My DP1 youtube review. :D

Now, there are some things that I’d like to add to this video – that didn’t find it way into it. And that is some things that I’d like to be altered / changed in future updates / firmwares.

The first one is that while you’re waiting for a picture to save then I can’t change settings / exposure. I’d like to be able to do that so I’m ready for the next shot. Sure, it’s about seconds but life’s short. :) Secondly I’d like a tilt able LCD so that I can easily view from above when I shot kids or whatever. I’m getting used to this P&S shooting style and the live view thing. Makes me want more! LCD should also be better. OLED or something. (Very thin panels, colorful and bright) :D Current one works – but I want more! Video! I want MORE! The current one is looking so good so future revisions MUST have more! My appetite for APS sensor video is just starting.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  3. Christian Odelmalm says:

    Haha, helt underbar recension! :D

    4 megapixlar sa du? Går de att blåsa upp till de utlovade 14 megapixlarna i Photo Pro eller får man nöja sig med bara 4 (skarpa) megapixlar? Har kollat runt på olika sidor men det är ingen som nämner.

    Älskar din sida btw, keep it up!

  4. Great review. That was hilarious. Sigma should hire you.

  5. Hej Christian och Tack!

    Ja, de 4.6miljonerna går att blåsa upp riktigt mycket! Jag kommer att stå på fotomässan i Elmia i början på April och visa DP1an. Kommer då också att ha med mig några större utskrifter från SD14 och DP1 för den som vill granska detaljer. :)

    I Sigma Photo Pro har du något som heter “double size output” som ger dig en 18mp fil – mycket användbart.

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  7. A smile, Carl – and a great open look.

    Brother Josef is more patient than I thought, and also witty ;).

    Thanks both for it.


  8. Clive My man! :D That’s not Josef, I have more brothers. This one is Sven – the one that got married not very long ago. :D

  9. Linn says:


    How cute you are! And your naughty brother Sven. I like the video!


  10. SimonS says:

    Very successful quick hands-on review of the DP1 – well done.

    The only problem with the DP1 is…. mine isn’t with me yet! :-(

  11. spalbird says:

    It was very undertaining to see this clip. You are the simply the BEST!!! (promoter for Sigma, evangelist or whatsoever).

    The more we speak of DP2, the less people will jump into, just waiting for that new wonder. Now I would buy two, only problem is after getting the SD14 the money is a little tight just right now :/

  12. Max says:

    I want one. But where can I get the money from?

  13. Johnny in L.A., California says:

    Carl, I like your review and I especially like your photos. I also like the band Dungen (do you listen to them?). Good things come from Sweden! :) – Johnny

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the great review!

  15. Luigi says:

    Where does Sigma manufacture their cameras?

  16. Hi Luigi.

    All cameras that I have (SD9/10 and 14 the new Dp1) is made in Japan. As well as all the Sigma-branded extra.

    Where do you want it to be made?

  17. Gleb says:


    The write time for RAW is somewhat 4sec, which is bearable but not very impressive. Leica can manage the same for 1.5 sec on a fast memory card.

    And what about writing jpegs? Does it do it faster?


  18. Luigi says:

    I have more confidence in the construction of a camera if it’s made in Japan, and it’s nice to know that Sigma hasn’t abandoned its Japanese workers.

  19. Gleb – what was the price on that Leica? ;)

    The thing is that the writing to the card time is a none issue – it’s not that that takes time. It’s the processing before the writing starts. At the same moment that the writing to memory card starts, at that moment you can take the next picture.

    Remember that somewhere around 40MB of data is leaving the sensor before it’s re-made to become a saved 11-15MB file. A pretty tough computer is doing some computing. :)

  20. Gleb says:


    Thanks for quick responding. The Leica I meant was DLux3 which is about £400-£450. From a practical view I would love to be able to keep shooting some actions with minimum delay between shots. As I understand it is the processing that takes time. So how about processing? How long does it take?
    In other words how soon will DP1 be ready for the next shot in RAW and in jpeg mode? Please advise


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  22. Kassra says:

    I love this camera and have ordered mine with all that it comes with, and am counting days to get it… but I can’t help but see the green vignetting at the edges of almost all posts, be it Sigma official website and (most are not detectable, but impossible to miss on a continuous, uniform background)
    I don’t expect to have to fix this in a photoshop or any computer program as that simple repeating routine should be done on board a camera, and if Sigma can not fix this with a firmware update, I will be a very disappointed first(& last) time customer!
    The other irritating issue is the megapixel confusion! is it 4.7mp or 14.1mp?
    A digital image that I open on any screen is rectangular and hence has ‘x’ number of horizontal pixels times a ‘y’ number of vertical ones, resulting in the total count of the pixels in the image, often in mega pixels (million pixels).
    So if the Sigma Foveon x3 sensor outputs a file that is:
    RAW High 2,640×1,760 (15.4 MB) ( 2640 x 1760 = 4646400, or 4.7 mp ). If it takes foveon 3 times as many sensors to record me a 4.7 mp file i couldn’t care less. or if it takes three times more room on my camera or takes three times longer.

