First day with my iPhone 3G. Impressions. update.

Before I start, most people write about what’s good and cool about the iPhone and I could do that – there are plenty of pages I could have written about what I like! (extreme build quality, nice screen, good sound etc etc) But I want Apple to be aware of some things that I really don’t like – and I also want to know if others have the same experience or if it’s just my phone. I did try the first gen iPhone a couple of times and also the iPod touch so my experience with older devices are somewhat small but nonetheless these issues that I have are very real and probably not what Apple intended.

Now, finally after a long day together with a t-shirt, friends and family and my beloved new companion – the iPhone 3G – she’s being charge for the first time after use (the very first time was shortly after I unpacked her) or is it a he? Steve is a he. hmm..

During this day I’ve handled the camera, triangulation’s, GPS, turbo 3G, edge, WiFi, and lots of downloaded stuff from the app store including some of which I had to buy. I have now installed Facebook, monkey ball, some flickr app, some labyrinth game, and AIM of course. I did also install the remote thingi but haven’t tried it yet.

I also now use it for my mail – both my little used gmail and the other carl@r thing. I also put in my old SIM card from the wrong provider and could import all my addresses – which made me very happy. :) I did send lots of SMS’s – I did use AIM with more than one user – I did try Skype (without reaching anyone) and I did use the web plenty via the Safari browse. Tried to listen to lots of music but too many other things came in the way such as youtube movies, movies imported from itunes and photos being zoomed in and out until fingers crossed. well.. I really tried to make it my very best friend. Now the question is – is it?

First. Most things with this phone is great – but there is some things bothering me and those are first of all something best described as lagging – browsing thru my address book is not very smooth – looking thru 50 mail isn’t smooth either. it’s little jumping and it’s not as nice as on those cool videos on apples homepage. The worst so far has been my facebook friends list which contains quite a few people including photos – just moving up and down is no problem but give it a sweep and you’ll notice that it’s not easy to get a feel for where you’re.

Second. A bug perhaps? When typing a message in any application and in the middle of the text you decide to delete a word and you start tapping the “del” button a couple of times. Suddenly it continues to tap it for you and keeps going until something made it stop – probably you trying hard to make it change his/her mind. I have had this issue maybe four-five times in one day and it’s getting on my nerve. I have changed my deleting habit some – pressing it more slowly seams to help. Not repeat too fast helps I guess.

Third. Monkey ball installed nice – played nice (even though it’s a lot harder to control the ball than you might think) and later the same day when I showed it to some friends it’s not starting. The monkey ball logo appears but the after six-seven seconds you’re back at the main screen. Repeating a couple of times without result. No message about what’s going on. Trying a bit later and then it works again. hmm. The issue is still there although only from time to time. I guess it’s a memory problem (too small internal buffer).

Fourth. Tapping text is most of the time very delightful. Sometimes it’s as laggy as scrolling addresses – not very cool. Then you have to slow down your speed (which is not very high yet).

Fifth. Reaching the address book from within the mail app and calling app is very cool – but what’s not so cool is the period of time before you can start to swipe your finger. If you do it before it’s fully loaded or whatever it’s doing then when it’s really loaded you will have ended up somewhere in the middle and it takes another second or so before you’re back in business. It’s maybe something I just need to live with or cut down on friend in the address book. Mine is not very big, around 100 people with more or less no photos etc.

Sixth. When writing swedish it sometimes suggests the wrong word. And it’s tricky to get it right. I find myself trying to re-sentence because of this. Why can’t there be more then one suggestion? Or is there? How do I go to the next one? I noticed that when I corrected a word that it suggested the next time was more correct. It’s learning I guess. Still it would be nice to have more than ONE word especially in swedish where you have those letter that all starts with an A (with optional dots on top) because many words becomes very different when adding those dots.

Now, why I write all this is because I did try the old iPhone and also the iPod touch and I never really felt this lagging behavior. Did apple take away good hardware to make it cheaper? Or is it 2.0 that’s too big for it’s internal memory? or is it just a minor bug with the core animation thingi that will be solved in the next firmware update?

If you have the iPhone 3G, could you perhaps share a bit of your experience so I know if I should go back or just live with it. Because I love it except all this. Way too much already. – but it’s a sting in my heart that it’s not as perfect as it could have been.

Seventh. Hanging! It’s hanged a couple of times already. it normally happens when I start one of the new applications – and It hanged three times on three different apps. Alarm Free, and something else. These types of hang is deadly and you have to restart the device. I also noticed something that also is a type of hanging although it wakes up after a while. Normally when you call for the address-book.

The lack of cut and paste must be called a bug – it’s sooo irritating. I have a very bad memory of numbers. so being inside the facebook app I wanted to write a number to another fellow in a message. The only way for me to do this is by go back to main screen – then go to the address book, look up the person i want (and WHY is there no type to search??) then I have to bring pen and paper – write the number down – then go back and into my message again and I HAVE to start the message from beginning again because there is no memory of my old text. This is not nice.

We’ll see if this is it. ;) I hope so.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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10 Responses to First day with my iPhone 3G. Impressions. update.

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  3. Danny says:

    Hi. I started to use my new iPhone yesterday and feel the exact laggy things you’ve mentioned. I previously owned also the first-gen iPhone and I can say it is free of these problem. I guess the problem should be related to software, or it very be very bad to see hardware downgrade in iPhone 3g which must piss everyone off. Hopefully Apple will release patches soon to fix all these up.

  4. jochen says:

    hello carl,

    to your second point the deleting
    hold your finger long time on the word you want to delete a letter. A magnifier will apear and you could easely navigate to the letter you want to delete.

    Lots of fun with your phone … you will love it, after a short time.
    its like the switch from PC to MAC. :-)


  5. No that’s not what I meant. I know how to navigate and I love it but try pressing the del/back button four five times quick then it can hang. You hear the tick noise and you watch it delete and there is little you can do to stop it. After it deleted a sentence or two It stopps if I press some buttons. Dow i turned of the tapping sound and that seams to help.

    Try hold the del button.. Just hold it. When you release it it will continue for some time. (just tried).

    Do I love my phone? Oh yes.

  6. Danny, I sure hope they fix it. :) I hope you’re right.

  7. jenner says:

    you MAC users are hilarious. “its like the switch from PC to MAC. :-)”

    if you have issues running windows its because you don’t know what you’re doing. i have several PCs and they run better than most MACs i have come across. it’s ok though, baby steps right…. fisher price, to MAC…. to windows, to LINUX!

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  10. MMansonFan08 says:

    i was thinkin bout gettin the iphone 3g but i need sum help b4 i get it….do u guys think i should get it? does the internet work if its not on wifi? is att ok? is the internet fast??? plezz tell me EVERYTHING!!!

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