New SPP due soon! First preview.

[edit – Sigma today announced the new version for PC and Mac here as well as first DP1 update]

Working with SPP - DP1 all shots Elmia foto video 2008

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a beta of the next SPP 2.x and for those of you being irritated of green corners I can now tell you that green corners are now only a bad memory! :D I could only test the PC version but it ran extremely quick under vm-ware, actually much faster than my Mac version of SPP3.1. I did try some SD14 files and especially reds are now better. But this article will concentrate on DP1 images.

I thought that my photos from Elmia foto video 2008 could be used for this preview and at the same time you can see what I do in SPP and maybe learn something about processing. In every image there is important data inside. Exposure, ISO, White balance as well as processing. All kinds of situations ranging from high iso mixed light to long exposures in tricky situations. And as an extra bonus – studio shots! Continue to read this article.

First some studio shots. Something fun here is that the photographer (Jonas Jensen) uses a Mamiya with PhaseOne P30+ and lens always set to F22. The DP1 can only go as far as F11 so we had a problem (scene was way to bright). I could run around and change the light every time – big job with four active flashes – or could I make use of the fact that it’s a central type shutter? I set the camera at 1/640 f9 and to my surprise picture came out perfectly exposed! So – no longer do I have to think about x-sync and slow shutter times in studio environment.

All these images are screen dumps and have not seen photoshop. Hopefully they’re in correct sRGB. You can’t judge sharpness if the loupe is not seen in the SPP screen shot. Remember, these images comes from a Beta version of Sigma Photo Pro and might look different in the final version. (probably only to the better if possible)

Convert test
1/640 at f8 and ISO200 (gives slightly wider dynamic range). Note how clean this shot is, no tendency for colored corners. I’m very pleased with skintones too. Pretty amazing really.

Working with SPP - DP1 - Mixed light
Different sources of red and pink hitting this model. test shot before. I love the way DP1 handles red.

Working with SPP - DP1 - Studio
1/640 at f8 – a close look at 100% eye lash. Note how much sharpness is applied. :)

Working with SPP - DP1 - Studio
Here I played with different WB. Sunlight WB gives slightly different colors and works well in some situations and skin-tones. Worth a try if you have a problematic shot. I use Sunlight WB when shooting because it look the best on the LCD. (important when showing, I often change to flash WB back in SPP)

Working with SPP - DP1 - Studio
This shot came out under exposed and I have like three different versions that I like in different ways of this shot. (stronger reds etc) but this is one of the less dramatic.

Working with SPP - DP1 - Studio
Skin tones with the new SPP are all very nice looking. The flash wb is not perfect thou and I have to compensate some with the color wheel. Not a big problem but probably fixable.

Working with SPP - DP1 - Studio
Pretty cool uhu? :D Not much to say here, open it up and enjoy. Once more I settled with Sunlight WB creating more dramatic red.

sofiamalmgren crop
Little bit fixed crop from above image. Different adjustments done. Click for full size.

Working with SPP - DP1 - Studio
Peter Walström, a photographer and friend posing for me.

Working with SPP - DP1 - Studio
The Danish photographer Jonas Jensen who also is responsible for the light setup in all studio shots. Very cool guy. (and very good at his profession)

Working with SPP - DP1 - Studio
Martin – note sharpness on magnified area.

Working with SPP - DP1 - Studio
Picture to show setup a little bit. :) Can you guess the flash brand used? Model: Martin Widén.

Working with SPP - DP1 - Studio
Martin Widén sitting and Jonas Jensen testing the PhaseOne P30+ back on a Mamiya 645 body. Amazing quality from that combo. I’d like a PhaseOne back on my DP1. haha

Working with SPP - DP1 - Studio
Per Holmén – Testing light. Note loupe.

Working with SPP - UV light
Iso400 in a very tricky situation. Auto white balance used. (I had no idea what lasers and UV light would be). I used a mini mini fourpod on a table. 1s.

