Cold and wet.

From today - DP1 art. :)

One way to use WB

From today - DP1 art. :)
Another way same road..

Göteborg by rain

Just a little something before I go to bed. ND filter + DP1 used.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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12 Responses to Cold and wet.

  1. Joe Wilcox says:

    Carl, your early reviews and photos inspired me to purchase a Sigma DP1. Thank you! The camera is amazing. I’ve posted some pics here: Nowhere as good as yours, but still another example of what the camera can do. Again, thanks! Joe

  2. Bill Lee says:

    Your photos are cool, Carl! Good job!

    Would you mind telling us what software you use for post production of DP1, as well as the workflow? I know that you use RAW Developer to deal with your SD14 photos but seems it does not support DP1 at this moment. What I do is to convert DP1 RAW to jpg/tiff and then do further processing using Photoshop. Hows yours? Thanks! (video demonstration is appreciated :p )

  3. Hi Joe! I’m glad you got one and I can see that you’re already friend with it! Admit it’s a fun little camera! :D

  4. Hi Bill Lee!

    I’m actually thinking about doing a video of those shots seen in this post as they look a little bit more saturated and difficult than my normal stuff. It’s all about SPP – very little photoshop. That’s the good news. Let’s see if I can find time to do it.

  5. Ulf Bodin says:

    I really like the arty first pic. I’ve ordered a DP1 and I’m a bit worried about the “bug” when DP1 is shot directly into the sun. Have you noticed that phenomena?

  6. Hi Ulf.

    I have noticed that phenomena a couple of times, yes. one of those images are published here. The 8s ISO800 shot. It’s seen on very few photos. It’s not always ugly either. I actually think it’s always involving overexposed light.

    The 8s ISO800 shot:

    Here’s another shot that is taken by Said Karlsson. Look at the right big street light, there is a reddish blob beside the lamp itself. That’s what would be the most common way to see this phenomena.

  7. Nautilus says:

    Joe Wilcox, your pictures are nice. I am so jealous, got to wait 10 more days for the DP1 to arrive.

  8. Britton says:


    It’s nice to see great images like this coming from the DP1 in your capable hands.
    Well Done!

  9. Ulf Bodin says:

    Does this mean I can count on a reddish blob (IR filter pattern?) in every pic when the camara is pointed towards a intens source of light? Could this be fixed or is it a feature to live with on the DP1?

  10. haha, No! Absolutely no! I have seen this “effect” in THREE images total out of 4000 shots. I promise you that I’ve taken ALL types of images during these weeks.

    I would be surprised if you come to a different conclusion.

  11. Tan says:

    Love the first one. You know, it’s almost morally wrong to spread this much envy!

  12. Ed Rodgers says:

    Interesting. I’ve had the camera 3 days and have a dozen examples of red square blobs around light sources.

    (Of course, I like including the sun in images.. :)

    My guess is that the rear lens element is not coated well and reflecting the light bouncing off the sensor like feedback.

    Check out my flickr page..

    A great example that shows the sensor feedback.

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