Yesterday together with 120-300. ISO400+

Went out with family and friends yesterday late evening and played in a nearby lake called Hultasjön.

The 120-300 is wonderful to work with. So fast and easy to handhold. It’s very well balanced together with the SD14 body.

Most shot at ISO400 and ISO800. Manual mode. Directly from SPP3.2 mac. I must say it’s tricky with sunset in background like this, not sure where to put the WB – it looks good in many different ways. :)  click to view as 1500x1000px. I realized now that the black and white shots has a bluish tint. (except one) My fault. :)

Hultasjön 120-300Hultasjön 120-300Hultasjön 120-300Hultasjön 120-300Hultasjön 120-300 Hultasjön 120-300 Hultasjön 120-300 Hultasjön 120-300 Hultasjön 120-300 Hultasjön 120-300 Hultasjön 120-300 Hultasjön 120-300 Hultasjön 120-300 Hultasjön 120-300

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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11 Responses to Yesterday together with 120-300. ISO400+

  1. Hi, greetings from Los Angeles, CA USA. I just wanted to say I enjoy your blog and especially your DP1 entries because I just bought one!! I like what you said and I agree, it is not the perfect camera yet and if we don’t buy the DP1 then the DP2 will not come. It is such a revelotionary camera and something the photographic community has been waiting for for a long time! I never the movies you could pull from it would be sooooo amazing, my friend use to work for RED and he would tell me about this new vid camera coming out. Btw, Have you ever shot the DP1 in Macro mode for a portrait? Just wondering if it would give a shallower DOF. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to see for myself when my DP1 arrives today!!!! All the best.


  2. Carl Rytterfalk says:

    Hi Scott! The RED guy? Is he talking about the scarlet? I’m into one when it’s out. Red is too expensive and DP1 has not enough resolution. But I’m very much hoping for a change. I’m pretty sure that a real Foveon movie cam would be a killer.

    Macro portrait? Well, from 30cm (most Macro you get without extra lens-elements) I have lots of. And they look very cool. Especially going wide-open!

    Good luck with it! (The DP1 that is) and if you have more questions when it arrives, you know where to find me.

  3. spalbird says:

    Give this lens away, it sucks! (Only because of one reason – too expensive, you know, you made me buy the 30mm…)

  4. Tesa says:

    Ok, nu måste jag fråga, jag är så grymt imponerad av den skärpa du alltid får i dina bilder (jag tycker aldrig jag får den där hypercrispen, vilket jag iofs oftast inte vill ha då, men ibland så…).
    Vad använder du för skärpeinställningar egentligen? Eller kör du skärpan utanför Psd?

  5. Carl says:

    Heeej Tesa! :D Jo, det beror inte åpå att jag lägger på någon skärpa för det gör jag inte. Men det beror på sensorn som jag använder, du vet den där med tre lager. Foveon. Den ger något som vi kan kalla micro contrast som saknas när det gäller andra sensorer som jobbar på en yta. (Bayern)

  6. Benjamin says:

    Very nice and colorful shots! It shows clearly the advantage in color from the SD14 :-)

    Greetings from Germany


  7. Tesa says:

    Intressant! Jag har varit borta en stund från det tekniska, ja från det mesta märker jag så jag får nog börja gotta ned mig igen tror jag så jag inte blir gammal och “tantig”! ;)

  8. Isiah says:

    Hello Carl,

    I feel like Lightroom slightly blurs or doesn’t toperform the translation of .X3f files correctly. I see cromatic aberrations, and the colors on a pixel scale do not seem to smoothly transition from a bright area to a darker one. Overall the pictures just aren’t as well handled or as sharp compared to SPP. SPP gives great quality. I got good results when I used SPP to first convert the .X3F file to a 16bit .TIF then imported the file to Lightroom. LR handles the file much better. Do you see any problems with this process? Do you think that a 16bit .TIF files exported from SPP is as good as the raw .X3F?

    Thanks you so much for your input,

    Isiah :)

  9. Isiah,

    you’re right. Lightroom isn’t the best converter for X3F’s. My conclusion on developers are that SPP handles high ISO shots the best, Raw Developer handles low resolution shots the best and Lightroom handles finding your shots and color corrections the best. But in order to color correct you should have a better engine. :)

    Oh well. One day maybe there will be a killer app.

  10. Myga says:

    Great lens and even batter shots, gratz Carl!

  11. Tesa! Ja, gotta ner dig du! Om du har semester och får för di gatt åka mot Götet så säg till. En liten fotosafari hade kanske inte varit fel någon dag. :P

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