Jon and Carolina | Wedding session


Another really fun wedding session, this time a bit north or everything in a town called Mariestad – more famous for it’s fine beer. It was a bit tricky as Linn is now working down south as a guide on a castle and she couldn’t be my assistant. I really wanted that – so we improvised and used the best man for the job. Lucky for Jon and Carolina, it worked great! You can actually see him on several shots.

Oh, I also improved my car shooting style thingi – fun stuff! Lucky for me we had the time needed to play.

Cameras used was SD14 and DP1 – I had many lenses with me – more or less all but I ended up using the trusty 12-24 the most as I love the cokin filter border effect so much. Second place I think is 30 or 50mm 1.4 not sure as 50 is so new for me I tend to reach for the 30mm. 120-300 does give me joy when needed. It’s not very easy to find good occations or locations for it but when it’s time then it’s great!

I also noticed a slight magenta cast in some of the “just out of the church” shots – just so you know. :D

SDIM7281 SDIM0829 SDIM0846 SDIM0863 SDIM0951 SDIM0961 SDIM0972 SDIM0979 SDIM7115 SDIM9814 SDIM9854 SDIM9878 SDIM9936 SDIM9944 SDIM9966 SDIM9975 SDIM0110 SDIM0118 SDIM0134 SDIM0144 SDIM0153 SDIM7248

When open the whole article more pictures appears as well as some whom has been shown already above. Don’t be frightened about that, it’s perfectly normal.

SDIM0820 SDIM0846 SDIM0863 SDIM0868 SDIM0910 SDIM7091 SDIM0945 SDIM0951 SDIM0961 SDIM0968 SDIM0972 SDIM0979 SDIM9763v2 SDIM9766 SDIM9787 SDIM9789 SDIM9797 SDIM7115 SDIM9814 SDIM9833 SDIM9854 SDIM9878 SDIM9913 SDIM9909 SDIM9936 SDIM9944SDIM7146 SDIM9966 SDIM9971 SDIM0071 SDIM0078 SDIM0083 SDIM0110 SDIM0118 SDIM0134 SDIM7159SDIM7201v2 SDIM7244 SDIM0153 SDIM7248 SDIM7221 SDIM7254

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14 Responses to Jon and Carolina | Wedding session

  1. Ingrid says:

    Helt otroligt va duktig du är!! Har aldrig sett såna bilder. Du hittar något som gör dig unik, väldigt skönt!

  2. Paul says:

    Seems more fun than work !! Excellent. Which photos are with DP1 ? Only B&W or some other?
    Thanks for sharing
    Paul Kaliafetis

  3. I’d say all wide shots without dark frame is DP1. So quite a lot. I will post another external gallery later today where you can see all shots and with exif written below. :)

    It should be more fun than work. :D

  4. Tobias says:

    Wow. really nice pics there Carl.. Mirror’s are sexy!

  5. pom says:

    these are really gorgeous. fantastic work.

  6. Mirrors are indeed sexy! :D And thanks.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic shoot – you make it seem so effortless. I need to save my money so I can go out there and be your reflectorman for a week!

  8. thechebb says:

    Hi Carl,
    I agree with Anonymous – since it’s me:) Sorry about that, must’ve thought I was still logged in!

  9. Firas says:

    Fantastiska bilder Kalle! Som alltid.

  10. st8ic says:

    The magnificent turquoise coupe :) I wonder what the car brand is?

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  12. Jonas says:

    Tjena! Hoppas allt är bra. Jättefina bilder med en annorlunda touc. Inte de vanliga tråkiga bröllopsbilderna man ofta ser utan något som är mer nytänkande. Snyggt.

    Jag och Frida har för övrigt dragit igång ett litet hobbyprojekt i bloggformat som vi tänker försöka utveckla till något bra. Kika gärna in om du vill och tyck till. Tack för en inspirerande blogg! Mvh, Jonas

  13. Jonas says:

    Touch, ska det stå förstås :)

  14. spalbird says:

    I read somewhere the wedding photographer should be invisible. I can’t imagine Carl is, well I am shure he isn’t. Very good results, although neglecting one of the basic photographic rules, again ;)

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