Blind gut

Several days ago I went thru a smaller nightmare. My appendix was infected on my way home from Denmark. I think stress was one factor. Before I realized what it was I went to a birthday party and ate lots of good food, only that I didn’t keep it. Started to think It was bad food, or too much coffee. No sleep. Next morning I went to my grandmothers 86 years birthday and my dads brother was there, he’s a doctor. I ask him what it could be and he thought it might be the tummy dummy (before I knew the English word I used that one) then my dads sister she’s into foot therapy and started to give me some very very painfull massage – she had a very different school from her brother the doctor.

Soon my temperature went up and off I went to the hospital. Now I’m still here but without my blind gut. Life is soo much better now. :) the picture here is taken with the iPhone and by my little brother Per. Picture was taken with lots of painkillers in me. :)

Tomorrow I’ll be on my way home and can start to look at some pictures from the Danish wedding – I know there are some really really nice ones. You’ll see.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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13 Responses to Blind gut

  1. Alexandru says:

    Get well soon and all my best wishes!

  2. Bengt says:

    Get well and take care.

  3. Amazing such a small thing can cause such a big pain! Get well soon.

  4. Jochen says:

    Get well soon!
    Best wishes from germany

  5. chetko says:

    Yes, get well fast. Any thoughts on whether Sigma may adopt the new micro four/thirds standard in a DP1-like body? That would be amazing!

  6. Britton says:

    Well, the meds explain the smile ;^)

    I hope you recover quickly!


  7. Linn says:


    Soon I can see you and take care of you! Now you need have a good rest, don´t think too much about any pictures! Everybody, please help me! Carl is not allowed to touch computer at least one week! :)

    your Linn

  8. Clive in...California says:

    Hi Carl,

    Well, I am sorry for your illness, and glad it is taken care of.

    Though sounds like some of your family to be a little careful of ;).

    Poor fellow lying there… get well soon, and know you will.

    Hi to Linn, still practically in Finland…!


  9. Thank you guys so so so much for your support!! I’m still in hospital and they’re all very very kind to me. The room i’m in includes three other men and we’re having a very great time together. Althought quite painful. :)

  10. Clive in...California says:

    Hi Carl,

    Just sending you some sunshine as we seem to have gotten a little extra over here this week ;).

    The second and so day is always the most uncomfortable – you will feel better soon. Your insides not happy when they have been poked around…

    I guess you have things to look forward to pretty soon. Pretty one ;).

    Take good care, and your 4-man room makes me think somehow of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who wrote so many wonderful stories no matter what anyone thought of his politics. I used to read them in the nights in Korea.

    Best, Carl,
    going for some sun ;) actually the university, but will get some on the way.

  11. Jim Roelofs says:

    Well, Carl, nice to see and hear you on your road to recovery from what must have been very, very painful.

    Funny, that in the Dutch language, it is also known as “blind gut”, as in “blinde darm”.

    Take care and sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

  12. Tesa says:

    Och det ska du vara väldigt glad över, slipper du oroa dig för att konstiga smärtor kan vara den iallafall.

    Skönt att du mår bättre, men glöm inte ta en paus ibland.

  13. Jäpp! Det är superskönt att ha blivit av med den! OCH jag kan dricka ohämmat med kaffe igen! :D

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