Working with SPP - DP1 - UV ISO400
Same as above. ISO400 – 1s

Working with SPP - DP1 - Laser colors
Laser beam directly into the camera during long exposure – 3.2s – using ISO100. Look at those colors! Amazing feeling to open up. Auto WB used.

Working with SPP - DP1 - UV light
2.5s at ISO100. How would a bayern camera do in UV light situation like this?

Working with SPP - DP1 - UV light - ISo800
ISO800 at 0.8s – When shoting ISo800 I always saturate some. It brings back lost color and you don’t really see a great difference compared to lower ISO’s. Admit it’s nice looking ISO800! :D

Working with SPP - DP1 - UV light
2s exposure. Underexposed shot saved. F4 is sharp. Loupe showing 100%

Working with - SPP - ISO400 mixed light
Mixed light at ISO400. This guy wanted to see how bokeh was seen using a half person at F4. It was very tricky light and I had a hard time deciding WB setting. I could have gone for a bit higher exposure and burn windows in backgrund. Loupe showing 100% magnification. Hand held.

Working with SPP - DP1 - Iso800 mixed light
ISO800 taken by unknown at the stand. Could be myself but I have no clear memory. Light was terrible but came out ok.

Working with SPP - DP1 - BAR - ISO800
ISO800, hand held. Note how Highlight slider is down -2 in order to restore lost data in the beer glass. I sometimes wish that that slider would go all the way down to -3. There is so much highlight detail at higher ISO and sometimes you need to restore.

Working with SPP - DP1 flash
Pär Holmén – 0.5s – The built-in flash used with long shutter – (fill light)

Working with SPP - DP1 - Monochrome
This shot was a bit boring in color so I changed to monochrome white balance. I wish I had that option in the Dp1 as well with new options of ISO1600 and ISO3200 (in mono mode). Would greatly improve the usage of the DP1.

Working with SPP - DP1 - Bar
Not sure I got WB right here but it shows how well a long exposure (0.3s) in mixed light works. It’s extremly sharp (f4) and I think I’ll put this one in the next raw pack. Auto WB.

Working with SPP - DP1 outdoor
Nothing important, but note that the loup is set to +++ (highest magnification, and I guess that’s 200%) – this picture would look wonderfully sharp at very big size.

Working with SPP - DP1 - sunset light
Juha in the sunset. Evening light is tricky and I’m not sure I got this one perfect. Works for now. ND grad used.

Working with SPP - DP1 - sunset light
Photographer Jonas Jensen – with one of his bad faces! :D ND grad filter used.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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38 Responses to New SPP due soon! First preview.

  1. Scott Greiff says:

    Quite amazing results for a little P&S. I look forward to what Sigma can do with their software. Now if the media would take a second look at Sigma now that so many strides have been made with SPP & the SD firmware…

  2. Kuan says:

    Thanks for your work again. These are great! I especially like the studio and high ISO bowling alley shots.

    My DP1 has arrived at the dealer tomorrow so I should get it this week.

    Can’t wait.

    Great to see Sigma making strides in its software too.

  3. Those are amazing Carl. Thanks. You are always giving tips to other people and letting others know how to do things. We appreciate it!

  4. Hi Przewrocki, because I used it to show people what it looked like with it on, and I had a second here and a second there to enter the studio take two – three pictures and after that back to my place showing my printed pictures. What you see here from the studio is more or less everything I got.

    So I sometimes forgot to take the ND off. But the last two shots is outdoors and a good moment for ND’s. :)

  5. Adri says:

    Great news on improved software. Very happy with me DP1. Green corner issue already solved for me with proper WB setting. The DP1 has a razor sharp lens. Sometimes I think my SD14 is going to become very lonely and underused…..(LOL)(Hopefully- NOT!)

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  7. Peter says:

    Any word on when the new SPP will be available for Mac? Also, does it have any new features? I am struggling with getting the right white balance sometimes with the DP1 and would love a temperature slider (which it does not appear to have), so any tips you might have on warming up the WB without messing up other colors would be appreciated (I don’t find the color wheel very easy to get right). Finally, is there a way to quickly copy a customized WB from one photo to certain other selected photos? I love the DP1 in the first week I have had it. Thanks!

