DP1 is tiny Red!

Red is a new camera (brand) embraced by directors such as Steven Soderbergh and Peter Jacksson – Red is the new cool thing in the world of cinema. And what you probably didn’t know – the DP1 is like a tiny Red. Extremely simplified, but still.


The Red has a sensor-size of 24.4×13.7 mm and DP1 has 20.7 x 13.8 mm. (see comparison) This means that the Red sensor is slightly wider (as in 16:9) than the Foveon equipped DP1. This makes them very similar – the depth of an actual movie using a f4 lens at 28mm would look more or less the same (at least at extremely small size).

Now, what would happen if the next Sigma SLR would have the DP1s movie mode AND with higher resolution. Wouldn’t that be a real killer?! (plus mic in etc) :D

I’m even sure that the Dp1 will get much improved movie mode with time. Sigma is known for good firmware upgrades (at least on the SD14) and hopefully this will continue with the Dp1.

Link to Red.com
Here’s a small little video showing depth from Dp1. :)

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  3. Christian Odelmalm says:

    Så du tror alltså att videoupplösningen kommer att lösas i en firmware-uppgradering? Det vore guld, känner inte riktigt att jag uppskattar den nuvarande upplösningen trots dina entusiastiska demonstrationsklipp :)

  4. jm says:

    red is an evolutionary product in cinema,so is dp1 in photography.i just wish to have the dp2 or dp3 to have a zoom lens much like the ricoh gx100 (24-72mm) by then it will be the bestest compact camera ever released considering the dp1 right now is the best.hehehe

  5. stian says:

    is upgrading the resolution through firmware possible??

    i think 320×288 (or whatit was) is to small, 640×480 would be SO much better… Its a shame, like you point out, its physical size would make it a great cam for videorecording also! But the resolution now for this is to small I think.

    i love this camera anyways, but if the videoresolution could have been better – it would have been the best thing ever! :) But that would probably never happen to the DP1, right..

    “Sigma is known for good firmware upgrades (at least on the SD14) and hopefully this will continue with the Dp1″
    What kind of good upgrades has been on the SD14? Anything so good that we could hope for a higher video-resolution on the DP1?

  6. stian says:

    IF the upgrade in resolution is possible, would it be realistic that Sigma starts with a 320×288 resolution and would upgrade it later on then?

    I mean, the Sigma DP1 is already a product which is late in release, is it possible that sigma has made bad videoresolutin and would later on upgrade for this camera so that less people would be interested, but then later on when resolution is upgraded, Sigma would not have so much problems with deliver the goods when more cameras have been released? Im sorry, Im a bit drunk when im writing this foolish reply :)

  7. Hej Christian! Du, jag önskar sååå att det blir högre upplösning på videon. Det är en sak att leka – men man känner ju att det skulle kunna blir så bra! Nu är storleken bara leksak tyvärr. Inget du kör upp på projektorn. :D

  8. Hi Stian!

    Sd14 got ISO50 via a firmware upgrade. It got much improved colors (LCD) and also speed when working with it.

    I think Sigma wanted the product to enter the market in time and much of their efforts had been going into making the photography side of the camera work the very best. Now, video is secondary and hopefully we’ll see some upgrade somehow. Maybe less compression and higher resolution – maybe 24p at 360p :D or some – firs babysteps to a red killer!

  9. jm, I don’t want a zoom on a camera like this one. It would destroy the feeling of good’n’old. But I’d like everything to be metal – and possibly a faster lens. I’m no lens maker so I don’t know how difficult that is. But, that’s me. :)

    But most of all right now I want good dp1 support in Aperture, CaptureOne, Adobe, Bibble and Raw developer.

  10. indieridley says:

    maybe your right sir.A f 2.8 fixed lens would be much nicer. : )

  11. spalbird says:

    A red dot seems to always justify high prices, whether on Leica or Red Dot. Did you see how expensive a simple steel rod can be? Incridible.

    Apart that, the lenses are really nice. You can meter the distance externally and set it on the scale. I would like to see this on modern Sigma lenses, too, where it is often a movements of mm for many meters.

    Some changes can’t be done only by software, if the hardware is limiting. So don’t expect too much from possible upgrades. More investment into development would help, though being expensive. For now, let’s imagine what Sigma could do if they would earn (and hopefully earn with DP1 sales) from a running camera business. There is a SD14 and a innovative DP1 today with great IQ, and I am sure Sigma would spend some money of their return into further innovations. Let us dream this dream for a while :)

    Sigma has now two highly regarded prime lenses, the 30mm and 70mm very popular also with other brands (3rd party body manufacturers :), the 50mm/1.4 just coming. They introduced a bunch of optical stabilised lenses now and the 200mm-500mm f2.8 has no competition.

    A lot of exciting innovations from Sigma recently …

  12. Brian Mosley says:

    Hi Carl,

    you can’t shoot video on a DSLR – you’d need live view (don’t know whether Sigma have that technology yet in the SD range)

    Check out the Panasonic FX100 for a these specs :
    1280 x 720 (30 fps/15 fps) HD
    25 – 125 mm (35mm equivalent) lens
    F2.8 – F5.9
    It’s a small sensor cam – but wow! flexible & fun…

    Keep pushing the boundaries with your DP1, I’m a big fan of your work!

    Kind Regards


  13. Hi Brian,

    I think you can record video with future Sigma SLR! – with the knowledge from DP1 new and improved SLR body I think anything is possible. Of course with Live view! :)

    Admit, it would be great! I’m not interested in todays HD cams, no life! I really think it’s sharp BUT dead images. I tried many. RED’s is OK but hey, it’s not very cheap! :)

  14. Martin,

    thanks for your image. :D looks like a DP1 with a rotating LCD?! :D your numbers looks cool. I’d be perfectly happy with a sharp (foveon) 480p at 24fps. save space and enough for big screen and more light for each pixel.


  15. Martin says:

    Carl, you’re right the current Foveon sensor can’t produce anything larger than 480p at 30 fps but as you mention it’s sharp and good looking quality. And JPEG video compression at high data rates isn’t bad at all.

    If I can monitor the recording via an external monitor (and you said it’s possible to film with the DP1 and see the recording on an external screen) I could forget the articulating LCD. Would be too much to ask for a new SD15 body to look like a Panasonic L10 although it would be cool to have Live View on a rotating LCD. I’m collecting my humble thoughts and hopes for a photo movie camera at myphotomoviecam.blogspot.com/

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