Danish wedding, first pictures!

SPP3.2 + aperture - 120-300
120-300. Sigma Photo Pro.

Alright – with my new Mac I had to get started! These are produced with the help of Sigma Photo Pro 3.2 (color shots) and Raw Developer 1.8 (black and white shot). All pictures ends up as 16bit tiffs in Aperture. From aperture I add some final adjustments – sometimes with the help of Viveza and sometimes with a little bit of vignetting etc – it’s mostly for the easy upload to flickr and possibility to add my signature without hazel.
me myself and I 
Look, it’s me!! :D 12-24, cokin, SPP + aperture. Sky enhanced with Viveza. 

On our way to wedding..
120-300. Sigma Photo Pro. Too warm? Version two.

12-24 with little bit of cokin..
12-24. Sigma Photo Pro. Cokin filter. (ND Grad)

Raw Developer 1.8
12-24. Raw Developer 1.8.  

All pictures are available as full size shots. Just click each picture.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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27 Responses to Danish wedding, first pictures!

  1. Marfalkov says:

    I like this way of post processing and i like this shoots. The car is the nice one. :)

  2. spalbird says:

    Yes, I discovered you as you mentioned it :) Very nice pictures, especially that with the Fiat500. Great!

  3. spalbird says:

    Talking about your new Mac – What was the reason that you gave up with Hackintosh?

  4. Hi Spalbird!

    :D You’re too fast for me. The answer to the hackintosh question is that the 10.5.4 update went wrong when installing and after that I couldn’t make a correct installation again that worked.. I tried many different ways only to see time flying.

    10.5.4 had to be used in order for my iphone to work. :)

  5. Marfalkov says:

    i’ve got 10.5.4 fully working on my asus based mac. :P

  6. spalbird says:

    To much toying… Never change a working system… On a product system it is wise to change only when the other (beta testers) proofed it o.k.

  7. Marfalkov!! Thanks! :D Just needed to hear someone say that! :D I do have the “new” old system beside me and I’m pretty ready to make it work again – maybe as a image server. hehe.. A bit too much computing power only for that though.. I will install XP on it and go from there. grr.. Maybe you got some nice tips for me? Please share!

    Maybe I’ll just get myself a drobo or whatever they’re called.

  8. Myga says:

    HI Carl!

    What is that “drobo” thing? Is that a mac mainboard ? :D
    If yes, where can you get it?

    As far as i know vanilla kernel is easiest to update. Kalyway update to 10.5.4 and 10.5.5 is possible from official update.
    Can find the fonomen though, everyone that runs vanilla is so happy about it (i cant :( ) Is that the original mac kernel or what ?

  9. Isiah says:

    Hey Carl,

    I like the wedding photos, they are great…

    About the colors… The first thing I noticed was how bright the colors were! It started with the “Follow up” pictures in the car and I can see the increased saturation or “punch” in the colors with these new “Danish Wedding” photos. If you look back at most of your previous pictures, the skin tones aren’t so saturated and bright. It’s like in 35mm days going from Kodak film to Fuji film.

    I was really glad to get a glimpse of your workflow! Do you use Aperture now instead of Lightroom on your mac?

    Great photos I can’t wait to see more!!


  10. Myga, drobo is a fantastic product that I waaaaant so badly. It does come with a price. And the price this time is expensive. But follow this address and take a look for yourself. http://www.drobo.com/

    It’s perfect for us that just want it to do one thing. Work.

    Btw, 10.5.5?? That one isn’t out yet is it? Or do you refer to Snow Leopard? Vanilla is the one you need to have perfectly installed if you want to pretend to have a “real native” mac. If it works as it should, your system should get all updates via updater inside os x and just work. That’s sexy. I never had it correctly working although my system should be working with it. Not sure what I was doing wrong. :D I should maybe stick to photography.

  11. Isiah, the brightness you talk about might have to do with current workflow which I constantly change. Is it to the better or worse?

  12. Myga says:

    Sorry, my bad about that 10.5.5 I meant 10.5.4.

