Sigma DP1 AML-1 Lens review – In Video and Pictures!

Images of AML-1

About a week ago I received the much awaited (at least by me) close up lens made by Sigma. I must say that I was happily surprised about the little leather box that came with the lens! Soooo retro and beautifully crafted! WELL DONE SIGMA! Now, is the lens as good as the box it came in? :D

Images of AML-1Images of AML-1

I’ve read numerous threads over at dpreview on different solutions and I’ve seen magnificent macro shots with all sorts of filters – some good, some not so good. Now, when the Sigma AML-1 was announced I was a bit surprised on the closest distance which is 20cm – not very Macro on a 28mm lens is it?! :D and in order to show you just how close 20cm is and what it feels like – I made this little video. If you watch it on Youtube then you can see it in higher resolution. Embedded is low res.

The lens is very bright – not sure you loose any light. Can’t really see any difference in shutter speeds and the lens says nothing about it. You can’t focus to infinity with it on – but it’s made for closeups so it’s not really a problem. OOF becomes BEAUTIFUL! Especially welcome when you’re making movies. Along with the extremely sharp lens and sensor it becomes almost unreal. Take a look at the shot of Linn, click it and the full version will load. It’s so so detailed. If the DP1 only had MORE resolution when making movies!! :D

Sigma DP1 AML-1 test images

The AML-1 as a slight negative distortion in corners – The opposite to the type of distortion we’re used to with normal lenses. But it’s not noticeable in day to day images. The picture below shows the effect, look at the window and you’ll understand what I mean.

Sigma DP1 AML-1 test images

Sigma DP1 AML-1 test images Sigma DP1 AML-1 test images

Conclusion. I should have had TWO lenses or even three and stacked them, that would probably give very nice macros. Right now you don’t get close enough for that type of photography with only one lens. For movies and portraits such as the ones above it’s a wonderful solution and gives you new views – plus that the extreme OOF is perfect for videos.

Btw, the lens / filter itself is very very well made and NO CA can be found. At least not in any of my photos so far. Contrast and sharpnes are really top notch.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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9 Responses to Sigma DP1 AML-1 Lens review – In Video and Pictures!

  1. Very interesting read and watch, it would indeed be nice to see those stacked together.. regards

  2. Scott Greiff says:

    Great review: short, sweet, witch lots of pictures and video!

    I really enjoyed the video. Amazing how that lens really transforms the look of the clips. BTW, it looks like the DP1 continually focuses while filming video? Mine should be back from the shop soon (mic didn’t work, they’re replacing the camera). Now to wait for them to release AML-1 here in the States.

  3. Clive in Coronado says:

    Ok, Carl, lots of fun as usually you make it; not much time to say more, but really appreciate ;).

    Also that rascal Linn, who is keeping you honest!

    As I see it anyway…mileage might vary…;)

    Best to both,

  4. Thanks guys.. Ronald, hopefully I can try a couple soon.

    Scott: It’s an amazing OOF that comes from the AML, focus is not moving – it’s me that’s moving. hehe..

    Clive: What would I be without Linn? :D In jail it seams. ;)

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  7. Myga says:

    Graet post as allways, Thanks!

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