DP1 at Sunset.. (Updated)

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Sigma DP1 magic

Natur i bild. Sigma DP1

I went to this very place with my Danish friends recently (SUG meeting) but felt the urge to go back and see if sunset would give some better pictures. To be honest, last time I was mostly shooting video with the DP1 and had no real time to think about stills. :D  Anyways these are two new shots taken with the DP1 handheld and with ND Grad 121P filter. Plus one more at my flickr account.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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7 Responses to DP1 at Sunset.. (Updated)

  1. stian says:

    Nice pictures Carl :) I just wanted to say that I have bought myself a Sigma DP1! :D :D I simply love it! Its the perfect camera! :) I was one of those who thought a 16mm (eq.=28) lens would be to wide. On my DSLR (and SLR) I would allways use a 50mm lens. But now, when i got my wide-angle lens, its perfect – and I wouldn’t want to have this camera with a “50”mm lens. Im writing this for others to see, I can imagine many out there are afraid of the mm of the lens.

    The best thing about the camera is that it is mine, I take the pictures for myself and I no longer care about what others may like. The camera is making you hunt for better motives. The camera has a soul. I love the manual focus zooming screen (Except that it locks into AEL when you turning on the center-zooming in screen, have you noticed?)

    The only thing which sometimes bothers me is the LCD screen lagging a bit, and a lot when focusing and the waiting when the picture is been taken.

    But Carl, what I also meant to say is: huge thank you for this dedicated DP1 site! :D It has been so nice to have this page to surf on while waiting for my DP1!!! Thanks a lot for showing us alll the details!

  2. spalbird says:

    One very stupid question from a pre-beginner filter user. Is ND the correct designation? I associate ND==neutral density, the same density all over the filter for all colors or is it GD==graduated density filter, shifting in density between more and less strong horizontally?

  3. I call it ND Grad. Neural density graduated. I don’t know any correct words in the world of filters. :)

  4. spalbird says:

    Thanks, I knew it was a stupid question but now I know :)

  5. Stian, sorry for late reply.

    I’m happy you found what I like so much about the DP1. The 28mm focal length is very useful!. Sure – you need to run instead than zoom but you also train your eye a lot when it comes to “include”.

    I hope some of the shortcomings of the camera can be fixed with firmware upgrades. We’ll see. The AF is sluggish, agree. And I don’t use it. So for me it’s not a real problem. The more you get to know where to focus manually the more you” start to just turn the wheel and get the shot. Not use magnified or look at the LCD. :)

    I’m happy you wrote this “open” for others to see. Thanks.

  6. Hej Carl!
    Nu har vi väntat länge nog, tycker jag… ;-P
    Var är bilderna från när du var på besök? :S

    Mvh Kenny

  7. E50iron says:

    Hi Carl,

    I have a DP1 camera. I was supposed to buy a dslr but, since i saw this DP1 on store, i bought it for i saw the images taken by it. Cause i don’t like that bulky and huge items with me when i’m on a walk. I’m not that good on capturing photos but i really love good photos and amazing captures as well. Now, i saw your video on youtube regarding DP1’s stunning qualities when it comes to photos. Is there any tips or things to consider to have a very good images especially during night time or lack of light? Thanks in advance

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