    About vanilla, maybe its all abut hardware configuration, I’m running on Asus P5W DH Deluxe (975x chipset) and E6300 (2mb, 2×1,86ghz) – not suere about exact MAC conf. maybe using something like 965x or p35 or p45 would be more succesfull. Pitty I cant afford a real MAC. The’r so expensive in Poland … :|

  13. Marfalkov says:

    Hi Carl! :) First of all the 10.5.4 is the last official update from Apple. 10.5.5 is in the beta period. It’s hard to tellin howto get a perfect install of leo,(in a blog comment:D) but for me the Kalyway 10.5.2 distribution working very well. The 10.5.3 and 10.5.4 are also available in a secure Kalyway package. My system only have one relatively specific part of install : the video card. It was working with EFI string like on a real mac. And yes the vanilla is the original Apple kernel. :) I always inform about news and safe update package on http://www.insanelymac.com/. And i never update my working system. Use a second system to try new installs, tricks, drivers, settings. When look like stable, i do the same on working system. Greetings! :)

  14. Isiah says:

    Hey Carl,

    I don’t think the color difference I see is for the better or for the worse, it is as I said, like changing film types… it really depends on the desired effect you want. It was just an observation :) The key is your composition which is as great as ever!

    I’m trying Aperture out right now to see if I like or not… So far I think I love Aperture’s integration with the rest of OS X, but I can’t seem to find a way to Vignette my photos… lightroom seems to have a lot more ways to adjust your pictures… Please maybe you can do a post on your experiences, likes, dislikes, etc. between LR and AP ?

    I do think that Lightroom 2 handles Foveon .X3Fs better though… better control over aberration?


  15. Isiah, if you’re online, add me on ichat (username: Rytterfalk) and I’ll show you how to do things.. :) Could be fun. I guess you’re sitting at the computer as I type.

  16. Boothrp says:

    Still don’t understand what’s attractive about the extreme & uneven vignetting that the Cokin filter holder gives with the 12-24 lens ??
    Is it a personal preference ? Please educate me, thanks, Paul.

  17. Hi Boothrp, for me it represent the old, the past. Something missing from todays perfect world :). Somehow I really like it. I’m sure there is many out there that don’t like it or just don’t see why use it.

    For me it’s also part of reality. I don’t add it for fun, I want to use the ND filter and in order to do so I jave no option but to have it visiable like this. I can’t hide the frame so to speak. (blame cokin) I could have added a digital version using photoshop and I did some times in the past but now I just have it by default. hehe.

    Well.. One day I’ll grow and mature a bit. Maybe I’ll use it less. I guess so.

  18. Isiah says:

    Hey Carl,

    I looked around a bit more and found all of those extra additions to the menu like vignetting, etc. Thanks for your willingness to help, it is very, appreciated. I’ll be giving Aperture a chance because I love its integration with OS X!! I’ll let you know how it goes. :)


  19. Isiah says:

    I get a 404 message on your workflow video? I would love to see it!!!


  20. I saw a mistake, and quality was really bad on viddler – now I fixed and it’s much better quality too – I’ll use Vimeo this time. :) It’s currently processing.

  21. Isiah says:

    I can’t wait!

  22. Central Scrutinizer (Ken) says:


    Nice Demo. I tried to turn the Sigma Forum on to using Nik/Nikon U-Point technology with Sigma images via Nikon CaptureNX (this was before Viveza was released) but only one person seemed interested. He commented that it worked well but was a bit cumbersome.

    Since I shoot a Nikon D300 and maybe soon a D700 or D3X as well as Sigma, I like the fact that I can process initially in SPP, load into CaptureNX with Viveza-style capabilities, make changes non-destructively and save in Nikon NEF format, merging my Sigma and Nikon work-flows. CaptureNX is also a very capable printing application.

    I guess it takes someone with “street-cred” such as yourself for people to listen. Or maybe only one person had a spare copy of CaptureNX laying around :)

    Anyway good work


  23. Hi Ken,

    I saw Nikon CaptureNX long time ago (And I thought it was very cool and I was very jealous), but as a Sigma user it never accord to me to even try using it, I thought it was a pure NEF raw software.

    So, as a CaptureNX user, how well do Viveza compare?

  24. Helena says:

    Hej Carl, I am loving the pictures
    not that I have so much more to say as I am not into all these professional comments more then that when u are done send thema CD and me the bill :)

    the pictures are great


  25. mikkee says:

    thats good , i think that want to be more than dark .
    even though realy thats good.

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