High ISO Noise vs Sharpness. Help me. :)

Pushing the DP1 to ISO3200 is easy and very very needed sometimes. Adding the Monochrome WB in SPP is great and the noise is to my eye very beautiful. You can in some pictures see a slight banding (when light is really really bad such as yellow indoor light bulbs etc) but nothing I would worry about.  I wish that I could use Raw Developer but at the moment is a no go so I’ll have to wait some more. :´(

I have done a test series with some ISO3200 situational shots. Real life, real needed type of shots (shutter speed around 1/10 – 1/30 at low F numbers) . I’d like to know where your limit and preferred preference between sharpness and detail goes. Or if you have any other way to deal with this. I will not give you my RAW this time, but you’ll have these at all settings at full size good quality JPEG’s to play with.

Six copies of the same image:
A First: Straight out of SPP. Pushed to ISO3200 | A2 Curved (Photoshop)
B Second: Sharpness -1.0 in SPP. | B2 Curved PS
C Third: Sharpness -2.0 in SPP. | C2 Curved PS


open at full size


open at full size


open at full size


open at full size


open at full size


open at 50% of full size

Thanks! :D When you comment you could refer to the Image 2 picture A. etc.
This is the same post as I did over at Dpreview sigma forum.
Lightroom versions

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6 Responses to High ISO Noise vs Sharpness. Help me. :)

  1. Why is RAW Developer a no go at the moment?

  2. Simple answer. Tricky decoding of the dp1 raw format. They have been working on it quite a lot and hopefully one day..

  3. Ah ok, I don’t have a DP1;-) I’m waiting for the DP2;-)

  4. Marfalkov says:

    Hi Carl! I really like the A2 version in all 6 six picture, maybe on the 5. where i choose the C2. Thanks a lot for doing these steps! :)

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  6. pascal says:

    first…very good job!
    sorry for my english but i live in belgium
    i have a sigma sd14 and just want to know if you prefer shooting in raw or in jpeg with the maximum resolution and quality?

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