Pushing the DP1 from ISO800 to 3200..

Pushing revisited.. Someone might remember my High ISO post prior to the release of the DP1 – and now it’s time for a follow up. Setting the DP1 to ISO800 and underexpose about two steps brings your much better shutter speeds and a very dark image as a result. Pushing it upwards again in SPP or Lightroom brings the picture back to life, although a bit noisier. Here’s six examples. They are all except the car shot done when higher ISO really was badly needed. Only option would have been to turn on the flash. (speed ranging between 1/10s – 1/30s). I did add a lot of vignetting.

To get the best results: (without extras)

Lightroom2: No sharpening. almost full noise reduction. Monochrome WB (set using SPP).
SPP: Sharpening between -1.0 and 2.0 depening on taste. Add shadow ca -0.6. You need some PS in order to get a good feeling. Use Curve and darken shadows some more.  See next post on this.

DP1pushed-ISO3200_Lightroom-7DP1pushed-ISO3200_Lightroom-1 DP1pushed-ISO3200_Lightroom-5 DP1pushed-ISO3200_Lightroom-3 DP1pushed-ISO3200_Lightroom-1

And here’s some ISO1600 images pushed the same way from ISO800 but this time only underexposing one stop. Noise reduction and vignetting added using standard Lightroom2 magic.

DP1pushed-ISO3200_Lightroom-6 DP1pushed-ISO3200_Lightroom-2 DP1pushed-ISO3200_Lightroom-4

All Full size on my flickr account.

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