Stereo images | first try

Have you ever tried taking two images with the same everything except position? Moving the camera so that the second shot is as far away as your eye is to each other. :D Now these are my first test with the DP1. Enjoy.

3D stereo test (DP1)

3D stereo test (DP1)

3D stereo test (DP1)

The middle one is 2.5s exposure. :) Click each for full size.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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13 Responses to Stereo images | first try

  1. Daniel Larsson says:

    I prefer crossed-eye stereo… (should swap the two images).

  2. Carl R says:

    Hi Daniel. Maybe I should put up both versions. :D And btw, this is also “crossed eyed stereo” just the other way around. I just can’t do your way. I have to fight hard and long. :) This way is sooo simple. Just cross your eyes and oala. two become three and the middle is yours.

  3. Gert-Jan says:

    This is why I ordered two DP1’s: superb quality 3D!

    Ever tried automatic framing using the freeware program STEREO PHOTO MAKER? Just type it in Google and you will find the Japanese website. Everything is in english though.

    For making 3D the stereo base rule is 1:30 (for a film equivalent lens of 35mm). This means that you shift the camera with a maximum of 1/30 the distance to the nearest object. Your shifts have been to large. Since the DP1 has a film eq. lens of 28mm I guess for the DP1 you can go as far as 1/25 the distance to the nearest object.

    Can not wait for my DP1’s to arrive next Thursday.

    By the way, I prefer L-R pairs.

    Gert-Jan Wolkers
    President Netherlands Society for Stereo Photography (my own website)

  4. Hi Gert-Jan!

    I never tried the software you said and that’s why I now install VM Fusion. Hope it’s worth it. :D Could you take that in CM instead? Not sure how to think with 1:30 etc.


  5. That is absolutely fantastic. Thanks!

  6. Gert-Jan says:

    Hello Carl

    Stereo Photo Maker is a program which works on it’s own. For automatic framing you will have to install an other piece of freeware software. I think it is Irfanview.

    SPM should be downloaded and saved on your c-drive. If you open the folder then make a shortcut and drag and drop this to your desktop.

    Name your pictures NAME_L and NAME_R and open them in SPM. When you select the left picture the software will recognize the right one automatically. You can automatically frame a batch from a folder with _L and _R pictures.

    SPM has a lot of other nice things like losless jpeg conversion (rotation) and batch renaming.

    Have a look at it. Your 3 examples will look a lot better when framed to perfection.

    And do not forget the 1: 30 rule (or 1: 25 for the DP1). The closer you get to a subject the smaller the shift of the camera has to be. Think of small animals and insects and the distance between their eyes.

    Objects which touch the so called “stereo window” (edge around the picture) should be at the same place. Your three examples are sins against the rules of 3D!

    Also have a look at: for more.

  7. Gert, thanks a lot for this. I already started to enjoy this little software a lot. I have to rely on my ability to cross my eyes thou – I don’t have any glasses or things like that. What I really like is that when I zoom in to the picture I can still see it in 3D – really neat.

    I installed Irfanview too now.

    When you say framed to perfection what do you mean. Is it possible to frame it even better? You mind send me an example with my images in use?

  8. Gert-Jan says:


    For making and framing of stereo pictures there is a set of rules to be followed. Making; the 1 : 30 rule. Framing; the stereo window has to be installed in a correct way.

    If you want to see “perfectly” framed pictures then please have a look at and then specifically the “World in 3D” pages.

    And have look at for a good DSI viewer (at the end of the page). With this viewer you can enjoy stereopictures from your PC screen.

    And if you have some money left then hop on a plane and fly to Holland. We will have two stereo days with many international guests. Even two Swedes are expected to visit!

    A new PC viewer from China will be demonstrated too.

    If you are really interested in stereo then go to and have a look at the ISU country reps. I am certain that there is a swedish rep.


    (By the way: for making movies you can download STEREO MOVIE MAKER from here: )

  9. Gert-Jan says:

    I can not change my text (has to be instead of wwww. ) since it has not been moderated yet. Guess you jumped into a plane immediately!


  10. Gert-Jan, You fixed it right? Your www’s are correct.

    // Carl. Not sure why you’re being called spam all the time. :) Sorry about that.

  11. hello gert-jan

    have never seen you eighter in photo-3d or stereophotomaker-list. could you tell us what his sins are by showing what he did wrong.?

  12. could you explain us pls what his sins are?
    where carl is your 3dstereovideo?

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