  23. Brian Mosley says:

    Hi Carl,

    lol, cool video… well done! can you get some feedback to Sigma on the User Interface? Sigma are so close to having a winner… just a bit of finishing work on the firmware and I will be as enthusiastic as you!

    My comments from dpreview :

    I had a chance to play with the DP1 on the Sigma stand yesterday at the Focus on Imaging show – it is tantalisingly close to being a ‘classic’ camera – but I would like to see Sigma knock off a couple more rough edges on the user interface.

    I will be buying one of these, by the way – so please understand these are intended to be constructive suggestions for improvements – I want to see Sigma have success with this camera.

    1) The manual focus wheel is great – my suggestion would be to also use it in AF mode, where the manual focus wheel becomes a zoom box control – with the arrows becoming positional controls for the zoom box which then positions the AF contrast patch.

    So, you’re in AF mode… you rotate the manual zoom wheel and a green outline box shrinks smoothly from the full size to any size on screen. You then move the box to anywhere on the screen to select a focus area. If you switch into MF mode at this point, you get to focus manually, and the screen zooms in to the area highlighted. If you just half press the shutter release (in AF mode) the camera attempts to auto focus centred on the patch you have highlighted.

    2) For future ref… put a faster processor in the thing, and more RAM to allow at least 1 fps shooting in RAW mode for upto 6 shots… come on Sigma – don’t cheap out on us if this is supposed to be a premium product?

    3) I’m surprised that there are *any* issues with image processing if the DP1 shares the same technology as the SD14… I trust any IQ problems will be dealt with before shipping, or soon afterwards via firmware upgrade.

    I think that overall, Sigma have a winner provided they don’t ruin their chances by sticking to a release price of £600 in the UK. It should be more like £400 imho
    Can’t wait to buy one!

    Kind Regards


  24. Hi Brian!

    :D I know Sigma comes here from time to time. They’re very interested in knowing what people want. Remember, this is their first P&S style camera.

    I will also get back to your points later.. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Brian Mosley says:

    Thanks Carl, I was hoping to do a multi-user field review for the DP1 – which we did for the Olympus E-3 here :

    But unfortunately, Paul Reynolds of Sigma UK wasn’t quite as forward thinking as the Olympus UK PR people… and declined the opportunity! lol – it does take confidence in your product to give it to a large group of unpaid reviewers!

    I’ll just have to buy one when the dust (and initial interest) has settled and maybe we’ll mention it in one of our future reviews.

    Kind Regards


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  27. Neil says:

    Carl, thanks for your video, it does show more details in real, great job!

    One question here, which is really important for me, how about the shuttle lag of Dp-1, assume you use manual focus mode, just estimate a distance to object, and quickly rotate the manual focus dial to corresponding distance, which means focus delay is eliminated, then from the time you press down the shuttle bottom, to the picture was taken, is it fast enough to capture the moving objects?

    As I realy hate the focus delay and shuttle delay, two typical problem of current porpular DCs, if DP-1 is really fast enough for this, I will buy one.

    Thanks for your time!

  28. Neil says:

    Hi Carl, Thanks for video of DP-1, it is great job done shows more detail of DP-1.

    One question is very important, the shuttle delay, assume you are using manual focus mode(so the AF lag is eliminated), you estimate the distance to object, and quickly rotate the distance dial to corresponding distance, and quickly press the shuttle bottom, from the time to press down the shuttle bottom to the picture was taken(don’t care the writing disk time), is it fast enough to capture what you want/see, or fast enough to capture the moving object? Usually by regular DCs, when you press bottom till picture was taken, the moving object is already out of scope or your screen, that is what I hate.

    If it is really fast, I rarely see people post there dp-1 pciture of moving object online? I really want to see those continue shoots of running people in your video.

    Thanks for your time, if it is fast enough to a regular viewfinder film camera, can capture what you want, I will buy one.

  29. shutter delay is very short – it’s not much to think of.

    But the delay between shots is more annoying. You can put it in “continues mode” as I did and take three rapid shots – you have no chance so change focus during these three shots and they’re done below a second. So, delay to take a shot is very nice and SLR like. But the second shot which I sometimes think is very important is just too far away. Around 5s or so.

    It’s not hard to take a shot of moving people. really. You just have to get used to the thumb wheel.

    If I can find those shots I could email them to you, I found your email as well. Hope this answer some of your question.

  30. Neil says:

    Thank you very much Carl, it is clear. It been said using fastest SD card may helps a lot for writing, but I guess even if come to 3 second delay for writing, it is still long.

    Thanks again, and if you have any those kind pictures, please send me email.

    Your pictures are great, and I can learn a lot from your HOWTO too! Nice web!

  31. Gavin says:

    I can see you guys had fun shooting this video. Very entertaining. Thanks for sharing so much info about the DP-1.


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