Photos taken with the iPhone 3G.

Another iphone 3g shotIphone 3g shot 2Iphone 3g shot

I’m acually impressed with this little camera. It’s not very high resolution but it gives a pretty real picture. Better then most higher resolution mobile phone cameras. These are mailed up one by one to the flickr server from within the iphone. cumbersome but working. There is lots of apps coming that will make it easier but most of them cost some. I don’t wanna pay just yet. :)

oh, I realized now that the size is not 2MP – they’re being resized before upload. hmm. didn’t ask for that one. so click one and you’ll get a 800×600 copy.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. Clive in...California says:

    Carl, very interesting.

    I remember there was talk about camera-phones replacing the ‘little silver box’ cameras.

    Now I begin to believe it could happen ;).

    I found your truthful comments on the iPhone very good to read. I have always like Apple, and bought a number of items of their gear, including one of the first handwriting-recognition pads. That needed something extra, too, to be finished.

    I think they achieved it by the last model, but then Palm came along, and I still use mine. Works very well, though the screen is finally getting less contrasty.

    Making things complete in their finer aspects is what makes the satisfying value, and I hope Apple listens to you. Big new features can wait a little longer. Who can afford to use a 3G phone, yet??

    ;) and best,

  2. Carl on the phone says:

    hi Clive. The last few dates i’ve been fighting my computer, she’s norty. so I spent all my online time entirely on the iPhone, and I really think I would have a hard time living without it. Too bad it’s not powerful enough for spp or photoshop. :)

    But seeing those cool intro movies on the apple website you really want it to work like they show. But I also now realized that I’m not alone although most comments on the issue comes via mail. Fan boys. :)

    And, the iPhone camera is cool in it’s own way.

  3. Jauder Ho says:

    Do you know if the iPhone inserts GPS information into the EXIF? This would be seriously cool if that was the case.

  4. Carl on the phone says:

    I’m pretty sure it does. Not sure where to see it though. I guess. Flickr can make use of that info. :)

  5. Clive in...California says:

    Hej, Carl, and interesting answer.

    I guess the thing is that design is an art itself, and what you say makes me think of the relation between design and arriving at an image with a camera.

    You have so many adjustments possible, from the moments of viewing and conception through processing to the presentation. Design is like this also, but is not always seen as well so. Also, instead of an array of dimensions in tools to alter, a design problem has usually some of its elements more fixed. Something like ISO limits, or acuity of a lens.

    It’s a great and moving art, to make a design fully realize the kinds of imagination that attract you on the Apple website. They had evocative visuals for the original Macintosh, as well. It took a few generations to grow into them…though the original was a kind of masterpiece itself.

    What I see and appreciate you do, in your own way of coming to so many different photographic situations – and their different resolutions to something you and we like – is a fine enough art, and I love to feel the flow which is evident in how you approach it.

    Something of what I am trying to do is to get that kind of flow more into the practice of many people. Because it is a great enjoyment, and a respectful one – perhaps equal with that this kind of path opens into the roads we would like to believe and see for our futures…!

    Best, and liking to see your summer outings such as with Maria and Xiao Gang. What a couple of persons, and a couple ;). Characters…


  6. Jauder Ho says:

    Just to follow up to my own question. It looks like Flickr is able to read the embedded GPS info now.

    For me, I ended up getting a Palm Pre and now have a site dedicated to pictures taken with it =) It’s not iPhone but I like it.

  7. Naveen says:

    I have a photoblog entirely composed and created from my iphone from the pictures I shoot with my iPhone 3gs :

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