off of work and prayed in churches day and night. They focused on her health and that she was already healed. Her vital signs got better in just a few days and a few weeks after this all started she was tested and body scanned and there was not a trace of cancer in any part of her body. The doctors were literally in shock. She is still alive today.

    The power of prayer, and belief.

    Again, thanks for the story :)

    And keep on rockin’ with the SD14!

  3. Scott Greiff says:

    I must say that I appreciate you Carl for telling this story. Man sure works wonders even these days and such stories of hope and forgiveness deserve to be told, both in story and picture.

    The power of action and belief in one’s own potential.

    – Scott

  4. Maciek says:

    Amazing story Carl ! Thanks for sharing. Best wishes for Hans and you.
    ps. keep doing what you doing, it’s really cool.

  5. Øyvind Strøm says:


    What can one say to such a testimony to the power of God. It fills me with awe.
    Thank you for telling the story. All the best to yourself and your lovely family.

  6. Rei Trulsson says:

    Breathtaking story! It makes oneself think on a another level about life. Amazing photography worthy the story!

  7. Dan says:

    Praise the Lord God almighty!

  8. Hi Carl. Thanks for posting. God sure does miracles in peoples lives. We just have to believe and be our best and be honest to ourselves and others. It is my belief that nature takes out people who are not beneficial to society.
    I read a study some months ago that concluded that people who who are empathic and helpful (like many church people for example) live longer than people who are funny or live very healthy or active lives. Or something like that. I don’t know how they managed to measure such characteristics, but it nevertheless is thought-provoking.

  9. Clive says:

    That is quite a story, Carl. There are many mysteries in life, aren’t there.

    I am glad you are ‘Thomas’ in this degree. It is a very honorable way to understand, and then it adds greatly to the stories you tell.

    Best, and I am thinking of Linn with a smile too,

  10. Thomas, he’s so human. :) i love him!
    Btw, Nice to hear from you Clive! Linn says hi!

  11. Totally Infected says:

    You guys can go with God, I’ll stick with the anti-retroviral medicine that he was taking… thanks be to medical science!

    And I imagine he’s still taking his anti-viral regimen regularly in order to keep his viral load below a detectable level.

    It is a stunning story of how being confronted with the fragility of life can prompt one to make massive changes in one’s life and how spiritual beliefs can give people hope and will though.

  12. Robert says:

    Wonderful story Carl (but even Thomas eventually said, “My Lord and My God.” J 20:28). Thanks so much.

    And thanks and blessings to Hans for his testimony. His testimony gives hope to those who suffer physically and mentally as he suffered before he believed in Jesus, showing them the way to Christ.

  13. dungeon says:

    what a nice story that is – just found this website and its great !

    greetz from


  14. Maria says:

    Hej Calle,

    tack för att du la upp denna berättelse, den är fantastisk, verkligen. Och porträtten av honom är också väldigt fina, vilken skärpa. Måste säga; du e grym.

    Hälsa Linn! Kram! – M

  15. Ricco says:

    I was diagnosed in 1986 never took medication for the disease and 23 years later I was told that I have advanced disease processes but I still believe that God is a healer and I want to be healed, delivered, and set free.

  16. Hi Carl,
    I just wanted to thank you for sharing this story. You retold it well and helped maintain all of the dignity he earned in his dying days. It is so good to see that God was able to bring him not only to healing, but to the realization that his life was not a waste and that there was so much he needed to let go of before he died. And what do you know? God helped him live to tell about it.

    I can’t wait to share this with my girlfriend. She volunteered for quite some time at Lowcountry Aids Services here in Charleston, SC and has been to Africa on mission to help those in the camps and shelters. She’ll truly love your narrative.

    Best to you,

  17. Zothan says:

    May only God be glory, for he has done things that no others can do.

  18. Boniface says:

    For sure our God is a healing God, lets embrace his grace and confess our sins. He will never fail us. He is a God of imposibilities.

  19. David says:

    I live in Sweden, and saw this mentioned a couple of years ago on swedish religious websites
    I wrote to Hans and asked him about the medicines (and other things), and Yes, he still takes them!
    (so thats why he is healthy!) He still have HIV, but is supresses it with medication.

    The real miracle is not that he doesent have AIDS anymore (since he takes ordinary medication against it) but that he vas saved and fixed his life (stopped taking narcotics aso.)!

    He has been used here in swedish religious extremist press, not only to “show” he was cured (nobody there mentiones he still is HIV-positive and have to take medicination), and as an “example” for the ex-gay movement in sweden (none of them mentions that he was/is hetrosexual and that he was infected by a woman as mentioned in the article!)

    In short, he is being used by religious extremists!
    (personally, he seems OK)

  20. Antti says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been mostly visiting your site to read news related to Sigma cameras, but then I saw the title of this post on recent comments and ended up reading. And I’m glad I did. There truly is power in prayer!

    Greetings from your easterly neighbor :)

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