DSLR-killer in the makes?

According to Jim Jennard at the RED Team, Red is currently working on something that according to him could be the DSLR killer, he says: “We believe, and are developing for late 2009, a replacement for DSLRs. Currently, we call it a DSMC (Digital Still & Motion Camera).”

Reading the red forums and find quotes such as these from the Red Team:

“I will also say that or DSMC is the most beautiful thing we have done. Maybe the “most desirable object in the world”. :-) ” and “We believe it marks the end of DSLRs. That’s all we can say right now.” “If we can’t change the future… we want no part of it!”┬áhe also said he would quit his job if people we’re not amazed by it.. Will add the exact quote when I find it. :)

Now, what this is we can only speculate, and I for one welcome this initiative. I do have a hard time seeing a motion camera dealing with IQ the way a real SLR would but looking at movies made with the current RED ONE and well, if they’re working on a killer – why not! Oh, btw, this movie made with a RED system is very cool!

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5 Responses to DSLR-killer in the makes?

  1. By late 2009 the 5D MkII will have sold quite a few units.

    The Red DSMC might be nice, but they would either have to adopt an existing mount technology (SA mount? :) or build their own lenses.

    I would like to see a small-ish camcorder type device that also took killer stills. Sure. But with the dough I have in my still setup at this point, that will have to wait.

  2. they already have a very nice series of lenses for the RED ONE camera.. I think you’re able to switch mount to Nikon etc if you like. Peter Jackson and Steven Soderberg is using the Red.. someone said 24MP at 100fps at redcode RAW.. not sure what’s really possible here. extreme amount of data for sure..

  3. Filip u. says:

    I’ve just gone through whole 47 pages that their forum had on the announcement… There is alot of enthusiasm around based on one statement. There is no specs nor any other info other than it will have video and photo combined. With their track record on the other hand, I can see why ppl are going bananas over it. I am wondering though about its ability to change shutter speed on the fly. I mean, I like shooting a photo with 1/4000s just to set the camera down and use 30s shutter.How will it react to Strobes? A flash has a special look but it’s over less than a half a second. Can it changed the shutter that fast or do you set it before hand? Alot of questions but not enough answers. If they solve those areas, well, I guess I’ll paint the town in RED… ;o)

  4. Justin L. says:

    Sounds really interesting, but I really don’t think they’ll have a shot in a blue moon of replacing DSLRs unless they can come in at a competitive price point that real people can afford.. say, $1500 – 3000. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. :( The lens and accessory issue is a huge one as well…

  5. Ebbe says:

    My friends shot a music video with the Red One on

    They used Nikon lenses. Nice video!

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