Daniel & Maria | Wedding with SD14 and DP1


Another wedding session, and I’m happy to announce that DP1 is a great b camera! :D Linn had hers with her all the time (she assist me) and she took quite a few really nice shots. I used mine as well and I got more keepers from the DP1 (compared to amount of shots taken) than with the SD14. More time to think? I think one or two of Linns are among these too.

My workflow has slightly changed and looks like the following. I make the basic adjustments from SD14 and DP1 RAW in SPP 2.5 Windows. After adjustments are done I import all into a new project in Apple Aperture.

In Aperture I use the new plugin called Viveza to further adjust certain spots – add light to face or simply to enhance black and white images. I also use Aperture to dodge and burn, crop and straighten, add vignetting and my little watermark. I don’t apply vignetting to all but to many shots. So don’t judge lenses because of my images. hehe..

During all this I also add stars to my favorites, this I later use when publishing to the couple and the very best here on my website. I ended up with 44 images in this post and 133 to the couple, I started with about 300 from SPP and around 700 in total from field..

The two above shots are DP1



There is all in all 44 images in this post. Click each image to view the full size image. Remember that this is copyrighted material.





Linns shot, 10-20mm

SDIM0578 SDIM0564 SDIM0546SDIM0529SDIM0524SDIM0523SDIM0517SDIM6232





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26 Responses to Daniel & Maria | Wedding with SD14 and DP1

  1. Martin says:

    Nice pics..

    Why do you use SPP 2.5 Windows, is it better then OS X? Anyway I really hate SPP and I can’t wait until it’s possible to import the raw files and process them directly in Aperture 2!

  2. Yes, SPP under windows – Fact is that working under vmware xp home in OS X with SPP 2.5 is much faster and real time compared to the sluggish under performing SPP 3.2 for mac.

    And it WOULD be GREAT if we could read sigma RAW directly in Aperture, :) I know Apple worked on support long time ago but somehow it never ended up in anything.

    Btw, lots of the above shots are DP1. I think I will mark what lens has been used on each picture. its really a mixed story.

  3. Michael Pfau says:

    Nice work. You inspired me some time ago to buy the SD-14. In fact I printed a shot I had received from you in the form of a Raw file on my Epson 4800. I was pleased with the result. Now two cameras and five lenses later… thanks! Michael Pfau http://www.pbase.com/mdavidp

  4. thechebb says:

    Exceptional work – I’m always amazed at what you, Olga, Georges, Chunsum, Laurence, Marcel, Rick, Gary and the host of others are able to capture with this remarkable camera system while others do nothing but complain and find faults with it’s shortcomings. Thank you for showing/sharing your impressive skills/techniques with an unmatched enthusiasm for what you do!

  5. Michael! And you know how to use it too! I remember especially some of your mountain images – some stunning shots! I’m happy I inspired you. :)

  6. Thechebb, People should go and see your gallery too! http://www.flickr.com/photos/56311173@N00/ and at pbase http://www.pbase.com/thechebb so there it is! You have some really nice photos in there! You’re on my list of good artists – Keep it up! and thanks for comment. Always a pleasure to read. hehe

  7. Daniel Grindeland says:

    Tack så jättemycket för alla underbara kort på oss, blev ruskigt bra och vi är jätte nöjda med ditt jobb!!
    ha de gött

  8. Martin says:

    Okay, so it’s actually faster to work from windows via vmware? That sucks.. But i’ll try it out! Do you export all the photos to a shared OS X folder?

    I really started to love my DP1. But I’m really looking forward to process my images in Aperture, or at least Photoshop!

  9. Linn says:


    Very nice work! I know you have more good shots, but you didn‘t show here…mmmm


  10. spalbird says:

    Now I want be young and get married again! Carl, your photography is sooo inspiring ;)

    Now, as Linn mentioned, where are the other shots?

    Well, I am glad to see at least these …

  11. spalbird says:

    Carl, do you use a battery grip with SD14? I evaluated yesterday that SD10 and BG is much better to hold steady than SD14 w/o BG. The SD10 BG rests at least on 2 points each hand.

    I have the impression Lightroom conversion became worse over time, and does not work well with SD14. Extremely oversaturated initial pictures, and loss of micro details (e.g. skin with inconsistend in/oof). Guess how slow my Mac Mini first edition became with the SD14 and the latest software versions…

  12. The SD14 BG is much better than the SD10’s. :D I just got one so I used it for the first time with these two weddings. Very sturdy, you can run it with only one battery, easy to change batteries, good grip. I like it a lot!

  13. Pawel says:

    really great photos mate. it is a pity there is no EXIF for the photos (on some I would love to know the lens that was used). Like your DOF and vignetting

  14. Pawel, There is full exif information in all these photos. Just click one, drag it to your desktop, open and look at the inspector (in the Preview app in OS X) and oala – everything intact.

  15. Tony says:

    Wonderful photos, almost makes me want to switch to Sigma for real =)
    I dont’t manage to get Exif info on images though? I even try to import them to Aperture but no metadata is listed there either? We are so curious =)

  16. Yiannis says:

    Nice photos, great colors!
    I will shoot a wedding with my sd14, what lens should i get?
    The enviroment, a Greek church has low light condition. I cant go beyond 400 iso, sould i buy the 30mm f1.4 lens?


  17. Långskånk says:

    Först lite vanligt smörande: Snygga bilder! Rosorna på översta bilden är galet vackra!

    Sedan till frågan: Är det inte bilder från Nordkroken? Är uppvuxen där och kan nog svära på att det är stranden där nere…

  18. Långskånk! Det stämmer! :D Du är inte den första som gissar. Har redan fått ett par mail om saken.

  19. Yiannis, the 30mm will help and probably be good but you need some time to train for a lens like that. So practice a lot before the wedding in bad lit environment. DP1 on a tripod is a good thing to help you as a B setup.

  20. Myga says:

    Great work! So nice to see more 30mm shots. This is such a graat lens. In your hads it’s even better :D I envy you the editing skills. Hope I will gain thouse in time ;D

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  22. Justin says:

    Really great work! I wouldn’t have expected it, I guess I’m so used to the old Canon or Nikon idea that I never saw Sigma as an option for making great images. You seem to do really great with those cameras. I also saw your reviews of it on YouTube vs. the 5d and S5. Very impressive! Keep it up!

  23. Dai says:

    After checking out your pics , i bought a very cheap secondhand SD14 , i cannot believe the pictures i get from this thing , i sold my nikon d200 and havent looked back , just ordered a DP1 , soon to have a DP2 , the sigma stuff really is capable of making very beautiful images

    ps , your pics are great , please join my sigma group on facebook


  24. HL says:


  25. Hugo Kuijper says:

    Hi Carl,I came across your site ,I must say I´m impressed although weddingphotography is not(yet:-)my thing but this are amazing shots ,you seem to get the best out of the DP1,I bought an DP2 last month second hand but in mint condition,and really fallen in love with the image quality the colors sharpness and life in the pictures.Also liked your item about iso50,keep up the good job,regards Hugo (from Holland,please see my pics on Facebook )

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