iPhone 3G update. After some real use.

I bought it the night it was released, the iPhone 3G and I initially reported some issues that made me uncomfortable – now I just have to add somethings that makes me very happy about it and one is the protective glass that you touch all the time. It’s more or less bullet proof! It’s really scratch resistant and I’ve had it with me on sandy beaches and given it to clumsy friends with huge nails and tough touch and without giving my little wonder the slightest hint of a scratch. 

Now, I red that lots of iPhone 3G users have similar complains that I have about the lagging and so forth but there are two more things that I don’t understand why it’s lacking..

1. Copy and paste. Sometimes hugely irritating. 
2. Sending a contact to someone else. WHY can’t I do that?!

These two combined gives me headaches sometimes. You want to send contact info to a friend. You can’t so you create an email or SMS to send with the number, you try to copy the number so that you can paste it into your SMS/Email – you can’t! So you end up using a pen and paper. Woooaaaaaaa!!! 

Please Apple, fix this. Or I have to jailbreak it. ;) oh, and btw –  already bought 10+ apps from the app store. It’s too simple to buy all those wonderful apps and games and whatever they’re. 

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  1. Well, everyone I know would love to have copy and paste on the iPhone. But when you think about it it’s a *really* hard UI design problem to solve with a touch screen. Many have tried to describe solutions to this problem on blogs and websites but I have yet to see one I believe would really work.

    Let’s hope Apple will surprise us in a coming firmware update.

  2. photoTristan says:

    I agree, I would love copy and paste. I don’t think Apple is against it, I’ve heard they just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    I also love the glass screen. It’s great, totally scratch resistant and it feels nice to touch. Don’t use any screen protector, it makes it feel and look worse.

    Today (here in the USA at least) the WordPress app has been released. It’s great!

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  4. I understand there is a tough UI issue. I do think I have a good solution to the problem. Press the word you want to copy for
    About 2s or something then two contolpoints comes up which you can move and you select as much text you want to copy. A done / ok / copy button visible somewhere around when done. At least that would work for me. Even a doubletap could bring this function up at first with two simple options. Copy or paste bit only if there is copied text in memory. If you copied more text then a selector wheel comes up for you to select from. :) should work.

    Anyone have another bright idea?

    And wordpree app? In app store? Woooaaa I want!! :D

  5. Clive in...California says:

    yes, I think you are right. When you select something, a tab appears if you touch near it. Choices like copy on the tab.

    It’s really a surprise they left this out….? Some thinking like, ‘it should not be a computer’, I bet. By someone.


  6. I think the main problem for Apple is that people rarely just want to copy just one word or one part of a phone number (if they’re not correctly read by the iPhone then it’s not “one link”) so they really have to come up with a good way to select more. Isn’t there a plugin for the jailbreakt iPhone that has a solution or was it badly implemented?

    Two movable selector arms should come up above finger / text with pointers of start and end. The rest as above. The more I think about it the more it the only solution. Hehe

    Btw, hi Clive! I think I will have to download a scribbling app so that I can make a picture of my thoughts. :) fun!

  7. Clive in...California says:

    Yes, fun ;). And in your description, I think you have this very well in mind – hope there is a way they find to listen to you.

    ‘pictures of thoughts’ – looking forward ;)

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