  8. Kevin says:

    I’ll bite. What’s the green corner fix in the new SPP then? Is it automatic, or does it involve some manual adjustment of parameters? Oh yeah, and do you know when this fix will hit the Mac SPP? Cheers Carl!

  9. Thanks for the useful information included here.

  10. Hoon Lee says:

    Thanks again Carl. Such great information and wonderful shots. I hope I can pick up this camera soon!

  11. John says:

    Wow 1st update for Sigma DP1 already. Cool. Sigma ROCKS !!! They take pride in what they do.

  12. Bill Lee says:

    Thanks Carl!

    Just knew that we will have the new firmware for DP1 and SPP update (both Mac and PC versions) on 11 Apr!

    I think you will be busy to do testing again :)

  13. Björn says:

    Hi.. I have a question..

    Why did you get perfect result shooting at f/9 when the flash reads f/22?

    Time is not a factor when shooting only flash, as you know..

    Did you get the same exposure if you shot at let´s say 1/60 s?

  14. dr.noise says:

    Carl, you are the most helpful and positive as always! Thanks, and the images are just great.

    I have your word for SD14 reds in SPP2.5, now you are in charge ;)

  15. dr.noise says:

    Oh, and about F11 / F22.
    Shooting medium format, there is different aperture settings. They may well go up to F45.

    So probably there is no much difference between APS F11 and MF F22.

  16. Björn and Dr. Noise about F22. The thing is that the medium format guy SHOULD use a very high aperture number because of the bigger sensor. A F22 equals around F8 on my camera. But that’s only true in depth. (OOF) Shutter speed still bound to follow as normal. So If he’s using F22 on his medium format and 1/250s then it would be impossible for me to take a picture because I can only go as far as F11 on the DP1. (everything would be severely overexposed if I tried. I did too. :)

    The only way for me to be able to actually take a shot would be to get a better shutter speed and thanks to the electronic central type shutter I can go beyond the limit of 1/200s x-sync that the SD14 has and reach somewhere around 1/1250s if flash and radio sync allows it. Now, I felt that 1/640s worked great at F9 and didn’t have to go higher. I guess I could but there was different type of flashes involved and some slower then others and the safe bet was to stay around that speed. (one ring flash was connected to a battery and therefore a bit slower)

    Cryptic? If I had my camera with me as I write this I would have given you the actual exposure settings that I could have used in order to work with a F22 – 1/250s medium format shooter.

    From Wikipedia about X-sync. “X (xenon) sync is a mode designed for use with electronic flash. In this mode, the timing of the contacts coincides exactly with the full opening of the shutter, since xenon flashes respond almost instantly.

    Due to their construction, focal plane shutters as used on most SLRs will only allow xenon flash units to be used at shutter speeds slow enough that the entire shutter is open at once, typically at shutter speeds of 1/60 or slower, but some modern cameras may have an X-sync speed as high as 1/500. Electronic shutters used in some digital cameras do not have this limitation and may allow a very high X-sync speed.”

    Read more about shutter:
    and x-sync:

  17. Kevin, Yes, the green issue has been fixed and it’s all done automatically. And the Mac version is coming as you probably already know the 11th of april. :)

    Peter, there is no temperature slider in SPP and I guess we will have to wait for that to be implemented. But I use another software called Raw Developer and I have high hopes for it’s DP1 support in the near future (with temp sliders as well as a different apprach to colors in general).

    Today there is no way to “copy” a WB setting from one shot to another inside the camera. I’m not sure this is possible inside SPP either. hmm.. I will have to get back to you on this one.

  18. Adri! I also noticed that green issue was much more under control if you shot with the “correct” WB setting. But I often use auto-wb which in my case didn’t solv the problem AND I also used the wrong WB when shooting inside studio – always have – as sunlight WB looks very good on the LCD but flash WB looks better later in SPP. :)

  19. Björn says:

    So it was only because of the flashes that you could do this?

    I´m just woundering because i have set studio light hundreds of times..

    Only with profoto-flashes… And if i get a reading of lets say F/11, 100 Asa
    on the lightreader then it dosent matter what kind of format i use ( everything from 135-fim up to 8X10 and mark III and Halsselblad H2)

    (drnoise, hope you mean dof about the F-stops or else you have no clue)

    The hasselblad syncs on all times so we usualy shoot it at 1/500 sec…

    This would not have workt for you using Profoto flashes,right?if i lets say were shooting 1/500, F/16, 100 asa..

    But heres a tip for you if you ever end up in that situation..Use your ND filders…8-)

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  21. st8ic says:

    You’ve focused manually most of the time, haven’t you?

  22. Hi st8ic,

    In the studio I did use MF on close ups, but not when taking a step back – half / full body shots. Bowling half half. Not very easy to use MF when everything is moving and loud music is playing. haha. But same there. if there is something close – it’s easy. If not then I trust AF.

  23. Peter Leyenaar says:

    Hello Carl

    Thanks for doing an excellent job of getting information
    out and I like your photography,

    Perhaps you can help me with a small problem:
    I am running the Sigma DP1 software on a 17 inch MacBook Pro
    I don’t seem to be able to eject the software CD no matter what I try, a message always comes up “the CD is in use and cannot be ejected, close the programs” , I have done that several time and even rebooted several times, I have tried to purge the program, however a similar message comes up ”
    this program is in use and cannot be put in the trash”, eventhough the program is not in use.

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks Peter

  24. Bjorn says:

    Try holding the eject button ön your mac when you power it on..

  25. Martin says:

    Carl, your enthusiasm for the DP1 is infectious!

    Unfortunately the firmware update didn’t bring a larger movie mode. I think you probably know but can’t tell if we’ll see a Sigma camera with a useful photo/movie combination later this year. If correct just blink with your eyes ;-)

    I also would like to know if the video out of the DP1 is live during photo shooting and movie recording e.g. can you monitor the camera on a connected TV while taking pictures and also during movie recording?

  26. Carl says:

    Martin, hehe.. I WISH i knew!!! But my hopes are high. What I’ve seen so far makes me want more! This is a chance that Sigma just can’t miss – it’s a one timer! Just think about it. A SD15 (or whatever it’s going to be called) with real video recording option. I can’t wait to record movie with my 30mm 1.4 lens. I WANT TO DO THAT with this big sensor!.

  27. Carl says:

    Martin, second answer: The movie out is exactly showing what you see on the LCD. It’s just bigger. :D useful.

  28. Myga says:

    Hi Carl!

    IMO, the best thing about DP1 is that it is so small. You can mount it on little mini tripod and easily take long exp. pictures in pubs etc. without paing attention to yourself. Try to do that with full size DSLR with normal tripod :D

  29. Ed Buziak says:

    C’mon Carl… it’s been about a week and no images or posts from you! I’ve never owned a Sigma (Nikons for 40 years) but I look at your site every day for the creative way you capture life and light from night clubs to fishing harbours. I’m probably adding a dozen clicks a day to your site counter hoping to see more visuals!

  30. hehe.. I’m sorry. I’ve been busy as nothing else and had very little time to put on my blog. I do have some new pictures thou that I will put up soon. Hopefully tomorrow if possible. Thanks for standing by. :D

  31. Ken says:

    Hi Carl,

    You website is really nice!! I am a beginner using DP1 but I can understand more how to control it after go through your blog. I come from Hong Kong and wish to know more about how to minimize the green corner problem. Is it the 1.01 firmware already fix the problem? I found that even the updated firmware still have this problem. Do I need to tune it in new SPP? How to do it?

    Thanks for your help. ^__^

  32. MoJo says:

    thanks for the news

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